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Routers and switches and hubs, oh my!

This time I went to an old hand at the plant. I explained again what had happened, and he shook his head in sympathy. "You know", I said, "it would have been better if somehow this had accidentally been thrown away. Like maybe if it just got bumped off the edge of this desk and landed in the trash.."

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A Tale of Two Routers   2010/07/17 TonyLawrence
- Mistakes will always come back to bite you someday. DHCP subnetting malfeasance bit me. -

More routers used as switches  
- I got a good chuckle when he showed me the first printer. Only one network tap near where they put it so - he bought a router. -

A gentle routing tutorial  
- The Internet is held together by the layer III of the TCP/IP protocol suite. -

A primer on networking and routing topologies  
- We are going to look at how you can setup your home or office Linux box to do simple packet forwarding with static routes. -

Multitech RF850 Linux Router  
- Multitech RF850 is a linux based router that is no longer manufactured. If you come across one, here's what you need to know. -

Router down  
- Network down and then again.. and again.. Normally I don't like to see WiFi in a business environment, and if it must be there, I like to see it locked down very securely: -

Fortinet Routers  
- For those of you who don't know, Fortinet makes a line of firewall routers that optionally include subscription services for antivirus, spam, intrusion protection and more. Those services complement existing antivirus and spam filtering - I still recommend both email server scanning and scanning at the individual PC for best protection. Forttinet is the leading UTM (unified threat management) vendor in the industry and also the fastest growing security company worldwide. -

Bad routers  
- Scaled windows, ECN disagreements cause lost packets -

What is a router?  
- A friend of my wife wanted to know what the router I provided her, but have not yet installed, actually does. What follows is my reply. -

Routers and switches and hubs, oh my!  
- What has bitten me now and then is stray routers employed as switches. At one customer, I've been bitten three times by the same old router. I took the darn thing out of service years ago and replaced it with something better, but told the IT guy to keep it because, what the heck, it's a quick swap-in spare if his current router were to fail. -

Multitech RF550VPN SOHO VPN Router  
- This is a review of an ancient Multitech router product and is only left here for historical purposes. -

Routing Basics   2013/04/27 TonyLawrence
- Network routing basics, understanding TCP/IP routing. So, let's say that is our server, and is a Windows machine. Again, it's a class C netmask (, so there is going to have to be a router in the network. That router is going to have to have one port on the 192.168.200 network, and one on the 192.168.201 network. -

(SCO Unix)How do I add a default route?  
- How to add a default route on various versions of SCO Unix and have it survive a reboot. -

(SCO Unix)Why does this 224 route show up in netstat -r? What's this 127 address?  
- (SCO Unix) Why does this "224" route show up in netstat -r? The 224 network is the "multicast" network. It's the network used for broadcasting the same content to multiple machines anywhere in the world. -

ping and telnet dhcp network routing -->Re SCO andping/telnet  
- OK, clear out the arp tables and back to the Windows machine to try a telnet. Doesn't work and doesn't show up in arp. -

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