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Will doctors and lawyers be replaced by robots?

A surprising view of the effects of AI says doctors and lawyers will be affected earlier

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Is stock trading doomed?  
- Without access to a firehose of data and the software to analyze it, can a lone day trader compete? -

Will doctors and lawyers be replaced by robots?  
- A surprising view of the effects of AI says doctors and lawyers will be affected earlier -

A human brain in silicon? Hawking's fears debunked  
- Mapping a brain to hardware requires full understanding of the biological circuitry. We are a long, long way from that with human brains. -

Wolfram Alpha - Incredible!  
- AI search in May? I doubt it. I don't even begin to belief Wolfram's hype. Not going to happen - someday, but not yet. -

Lego Mindstorms NXT One-Kit Wonders  
- Lego Mindstorms NXT One-Kit Wonders is an expensive toy or an inexpensive robotics kit - however you want to see it. -

A setback for AI?  
- extreme power of single brain cells indicates artificial intelligence may be farther away -

One Smart Rabbit  
- wired communication device is definitely early AI interface -

Your Public Avatar   2013/06/10 TonyLawrence
- Fantasy review: Imagine if you never had to travel anywhere because a robotic avatar could go in your place. -

Killer Robots  
- Intelligence isn't anything to fear: I was watching something on Discovery about "Ten Ways the World Will End". I only caught part of it, but number six or seven had us threatened by super-intelligent machines. -

Artificial Intelligence and Creativity  
- Real AI is probably still a long ways off, but possibly not as long as you might think. Ten, twenty years? Maybe. -

Roomba   2010/01/27 TonyLawrence
- The first thing that bothered me was the paucity of printed material. The Roomba Discovery I bought came with three very small, very terse manuals which really didn't tell me much more than how to charge it up and turn it on. As the initial charge takes several hours, that left me thirsting for more information: how does this thing really work? What do I need to know? Why are these manuals so short? -

Machines will never think as well as humans  
- I get so annoyed by articles like this. Human brains ARE machines. I am, of course, ignoring any religious nonsense. -

Robot devices for mobility from Toyota  
- Someday, assistive devices like this will be inexpensive and versatile, heping to give real quality of life to many. -

Some Assembly Required  
- The real test of processing power is a random set of parts, screws, fittings, and a set of instructions written by someone not all that familiar with your language -

We're safe for a while  
- Memory isn't everything. Processing power is where machines beat us, at least for the simple things. But how well would a Mac G5 cluster do if it had to do a search through 10^8432 bytes of interrelated data? -

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