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New Banner Logo at APLawrence.com

Those of you not reading through RSS will notice a new look here today - I had a new logo crafted by the nice folks at Men With Pens. They are the same folks who did the graphics for my ebooks. Easy to work with, reasonable prices, what else can I say?

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Thinking about retirement   2011/02/03 BigDumbDinosaur
- What I do like is the state of being PMR - Pretty much retired -

Tax those S.O.B. executives  
- Tax those damn bank executives 100 percent on those bonuses they 'earned' while destroying our economy! -

Recession and Service Businesses  
- Are service businesses really recession proof this time? -

New Banner Logo at APLawrence.com  
- New look for aplawrence.com - I had a new logo crafted by the nice folks at Men With Pens. -

401K for sole proprietors  
- In the U.S., many employers offer 401K plans, but until recently, a sole proprietor could not set up their own tax deferred plan without a fair amount of complication and paperwork. That's changed, but there are still many resources on the web that will tell you that you can't have a 401K without incorporating. -

What's your business worth to you?  
- Sometimes people who don't know much about self employment view it in one of two ways: it's either something to do in between real jobs, or the whole point is to build it fast, sell it for a lot of money and repeat if a lot wasn't quite enough to buy that private island. -

What's your web niche?  
- Sometimes self employment comes after retirement. That was true for my dad; he was an engineer of various sorts all of his working life. His last business was selling boilers and other industrial heating equipment, but he always did wood-working as a hobby. When he retired, he starting doing custom carpentry full time. For him, that was a natural thing to do. -

Retire to self-employment  
- If the alternative is low pay bagging at the supermarket, you don't have to be wildly successful to beat that. You choose your own hours, take naps when you want to, and you'll probably make more money than you would from a part time job anyway. -

I'm not retiring  
- I'm not retiring, just moving: my wife's joint problems will be helped by single floor living, for one thing. -

Successful Consulting  
- So you want to work for yourself. Well, first: good for you. I think working for yourself is tremendously rewarding and you should do everything possible to make it happen. As I have been self employed most of my working life, I have more than a little advice to share with you. -

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