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Really Remote Backup

Do you at least take yesterday's backup off site every day? Too many companies don't, and in the event of fire, may find that they can easily get back in business but have no data. You may also find that your insurance company actually REQUIRES that you take backup off site.

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Terminal Server Install  
- In which a wannabe tech whiz messes up my day tet again. iOr maybe it was the hardware - who knows? -

VNC on Sco Open Server  
- This is an old article about VNC installation on older Sco Open Server and is only left here for historical purposes. -

VNC on SCO  
- I am getting a "vncserver: not found" when trying to start the server. I've checked paths and permissions and all looks ok. -

Terminal server, Remote Desktop, thin clients and all that  
- No wonder people get confused. Lots of similar or related things, no end of licensing confusion, no end of general confusion. -

Debugging Facetwin Remote Printing Connections  
- I got a call today from one of my customers complaining that their remote printer was no longer printing. 'What changed?', I asked. 'Nothing at all!', she replied in her charming southern drawl, 'It just stopped printing!'. -

A remote upgrade with rcp  
- When I do upgrades, I like to use new hardware. First, it's often a good time to bring in a new server: in the small business market, upgrades tend to be delayed for as long as possible, so the old OS is probably running on very old hardware too. -

Detailed procedure for installation of VNC on OpenServer  
- Detailed procedure for installation of VNC onOpenServer -

Tightvnc, Chicken of the VNC  
- Reviews of TightVNC and Chicken of the VNC. VNC is "Virtual Network Computing" and is a crossplatform method of allowing remote access to desktops. -

VPN's thwart security?  
- VPN's are a great way to connect your own remote offices, but you should think twice before connecting your network to someone else in this way. -

SME Server Local Networks and VPN's  
- A mail server rejects attempts to send mail outside of its own domain if you are connecting from somewhere other than the local lan. This is correct behaviour. -

A simple remote site monitor (part two)  
- The first thing I noticed is that sometimes all the sites I was checking were reported at once. I would get a string of messages and then things would be calm again. Clearly my own connection was having occasional drop outs rather than mailstarusa.com or my client sites. I reasoned that I would report outages only if machines I knew to be highly reliable were available. That is, if I could not ping certain DNS servers then I could safely keep quiet about the rest. -

Really Remote Backup  
- Do you at least take yesterday's backup off site every day? Too many companies don't. Remote backup is another option. -

Printing to a remote printer with a dynamic address  
- You have a PC at home and you make some sort of connection over the internet to your server, but your application needs to print to your PC. -

Multitech RF550VPN SOHO VPN Router  
- This is a review of an ancient Multitech router product and is only left here for historical purposes. -

VPN's and other remote access   2011/05/09 TonyLawrence
- VPN Basics. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. The concept is that you are using public or other shared lines (generally the Internet) to connect machines, but that all packets are encrypted (so your connections are "private"). -

(SCO Unix)Large print jobs fail on remote printers  
- This is an old article about printcap on SCO Unix and is only left here for historical purposes. -

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