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How can i mount a ISO Image CD ?

You have an image of a CD or perhaps of a floppy disk. You may have downloaded it, or created it by reading a real device with "dd". Now you want to mount that image. You could write it back out to media and mount that, but that may not be convenient or even possible at the moment.

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Difference between /dev/sr0 and /dev/scd0  
- Why does the system call the same device by two different names: There isn't necessarily any difference at all. -

Burning Windows Readable CD's from your Mac   2012/10/09 TonyLawrence
- Mac OS X Tiger has a neat new feature for burning CD's: from the Finder's file menu, you choose New Burn Folder, and then drag whatever you want to burn into that new folder. Open the folder, and you'll notice a Burn button just above the files. Pop a blank CD in and click that to burn the files to cd. -

drutil - command line access to CD's and DVD's  
- Mac OS X has a wonderful little drutil tool (10.3 and up only). It can tell you all sorts of things about cd's and dvd's, from the simplest inventory to 'more than I wanted to know' -

SCO 5.0.7 DVD-RAM usage  
- I'd suggest using Microlite or Lonetar for this. You aren't really verifying with that anyway if you are using stock cpio and the Supertars are far better products - see for example the recent review of Edge at /Reviews/backupedge21.html (similar features are available in the Lonetar product). -

How can i mount a ISO Image CD ?   2010/07/10 TonyLawrence
- You have an image of a CD or perhaps of a floppy disk and need to mount it as a filesystem (Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, SCO, Solaris). -

Windows XP patches on CD  
- Having at least most of the recent patches available on CD can save hours of download time. -

Burn Linux system to CD  
- This is a neat way to save off small Linux systems to make restoration simple and easy. -

Bootable Utility CD  
- There are many useful tools on this CD, to help you solve just about any PC problem -

Tape gets bigger, but I still like DVD-RAM  
- Blog # 592 Tape gets bigger, but I still likeDVD-RAM -

RIP:A System Recovery Boot CD   2015/04/05 TonyLawrence
- RIP:A System Recovery Boot CD. Since most people have to deal with Windows systems, there has to be a way to get at these systems when things go awry. I used to carry around a slew of boot floppies, and CD's from site to site, if someone was having trouble booting the system, after messing with a system file -

CD's not lasting 20 months?  
- CD's may not las as long as expected.. but will it matter as most of us switch to the cloud? -

Tape Drive or CDROM Not Found  
- SCO tape drive not seen troubleshooting solutions, using and interpreting sconf, vs. /etc/conf/cf.d/mscsi. -

Panasonic LF-D201U DVD-RAM  
- DVD-RAM is optical storage that: * Is relatively inexpensive * Holds a large amount of data (4.7GB per side at this writing) * Can be re-written hundreds of thousands of times * Has an expected media life of 30 years * Is bootable * Is really ideal for small system backup -

(SCO Unix)How do I mount a CDROM?  
- This is an old article about mounting a CDROM in SCO Unix and is only left here for historical purposes. -

(SCO Unix)I'm having trouble using my ATAPI CD-ROM  
- This is an old article about ATAPI CD-ROM's on SCO Unix and is only left here for historical purposes. The two most common problems are that your "IDE" CD-ROM drive may not follow the ATAPI spec, or that you are unsure of what parameters to enter when asked for the configuration of your drive. -

(SCO Unix)I've burned a CD but can't see long filenames when I mount it on SCO  
- (SCO Unix) I've burned a CD but can't see long filenames when I mountit o -

(SCO Unix)Why can't I unmount my CDROM?  
- Probably because some process is using it. It might even be you- if you have cd'd there. -

cd-rw burners -->Re CD-RW suggestions?  
- cd-rw burners -->Re: CD-RW suggestions? -

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