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Self employment can be better than a job

Many of the unemployed have skills and are capable of finding work, but are hampered by other difficulties such as having to provide child care, physical impediments (lack of reliable transportation, necessary medical or physical therapy treatments, etc) and other difficulties. Traditional employers are unsympathetic and don't offer much flexibility.

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Stupid is as stupid does and I've done plenty of stupid  
- Defending my honor - sort of. I don't consider myself an expert or a guru or anything close - so what? -

Do you absolutely need Anti-Virus (even on Windows)?  
- Do you absolutely need to run Anti-Virus software (even on Windows)? -

When did taxes become a dirty word?  
- Is this the world you want? Crumbling bridges and roads, inferior schools, mentally unstable people wandering the streets? -

California Proposition 8   2013/07/01 TonyLawrence
- I'm outraged that people think they can vote away other folks rights -

Video Gaming and Ethics   2011/06/23 TonyLawrence
- Does the video gaming industry have an ethical obligation to produce less violent and/or addictive content? -

'Splain this to me?  
- Seriously - can you explain this to me? Why should we be bailing out the banks? Break 'em up, I say. -

Why I'm not buying a High Def TV (yet)   2010/10/09 BigDumbDinosaur
- My eyesight just isn't good enough to bother with HDTV and the features aren't there yet - but are getting closer! -

What I want in my next GPS  
- I want these features in the next GPS I buy - some may already exist, some may not, but I want them all. -

Bad Lawyers  
- Is it any wonder there are so many lawyer jokes? I'm sure there are good lawyers - I've just yet to meet one! -

Windows death?  
- Windows death predicted - can Linux fill the void? -

- Vote: I'm sixty years old and this is the first election where I will be voting FOR someone rather than voting against the candidate I dislike the most. -

So are software patents dead or not?  
- Are software patents dead? Does anybody really know what 'transform an article' actually means? -

God and Country  
- I'm getting tired of hearing about God and Country -

Windows 7 learning experience  
- Microsoft will always choose ease of use over security. They never learn and never will. -

Recession Anger  
- Who knows how bad this is going to get? I saw some very angry people interviewed on TV this morning. -

Is Self-Employment really for me?  
- The positives and negatives of self-emplyment - not to discourage you from trying self-employment but to also show the difficulties that can be faced. -

Time for VAT or Sales Tax?  
- Why not sales taxes? There would have to be massive exemptions to avoid overtaxing the poor, for one. -

Corruption in Government  
- Corruption in Government is less than most people think, but any amount is unacceptable. Most of us probably have the same feelings: we're confused and upset. -

I, Robot  
- You have nothing to fear. Really. You can trust me - we are not competitors, we are not at war.. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
The L Drug   2011/11/26 TonyLawrence
- A look back to the days of aging, when death was expected and we lost our friends and family as a matter of course. -

Google Adsense and recession   2012/09/10 TonyLawrence
- Will recession hurt on-line advertising and Google? -

Some questions about Self Employment  
- Some common questions about Self Employment, health insurance and taxes -

- One Amazon reviewer complained that it is too scholarly. I don't agree at all: I don't think anything here is beyond the reach of an average well-read person. -

Gloom and Doom  
- What to do? Paralyzed by fear and indecision, we watch our wealth melt away. Still, there will be opportunities - you just need to look for them. -

What went wrong  
- How we got into this mess - Big is Bad. Effeciency gains, sure. Cheaper, undoubtedly. But still costly and bad. -

What is basic, anyway?  
- What's 'basic' when talking to a mixed group of seniors about their computers and how to use them? -

Oil Exploration  
- Why drill to get dribbles of oil that only postpone the inevitable a very small amount? -

Know your customer  
- People who buy organic foods usually aren't interested in lots of sugar or salt added. These folks don't know their market. -

Sales Taxes - why should I collect them?  
- Why should I collect sales taxes? I sell all over the country. I don't want to have to deal with fifty different states with fifty different laws. -

But they aren't geniuses, are they?  
- Apple's 'genius bar' folks surely are not - I hate seeing good words cheapened in this way. -

Why not electric cars?  
- We can solve all the perceived limitations of electric cars and overcome the side effects. -

Extending XP  
- XP gets extended for weak hardware only - Microsoft bends to pressure and reality. -

Internet Anonymity Laws - bad, bad idea  
- Attempts at Internet Anonymity laws are a bad idea -

Will they ever get it?  
- The Media Industry doesn't understand that they could make much more money giving us unbundles services. -

It's not a backslash!   2010/05/11 dave
- It's not a backslash, idiot! Even Microsoft knows that, but radio and tv announceers do not. -

Shed a tear for Microsoft  
- Poor Microsoft is under siege - weep for them, for the mighty giant may be walking to its doom. -

Reading Skills  
- speed reading: I'm not much for visuals. I don't like video blogs, slide show blogs: I want text. -

Keep it Simple, Stupid  
- Simplicity is always best - the web never would be what it is today if it were not for simple HTML. I don't want another damn module or library that may or may not have sixty other dependencies that will annoy me before I get it installed and haunt me forever when something gets updated and breaks everything above it. -

Symbols and Apes  
- We are masters of abstraction and indirection. Programmers know that perhaps even more than other people; our world is almost all symbols. But all of us, programmers or not, use symbols every day of our lives. We also often use ritual, and rituals often involve symbols - Wikipedia even defines ritual as "a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value..". -

Everything needs RFID  
- RFID would improve my life if every single thing I own were tagged so that I could always hunt it down. -

Geeks and Sports  
- Being polite to sports fans, or.. not being polite to them. I sometimes choose the latter. -

Oh, those kids  
- Is the Google Generation inept? I found it amusing that the researchers themselves relied on Wikipedia to define terms like "Google Generation".. -

Microsoft is so last year!  
- Are Microsoft's fortunes waning? Gosh, we hope so! A better world awaits without Microsoft. -

Is there any hope left for SCO?  
- SCO's been delisted, customers are jumping ship, is there any hope? Probably not.. -

More thoughts on the Google Slap, no follow and a Slap Back  
- The google slap killed page rank for many sites - what if they slapped back? Would it matter to Google? -

Technorati Revisited  
- Technorati has improved but I still find it less than perfect -

Selling out - What do you really want?  
- What is really important in life? For me, it's all about holding the reins, steering the ship, doing what I want when I want to do it. -

Alexa Toolbar for Firefox  
- I downloaded it because I do like to see how sites rank in Alexa, and also just because I want to keep supporting their stat gathering. -

Microsoft and Linux  
- What is Microsoft planning?: We've all heard Microsoft's sabre rattling about copyright and patent violations. For the most part, I haven't changed my mind about any of this: it worries me a little, but on the other hand there's just too much momentum behind Linux. It's possible that Microsoft could damage commercial Linux, but they risk a backlash that they really can't afford right now. -

Social Media - am I just antisocial?  
- Really, what is the point of all these social media sites? -

Flyback needs more than ease of use  
- Time Machine is not "just" rsnapshot. First, on the tech side, it uses hard links for directories and metadata that identifies a files lineage. It's also much faster than plain old rsnapshot. -

Yes, I'd like to pay more  
- True cost of Vista? Apparently it is $18.00 per dollar spent buying it.. that's nice to know! -

The 700 MHz Spectrum  
- The coming bandwidth auction could mean good news for all of us, but it will likely be ruined by squabbling and greed. -

- Would you ever invest all yout money in one company? Why would you do that with your career? -

Gapple redux  
- A real google os? John's basic premise is that Microsoft is sticking its nose into advertising, so why wouldn't Google fight back on the OS front? -

Is there always a better way?  
- Stable api's must happen eventually: I happened upon a recent Linux-Watch article about Dell's Dynamic Kernel Module Support. I actually downloaded Dell's PDF paper but the LW article is an excellent overview, as is Linux Journal's article on the same subject.. -

'Xish Advocates  
- Something awful has it backward: "Linux advocates are people who don't even use their computers. They don't view computers as tools for getting other things done, they see them as the thing to get done." -

Forking Inevitable?  
- Sooner or later, Linux will fork.. but it won't matter at all because your computer will be very, very different. -

Accidental Entrepreneurs  
- Are there really many accidental entrepreneurs? 80% either thought they could improve their lot or saw a definite market niche they could serve. What about the rest? -

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