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Could technology have saved Cecil?

Could technology have saved Cecil? Is Walter Palmer really a conservationist?

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It's not an iPad virus!  
- Calling something a virus when it is not is harmful and insulting -

Patent reform  
- I think patent reform is long overdue. Patents run too long and are too broad. -

The value of libraries  
- Would the general public support libraries if they really were about combatting ignorance? -

Is stock trading doomed?  
- Without access to a firehose of data and the software to analyze it, can a lone day trader compete? -

I do not hate Windows 10  
- I do not hate Windows 10 and honestly that surprises me, -

Microsoft Surface Book is no Apple Killer  
- Microsoft Surface Book is no Apple Killer. It's not going to lure anyone away from Apple. -

Will doctors and lawyers be replaced by robots?  
- A surprising view of the effects of AI says doctors and lawyers will be affected earlier -

Po Folk and all that  
- I just walked out of my poker game - well, stormed out would be more accurate. I was angry and loud as I left. -

Does Common Core Math really teach what it wants to?  
- Does Common Core Math really teach what it wants to or is it still rote learning? -

Productivity, computers, AI and wealth  
- Productivity, computers, AI and wealth - my utopian dream certainly didn't come true -

Google Plus isn't dead and I sure hope it isn't dying  
- Google Plus isn't dead and I sure hope it isn't dying, in spite of snarky media comments that say it is -

Windows 10 - flop or success?  
- Am I wrong to think that 14 million Windows 10 downloads is not an impressive number? -

Could technology have saved Cecil?  
- Could technology have saved Cecil? Is Walter Palmer really a conservationist? -

How will capitalism survive the end of patents?  
- How will capitalism survive the end of patents? No, I don't mean the end of patent law - not at all -

Does cheaper always win? Walmart takes on Amazon  
- Walmart to compete with Amazon? I suppose anything is possible, but I don't see it. Walmart evokes cheap, whereas Amazon covers all price points. -

Self driving cars? My wife says no  
- So many people think self driving cars will be the norm in a few decades - not if my wife's feelings are common! -

The PC isn't dead yet, but it will be  
- The PC isn't dead yet, but it is on its way to irrelevance. The world is changing whether you and I are ready or not. -

Facebook Instant Articles?  
- Facebook is making a bid to be the publisher of choice for content providers. Is this the future? Will Facebook own the web? -

Playing with human genetics  
- Playing with human genetics is scary territory, especially when done in hope of profits. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Is there a future for Android Watches?  
- Google is playing catchup with the IOS iWatch; can they ever take the lead? -

Webmaster Tools vs. SEO Consulting  
- Should you spend money on SEO consulting or can you just use Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics? -

The Easy Button is real   2015/04/02 TonyLawrence
- The Easy Button is real Amazon just made the Easy Button real with its Dash buttons. I can't imagine who would use these. -

Inherited Memories   2015/04/03 TonyLawrence
- I was taught that memories aren't passed in DNA. Perhaps, but aren't instincts memory? Where does one draw the line and say a behavior is instinct? -

What will humans look like a billion years from now?  
- The typical answer is something along the lines of we'll be long gone. That's not really a good answer. -

Is the World Wide Web Torn and Shredded?  
- Is the World Wide Web Torn and Shredded? Have linking practices destroyed the web? -

Would you buy your kids iPads?  
- Would you buy your kids iPads or do you think children need protection from technology? -

Expectations of privacy - time to shut it down?  
- Groklaw shuts down, the NSA spying gets worse. Is this Orwellian or just business as usual? -

Why does so much of Unix and Linux have to be hard?  
- Obviously you have REASONS for sharing whatever it is you shared. Sometimes those reasons are completely altruistic, sometimes not. -

Is Microsoft about to shoot itself in the foot (or even its head) with Windows 8?   2015/04/08 TonyLawrence
- That's a serious question. I don't claim to have an answer, of course, but I do think the answer very well could be 'Yes'. -

The Electric electorate  
- In my insular little world, I'm a bit of a loon. Compared to my peers, I'm radically liberal - "way out there", as they often say while pointing an index finger at their temple and waving it in a slow circle. -

Why Microsoft should fear Chrome OS, Linux and Apple   2011/04/20 TonyLawrence
- The big question is how Microsoft will fare if Chrome OS and Apple's rumored iTablet (whatever they finally call it) become popular. -

Chrome OS on Vmware Fusion  
- A look at Chrome OS in VmWare - basically, this is Linux in kiosk mode - the only apparent app is the browser. -

New Comment Policy   2009/12/18 francois
- We had to switch to partially moderaed comments here because of some really nasty people. Gosh I hated doing that! -

Fear and Loathing of Chrome OS?   2009/12/23 TonyLawrence
- I can understand some people feeling threatened and that there is a definite loss of control when moving away from our traditional paradigms. -

Answer the bleeping email  
- Yeah, I know - I should not hold my breath. Communicating with large companies can be nearly impossible. -

I don't WANT the Internet to forget!  
- Wouldn't we all be better off if we stopped pretending that we are perfect or even close to it? -

Wicked Smaht   2010/04/10 anonymous
- I did end up happy, but that had nothing to do with being smart. -

Let's NOT have a revolution   2010/04/23 TonyLawrence
- My more right leaning readers won't like what he has to say - but you haven't liked what I've said about this either, so that's nothing new. -

Playing god   2010/04/09 anonymous
- Computers have changed a lot. Storage is basically unlimited and processing power is beyond anything you could comprehend. I finally have enough resources at my disposal that I can actual create sentience. -

I am always right - aren't you?  
- I've read a lot of your stuff and it exudes an I'm always right and I know more than you feel to it. -

The future of biometrics in business  
- Arousing a computer's suspicion could cause more video cameras to turn toward you. In a high-tech future, you might standout on a video screen. -

Brave new world  
- Computers were going to liberate us, relieve us from drudge work, make us all wealthy. While someof that has come true, computers have also widened income disparity, pushing some people out of good paying jobs. -

Security vs. Convenience  
- Sure, if you want to completely destroy your security -

Unscientific America   2013/06/29 paul
- I felt that both of these were strongly biased, exhibited obvious prejudice and were also very shallow and unstatisfying. -

The Looting of America  
- This book attempts to explain our economic problems primarily by using the analogy of fantasy baseball -

Don't touch  
- If someone removes their A/V program or Microsoft Word because they don't understand why they are installed, I guess that could make for a bad day. But are people really that clueless? -

Electronic Representation  
- It really doesn't matter if you are a life long Democrat or a life long Republican, it doesn't matter if you like Obama's Presidency or not: there's a lot to be angry about and we feel powerless. -

Time to pony up   2011/04/11 BigDumbDinosaur
- When I was young, I was much more conservative than I am now. I believed strongly in capitalism and would have reacted angry to any suggestion of socialized medicine. -

Tax those S.O.B. executives  
- Tax those damn bank executives 100 percent on those bonuses they 'earned' while destroying our economy! -

Phone revolution   2011/11/02 AngelaM
- The feature that attracts me the most is the one number for all phones. That tracks me down wherever I am. -

I'm seeing red and spitting blood  
- I saw the news this morning about AIG getting ready to pay out $100 million in bonuses and I am seeing red -

Too big to fail? Why do we allow that?  
- Why do we even allow too big to fail? If you are too big to fail, you are too big to exist. -

Wolfram Alpha - Incredible!  
- AI search in May? I doubt it. I don't even begin to belief Wolfram's hype. Not going to happen - someday, but not yet. -

I hate my job  
- Hating your job: My UPS driver got here early today. I was surprised because I expected that the big snowstorm would make him late, so I asked him about it. He laughed and said he'd be late enough getting other places. He said a lot of drivers weren't available today and that he was loaded up with other people's routes - he didn't expect to finish before midnight. -

Windows could die soon! Isn't life GRAND?  
- Don't you just want to hug everyone you see and shout 'YES! It's finally happening! The Beast of Redmond is wounded - our salvation is near!' ? I sure do. -

Recession and Service Businesses  
- Are service businesses really recession proof this time? -

Microsoft Fans can be touchy  
- Bill Gates is no hero to me and releasing mosquitos upon and unsuspecting audience didn't change that. -

Bailouts, Taxes, Stimuli  
- I'm not on board with stimulus unless it is done intelligently to promote things we need. -

Why Microsoft will fail  
- Vista is the end of line for Microsoft - well, not really but they have crossed the line of common sense. -

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