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How can I prevent logins?

I need a way to disable logins from the root user account without being at the server console itself

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Why doesn't rcp work for root?  
- Why doesn't rcp work for root? I get Permission Denied even though it works with other users? -

How can I prevent logins?  
- I need a way to disable logins from the root user account without being at the server console itself -

Ancient SCO Unix 5.0.2 Crash  
- /etc/getty cannot fork to run //tcb/lib/initcond: Resource temporarily unavailable (error 11) -

What does Boot Unix No Sync mean?  
- I ran fsck and when it finished I got a message telling me to Boot Unix No Sync - what does that mean? -

Why I won't answer questions about SCO Unix 6  
- People ask me technical questions about SCO Openserver 6. I can't answer them because I have no experience beyond SCO 5.0.7 -

Xinuos introduces SCO_X - does anyone care?  
- Xinuos introduces SCO_X, a BSD distro apparently compatible with OSR5 and Unixware - does anyone care? -

Are you kidding me? The never ending lawsuit  
- Are you kidding me? The never ending lawsuit is back again for another try. Will SCO ever give up? It seems not. -

Another SCO 5.0.7 crash  
- Another SCO 5.0.7 crash tests my memory - it was taxing, but we got through it. A decade ago or more that would have been something I could fix while half awake, but now my memory of SCO Unix has truly faded. -

Why does so much of Unix and Linux have to be hard?  
- Obviously you have REASONS for sharing whatever it is you shared. Sometimes those reasons are completely altruistic, sometimes not. -

Wall and write   2013/07/30 TonyLawrence
- The Unix/Linux "wall" command does that. Login as root, type "wall" <ENTER>, then whatever you want to say (multiple lines are OK), follwed by <ENTER> and then CTRL-D -

Determine Unix/Linux version and cpu's  
- Usually some variant of uname, often 'uname -a', but all sorts of other possibilies; it depends on the Unix and in some cases even the specific version. -

Mysterious panics and freezes  
- Crashes, panics and freezes: all work halts and you can't help being surprised. What just happened? -

SCO Unix Performance Tuning  
- People who are stuck running legacy SCO Unix systems may find these tips useful. -

Overview of Visionfs On SCO Unix   2014/05/20 Mark
- If you find yourelf in the unfortunate position of having to use Visionfs on older SCO, here are some things to know. -

Sendmail on older SCO Unix  
- I DON'T RECOMMEND running a mailserver on old SCO Unix! That noted, here is a pile of stuff related to Sendmail on SCO Unix. -

SCO Merge Notes  
- I did find a customer still using SCO Merge as recently as 2009! They had old Lotus spreadsheets.. -

Printer Problems/Solutions   2014/11/06 claudius
- SCO Unix Sys V printing basics - explaining interface scripts, simple printer issues and more. Some of this will apply to CUPS printing. -

Fixing an old SCO Unix 5.0.4 machine  
- I found myself staring at an ancient Gateway and a screen hung at Enter run level (0-6, s or S) -

Using SCO Unix as a firewall  
- Given the current cost of hardware and the availability of Linux software, why on earth would you want to run a firewall on a production server? -

LOD Communications, Inc.
SCO OSR5 Auditing and Process Accounting  
- A very brief look at SCO OSR5 Auditing and Process Accounting -

Moving an old SCO Unix Filepro box   2012/09/18 TonyLawrence
- She thought she wanted to put a public IP address on this old SCO box. Fortunately, no one was able to help her with that. -

Simple outgoing email for SCO Unix (and Linux)   2013/05/22 rblake
- Configuring MMDF or Sendmail on SCO Unix was never fun and it only gets worse as fewer people care about any of it. Here is a simple fix for scripted outgoing email -

Local printing in Synchronics   2012/03/07 anonymous
- I know exactly what he has - an old SCO Unix system with a Digiboard multiport serial board, green screen Wyse terminals and Okidata printers with serial cards. I can handle all of that. -

He needs a SCO box  
- Keeping an old SCO system running is sometimes necessary. If that's what you find yourself facing, here aere some things you need to know. -

- Early SCO Unix had no DHCP capability (it did have DHCP server). That perhaps was somewhat reasonable; these machines were servers and could be expected to have a static IP address. However, as DHCP can do much more than simply provide an IP address, having DHCP would have been advantageous at times. -

Why does fsck need a scratch file?   2011/06/02 KenPorter
- Although fsck hasn't needed scratch files for a while, large disks are reopening that need. -

Finding Yesterday's Date   2014/02/05 TonyLawrence
- How to find yesterday's date on Linux, Mac and any other Unix. -

Yesterday's Date   2010/04/01 TonyLawrence
- Recently I was asked how to write a script that would automate the task of copying a log file to another directory -

Murder and mayhem - killing users processes   2011/10/28 BigDumbDinosaur
- how to kill all of a specific user's user processes without "killall" - or select a subset to kill -

Converting SCO to Linux - Another one down, two left   2015/04/14 TonyLawrence
- Our efforts to get clients off OSR5 and on to Linux commenced in earnest in 2004, which was right after SCO started with their "Linux stole our code" lawsuits. -

A SCO Openserver to Red Hat Linux Conversion   2011/04/02 TonyLawrence
- A detailed history of a SCO to Linux Conversion - including desktop users. -

Environment variables - maximum size of a variable?  
- An 18 MB or larger variable is much more than any shell script is likely to need, but it shows that you need not fear assigning large chunks of data -

What does a leading colon (:) mean in a script?  
- Bash and sh use colons as a separator ($PATH, for example), as a modifier (${n:="foo"}) and as a null operator ("while :"). -

Hylafax on Centos Scripts  
- Aside from transferring user accounts, printers, and so on, my work was just to convert Vsifax scripts to Hylafax. Those scripts were called by the application program to do such things as fax a Purchase Order to a vendor. The programming is simple enough: you find and extract the fax number and pass that all off to Hylafax. For purposes of logging and error control, we also wanted to identify the vendor name, which required adding that name to the logs that Hylafax keeps or maintaining a separate index of names to faxes queued. -

Disaster Averted  
- He said it wouldn't shut off. I was a bit surprised that he was unaware of servers with power buttons that have to be held in for a bit to avoid accidental shutdown. -

SCO 5.0.7V  
- SCO 5.0.7v on VMware for those who cannot switch to Linux because of SCO apps that are critical. -

Unix and Linux startup scripts, Part 1  
- In the beginning, there was "init". If you had a Unix system, you had "init" and it was almost certainly process id 1. -

Unix and Linux startup scripts, Part 2   2009/12/11 TonyLawrence
- The rc.d system is used on NetBSD, FreeBSD and DragonFly (and possibly a few other systems) to launch daemon processes when the system goes multiuser. -

Unix and Linux startup scripts, Part 3  
- We have looked at both System V and BSD methods; until fairly recently that would hav e been the end of the discussion. -

Hylafax 6 on Centos 5   2010/01/26 bubba
- I'm doing another SCO to Linux conversion and this one used Vsifax. That's hardly a show stopper, but this customer wanted to use Centos and Vsifax says they don't currently support using Centos. So we tried Hylafax. -

How do I set up a network printer or print server?   2010/06/23 TonyLawrence
- How do I set up a network printer or print server? -

Facetwin logs wrong ownership  
- Facetwin writes a message to /usr/adm/syslog every time it finds a file in my /1/users/prog that has ownership other than prog! -

HP makes me grumpy  
- SCO's suggested fix is to edit /etc/conf/sdevice.d/hpasm, change the 'Y' to 'N', relink and reboot. Of course that isn't a fix: it just disables hpasm. -

How do I capture program screens to a file or print them?   2012/09/17 TonyLawrence
- Various ways to capture text or screens on Unix/Linux and Mac OS X and Windows. -

(SCO Unix)How can I assign a user process to a specific pseudo tty?   2010/08/23 TonyLawrence
- (SCO Unix) How can I assign a user process to a specific pseudo tty? -

A Gentle Reminder About Backup  
- This will backup to just about anything - tape, cd, dvd, NAS, ftp sites. -

An Unexpected IP  
- Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, it would have all been the same: An old server had an OS transplant and needed to be connected to the network. -

Another SCO box  
- The hardware is five years old, it's time to dump SCO and move to Linux. -

Microlite BackupEDGE 2.03  
- It's not easy to put together a backup andrecovery package as complete as BackupEDGE -

Lost Password SCO_OSR5  
- Everything possible was done to prevent the user from interfering with the boot process and getting to a shell -

Ancient Pick on Ancient SCO  
- With Pick, there are better options. Pick can run on modern operating systems and that's the other reason I didn't want to get involved in this. -

Zombie SCO   2011/09/01 TonyLawrence
- What? They are still kicking? It seemed that we had to add "inability to read contracts" to the long list of SCO's failings. -

Sneakers on a Dead Pig  
- SCO mailserver? No thanks - you might as well strap sneakers on a dead pig, add a Celtics jersey and expect it to shoot baskets. -

SCO 5.0.7 under Fusion with a BTLD  
- I created my VM under Vmware Fusion for the Mac and have provideed an image of the floppy. -

SCO hpsas failed   2012/08/29 ToddPorter
- sco hapsas failed: Forum post on SCO hpsas error and fsck. "I got an error from one of our many SCO servers in the area which said: hpsas <slot 0>: controller heart beat counter stopped " -

'makekey' for Linux  
- Porting 'makekey' to Linux. Apparently there was once a Linux makekey, but it was deprecated in favor of crypt(3). -

Another Filepro Conversion   2011/04/29 TonyLawrence
- I had set the printer as "RAW" in cups but it needed to be 66 lines per page. To solve that, I put in a System V script. -

SCO Openserver 6 hang on crontab init 6  
- System hangs sometimes on NIS - which is most likely a network drive unmounting, but we really don't care much about SCO 6, do we? -

OpenServer 5.0.7 reboots itself   2012/10/31 StevenSeltzer
- I have a server that reboots itself every morning and sets the time to 12:00 CT, which ntp then corrects. I've checked the crontab and at jobs. The syslog and messages files have no logging other than the standard system start up messages. -

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