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Printing from Solaris to Windows

Problem: Trying to remote print from Solaris 10 x86 pc to a pc with usb printer (hp psc2355). The nova box is a solaris x86 box with text files that show up in lpstat -o , but do not showup in the solaris print manager. If i make a network queue they will show up in the queue and lpstat -o. In both cases i get an error msg that blackhawk is not responding and then the queues will retry every so often.

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No Indian Support?  
- He told me that the support rep offered a No India option - I wonder how many people would pay extra money just to avoid someone with an accent? -

Multiple IP addresses on one interface   2010/11/22 TonyLawrence
- Using multiple ip addresses on one machine can avoid confusion and lost links. -

WHY I hate Windows   2012/09/15 BigDumbDinosaur
- Why I hate Windows - not why YOU should, not why your sister should, but why *I* hate it. -

Why I love Unix  
- Why I hate Windows and love Unix - I first saw Unix an 1981 and fell in love instantly. -

These are a few of my favorite things  
- I have to admit, I didn't warm to Linux right away. Early releases were fairly sad and were missing important things like "sar". -

Switching to a Mac - not yet  
- Quickbooks now wants me to spend a few hundred dollars to upgrade for emailing invoices -

I hate Windows  
- A neighbor picked up an 'Av360' infection. Not wanting to spend the day on this, I rolled it back two weeks and it came up clean. -

Spoiled Brat Printers  
- printing is a source of a lot of problems and frustrations. -

Choosing your perfect Operating System   2013/07/07 BigDumbDinosaur
- Whatever your personality, whatever your social standing, there is a computer operating system that is just right for you. For example, are you extremely good looking and almost unbelievably cool? Good, I am also. People like us should use Macs, and I don't mean iMacs or iBooks. A Macbook is the minimum computer anyone of our status should consider, and really we deserve a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Nothing else carries the same cachet , nothing else speaks to our superior genetics in quite the same way, and anything less would only detract from our well chilled uber-coolness. By the way, the important thing here is ownership: you don't need to USE it; carrying it around is quite sufficient. -

Not enough innovation?  
- Microsoft complains about innovation?? Do they mean people aren't innovating enough for them to copy? -

The Linux Nuclear Option  
- Why let Microsoft continue to harry our flanks, whisper lies to legislators, steal markets with predatory pricing? Let loose the Chihuahua's of Hell! -

More backup, please  
- There really is no such thing as too much backup - and you need to test, test test to be sure it can restore! -

Why is Microsoft suing TomTom? Why doesn't TomTom just pay up?  
- Why is this even happening? Microsoft has little to gain by suing and TomTom has little to lose by paying up. -

When it comes to bashing Microsoft  
- Why not bash 'em?: "When it comes to bashing Microsoft, it seems that any old canard will do; facts are strictly optional." That's from Resorting to FUD Hurts the Alternatives to Microsoft, which reminds us that amazingly enough you really can stoop too low when casting mud at Microsoft. -

Who's at fault? Programmers or managers?  
- Microsoft overpays employees but nobody asks how? Could it have been an Excel spreadsheet perhaps? -

Peddling Papers  
- Delivering papers? I think of that kind of work as desperation level: the kind of thing you'd do only if you have no other options. -

Windows could die soon! Isn't life GRAND?  
- Don't you just want to hug everyone you see and shout 'YES! It's finally happening! The Beast of Redmond is wounded - our salvation is near!' ? I sure do. -

Arguing the cost of Windows  
- 'We used to use unix', they say - and almost always add that their support costs rose dramatically when they switched to Microsoft. -

Is using Windows Dumb? It will be.  
- It may become dumb to use Windows but more likely it just becomes irrelevant -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Microsoft Fans can be touchy  
- Bill Gates is no hero to me and releasing mosquitos upon and unsuspecting audience didn't change that. -

Why Microsoft will fail  
- Vista is the end of line for Microsoft - well, not really but they have crossed the line of common sense. -

Frogs, Greed or What?  
- They paint themselves as being lulled into dirty deeds much like the proverbial frog in hot water who does not notice the slowly rising temperature. -

Vista Boomers - Microsoft's Power Failure  
- XP has been extended yet again, will there be a vista-boomers reaction? -

Do you absolutely need Anti-Virus (even on Windows)?  
- Do you absolutely need to run Anti-Virus software (even on Windows)? -

Why defrag Windows XP Desktops?  
- Almost everybody thinks defragging XP is necessary - but is it? -

Terminal Server Install  
- In which a wannabe tech whiz messes up my day tet again. iOr maybe it was the hardware - who knows? -

Windows death?  
- Windows death predicted - can Linux fill the void? -

Windows 7 learning experience  
- Microsoft will always choose ease of use over security. They never learn and never will. -

Bad day all around  
- A bad day: I've been having some strange problems with my Mac Book Pro lately. Nothing very serious; it just doesn't always go to sleep when I tell it to. The screen goes blank, and the little "sleep" light comes on, but it doesn't blink, and the hard drive and fans are still running. Sometimes it will complete the transition after a few minutes, but often I've come back after hours to find it still halfway there. -

Samba Configs - six hours!  
- They told her it would require six hours of time AND 'training' to fix the Samba configuration! -

Microsoft eats its young  
- Microsoft attacking XP as inferior product - even Henry the VII didn't kill his children! -

Extending XP  
- XP gets extended for weak hardware only - Microsoft bends to pressure and reality. -

Why won't companies track Windows downtime?  
- Companies refusing to allow users to log time against PC problems. -

But I need windows!  
- 'Wait a minute - you aren't running Windows.. how can you have different windows on your screen?', my wife asked, looking quite confused. -

No plans for a Mac or Linux version   2013/06/29 BrettLegree
- I understand that some folks don't want to make Linux versions of their apps. But bragging about it tends to turn me off. -

Vista Home Premium  
- Vista's unwillingness to play nice with other systems is typical Microsoft isolationist policy. -

Vista Home Premium - Installation  
- Installing Vista Home Premium on low end hardware - to my surprise, it actually worked! -

Succession Matters for Linux (and everyone else)  
- Linux has a lot less to fear from succession than Apple. Apple is riding high, gaining ground and stealing both Microsoft and Unix users right and left. -

Shed a tear for Microsoft  
- Poor Microsoft is under siege - weep for them, for the mighty giant may be walking to its doom. -

Insulting Windows Admins?  
- Windows admins aren't incompetent. Well, sure, some are, but that's hardly normal. -

Printing from Solaris to Windows  
- Solaris to windows lpd issues - fireall, getting lpd running on Windows, how to test. -

I can't get to the Internet!  
- You can't trust what people say, because their ability to describe a problem accurately depends upon their general understanding of technology. -

Dual Boot Vista  
- Is it possible Dual boot SCO and Vista? Probably, but VMWare or other virtualization would be a better path for that need. -

Windows philosophy is so different from Unix  
- I was really surprised to learn that Vista supposedly disables 'last access' tracking by default.. that seems incredible to me. -

Windows Seven may distract, but doesn't convince  
- Personally, I don't think Windows 7 is going to help. Microsoft is too tied to legacy code and legacy apps, and as much as they need to throw all that away and start fresh, doing that will also be dangerous. -

What to do about IE6?  
- In the last month, this website had over 35,000 visits from IE6 browsers. IE7 wasn't far behind with a little over 33,000, and both get trounced by Firefox -

Windows inefficiency   2010/09/18 TonyLawrence
- Computers were supposed to threaten jobs - what happened? -

The upgrade that wasn't  
- Why a customer wasted almost $12,000.00 on Microsoft and his wife threatened to quit in the process. -

Save Windows XP  
- Yes, we should save Microsoft XP: A petition to save Windows XP has apparently now been "signed" by 12,000 people. The opinions generally are that Vista is junk, or it may not be junk but everyone needs more time (XP is currently scheduled for its swan dive on June 30, 2008), or Vista is a scam by Microsoft to make more money (hey - Microsoft does need money, doesn't it?). -

Microsoft Windows Internals  
- Windows internals book gives many insights: As most readers here know, I'm no fan of Microsoft. However, Microsoft operating systems are a big part of today's computer world. While I may hope for change (and I really believe there will be change over the next decade), I can't afford to ignore Microsoft entirely. Hence this book. If you have been a casual Microsoft programmer, hacker or support person, this will give you the tools and knowledge to step up. -

Microsoft is so last year!  
- Are Microsoft's fortunes waning? Gosh, we hope so! A better world awaits without Microsoft. -

10 Reasons you need Vista   2010/04/13 TonyLawrence
- Obviously you need Vista, and now is the time to buy! Don't pay attention to those Mac and Linux fools.. get Vista today! Here are ten reasons to help justify your purchase: -

Microsoft and Linux  
- What is Microsoft planning?: We've all heard Microsoft's sabre rattling about copyright and patent violations. For the most part, I haven't changed my mind about any of this: it worries me a little, but on the other hand there's just too much momentum behind Linux. It's possible that Microsoft could damage commercial Linux, but they risk a backlash that they really can't afford right now. -

Yes, I'd like to pay more  
- True cost of Vista? Apparently it is $18.00 per dollar spent buying it.. that's nice to know! -

First Vista  
- I had my very first Vista experience the other day. A neighbor had bought a new laptop but had some photos on an old Windows 98 machine that needed to be transferred. -

Do you really need a domain controller?   2013/02/09 Matt
- There are advantages to a Microsoft Domain Controller model. Centralized user control, fine grained resource access control: these are often useful and very helpful. -

msie701.exe slows machine  
- Slow Windows caused by spyware trojan? I initiated a 'chat' session with a representative from Earthlink, and got the usual 'We don't support Linux' line. -

The Patent Ploy  
- Novell marries into the Redmond gang after being escorted to the altar by a shotgun toting Microsoft. -

Legacy Pains  
- Quote: It's obviously my role to ask people, 'Hey, let's not throw things out we shouldn't throw out. Let's keep things in that we can keep in.' -

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