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SpamCheetah as it stands today

Overall just by using these two algorithms spam is gotten rid of. However there are problems like initial mail delays and mail senders retrying from different IP addresses which is a problem for greylisting spam implementations. But such real life implementations are not very typical in US unless it is a big ISP.

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With security software, the cure can be worse than the disease  
- With security software, the cure can be worse than the disease -

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper   2011/06/18 Atra
- While I definitely have some complaints, this is fast. It's too bad it won't work on so many low end systems. -

SpamCheetah as it stands today  
- SpamCheetah is a greylisting spam control technique and it is more of a spam blocker rather than a spam filter since it really does not filter anything. -

Lan sniffing with a DualComm port mirroring switch and Windump   2010/01/23 TonyLawrence
- Using Dualcomm Port Mirroring switch and Windump to trace network problems and detect virus activity. -

Watching a Spammer   2010/05/21 TonyLawrence
- I've had a really stubborn (or really stupid) Russian spammer trying to postcomment spam here most of the morning. -

How relevant is a good antispam solution for you?  
- Comparing anti-spam methods - keeping spam out of your mailbox is never perfect. -

Windows Spam on Linux  
- There were some .wine files in our /tmp, which would explain the Windoze-like appearance -

- we all know the kind or problem that spam is causing -

Silly Spammer Cooks His Own Goose  
- In his zeal for spamming, a spamm commentor helps me block him other sites! -

Do you absolutely need Anti-Virus (even on Windows)?  
- Do you absolutely need to run Anti-Virus software (even on Windows)? -

Spammer Control  
- What really irks me about these people is their stupidity. Did this guy really think that I would leave his junk here? -

Apache Spammers  
- You are being contacted because NOC has received complaints concerning unsolicited emails originating from an IP address assigned to you. -

Installing Spamassassin  
- The word 'Spam' as applied to email means Unsolicited Bulk Email ('UBE') or Unsolicited Commercial Email ('UCE') -

Don't be over confident about viruses  
- Some software seeks permission it really doesn't need; again that's probably inoccuous but how would you know? The author of that installer could be up to no good, and once you type the password, it is all out of your control. At that point, you may as well be running Windows, because you have no more protection. -

Mac Viruses  
- I get really tired of hearing the old 'If Macs were as popular as PC's, they'd have just as many viruses'. That's completely wrong. Popularity might bring more viruses (as Mac viruses are effectively at zero right now, that's a pretty safe bet), but it would never reach PC proportions. -

How spammers use link farms  
- I think that, like viruses, this will be an on-going war. The search engines will improve their ability to detect artificial linking, but the spammers will find new ways to cloak it. This dance won't end all that easily. -

Dumb comment spam  
- It was hand done, and they pasted the same bragging and link on several of my pages. I use anti-spam software that kicks in if you make too many comments in too little time, so they got blocked after four posts, but that wasn't what was stupid. -

Viruses and Unix  
- I was in a meeting last week where a customer was exploring switching from a Unix platform to Windows. Of course one thing mentioned in favor of the Unix platform was the lessened threat from viruses, but someone brought up the old 'popularity' argument: if Unix were as popular as Windows, it would have just as many virus problems. -

SPAM: Can anything realistically be done about it?  
- I personally doubt that the legal system in any country will ever spring into action in a concerted effort to take out spammers. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Ending Spam:Bayesian Content Filtering and the Art of Statistical Language Classification  
- Fearing the worst, I took a deep breath, dove in and was instantly surprised. The first part of the book was genuinely delightful: a well written history of the origins of spam. I -

ClamXav (Mac Virus Scanning)  
- ClamXav is a native Mac OS X port of the free Clam AntiVirus scanner. It's not a "live" virus blocker; this is strictly a hard drive scanner. -

Domain keys  
- The idiots over at Microsoft are trying to shove their Sender Id down everyone's throat by refusing email that doesn't use it.. 1 -

Comment Spam: Tech Words the Day  
- Aside from letting visitors let us know their opinions of our probable IQ, genealogy, and sexual habits, comments also provide a way to correct errors. -

PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway  
- Probably the hardest part of this is configuring its web interface. While I know how to add something foreign like this to an existing webserver, I suspect at least a few admins would fail or need help. -

Oligomorphic, Polymorphic, Metamorphic Viruses: Tech Words the Day  
- 2005/03/02 Oligomorphic, Polymorphic, Metamorphic Viruses -

Octopus Virus?  
- What is an octopus virus? The description sounds more like a snake to me and I also found an odd definition of 'worm'. -

Virus Research and Defense  
- This book by Symantec's chief researcher should scare you, because the bad guys are winning the virus wars. This book can be heavy geek territory. If you aren't fascinated by the details of executable programs and the like, some of this will be hard sledding. But if you are the type who likes to take things apart to see how they work, this is for you. -

Comment Spamming  
- nofollow tags in hrefs - will they accomplish anything useful for comment spam? I don't expect so, but I'll use it anyway. -

Some Remove me links really work  
- Do remove me links work? Infiltrating a spammer network shows that it is unlikely and counter productive. -

Windows Startup Programs, viruses, updates and spyware  
- Maybe someday dealing with Windows problems won't be part of our lives, but for now, most of us have to deal with these things now and then. -

- I'm sure that the Spamassassin developers are doing the best they can, but the sad fact is that the spammers are winning the war. -

Unknown email user notification  
- Don't help spammers by replying to misaddressed email or rejections for other reasons. -

Sales The Old Fashioned Way  
- Recently, a salesman for a certain software company whose target market is Linux administration contacted me to pitch his wonderful product. -

I do not like spammers  
- Recently, someone made the effort to harvest email addresses from the consultants list for the purpose of spamming consultants. -

Roaming wireless access, spam  
- It looks like it's getting closer: internet access as easy and ubiquitous as cell phone access. I'm all for that, but it also probably means thousands more insecure, unprotected machines, which means even more spam for the rest of us. -

SME server virus scan notification and double bounce  
- Blog # 868 SME server virus scan notification and doublebounce -

Virus scanners vulnerable?  
- Online virus scanners contain buffer overflows? Gosh, you'd think they'd be smarter than that! -

Why it never stops  
- "Oh, no. Really fast then. But it's just gotten slower and slower. I don't use it much, it's mostly the kids.." -

Spam and Virus messages  
- You get messages from AOL or other servers stating that your message to [email protected] had a virus. You never sent any such message, and have never heard of [email protected] -

Stop Windows Messenger Spam  
- Windows Messenger Spam plagues users foolish enough to make direct connection to the Internet without a NAT router. -

Even Eric Allman gets spam  
- Well, duh. Of course he does. Don't we all? Just because he is THE sendmail guy, why should that matter? -

That Darn Spyware  
- What's really awful is how this stuff has apparently existed since Windows 95 and even before most people were connected the the Internet! -

MYDOOM virus attacks SCO site  
- Childish attacks like this are most definitely NOT COOL. Whoever did this needs to grow up. -

Unhappy with Spam Bill?  
- It's hardto pass an anti-spam bill because mass marketers will fight it tooth and nail. Still, we should try. -

Antivirus scheme threat to Linux?  
- Blocking devices based upon whether their security is up to snuff? How can you be sure of that? -

Not fun any more?  
- Sometimes the world can be a discouraging place. Too much greed, too much dishonesy, too much cruelty. The joy is gone from computers. -

Virus Insurance?  
- Will your insuraance company be interested in auditing your computing systems for security? -

Why does Microsoft oppose spam legislation?  
- Blog # 458 Why does Microsoft oppose spamlegislation? -

Spam Filtering  
- It takes many levels of spam filtering to tame spam. Whitelists and greylists are not enough. It's sad that we need to go to all this trouble to make email usable, but otherwise I'd get 2,000 or more junk emails every day. -

Protecting corporate email by using multiple anti-virus scanners  
- Anti-virus scanning is a critical part of protecting the corporate LAN -

Virus auto-responders  
- This Ars Technica article asks if virus responders should be shut off. That's the feature of most virus scanners that shoots a warning back to the person who sent the message, telling them that they have a virus. -

- I played around a bit with SpamAssassin yesterday. It's had a lot of press as being the best spam catcher to date, but I'm yet to be convinced that I need or even want spam filtering anyway. -

- This is an ancient article about spam on SCO Unix and is only left here for historical purposes. -

(SCO Unix)How can I test virus scanning software?  
- (SCO Unix) Using eicar file to test virus software scanning. The "EICAR STANDARD ANTIVIRUS TEST" file. It's actually a legitimate MSDOS program, but it's all text, so you can just type it into a text file or an email. -

(SCO Unix)Are there any antivirus programs for Sco Unix/OpenServer?  
- (SCO Unix) Are there any antivirus programs for ScoUnix/OpenServer? -

Mac OS X don't buy Virex!  
- Like the person posting below, I too got burned by McAfee. Apparently there is a problem with Mac OS X 10.2 that causes a problem with their code. They have a fix for it, but amazingly, THEY WANT TO CHARGE YOU EXTRA TO GET THAT FIX! -