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Inward Bound

The old Linux was setup as a gateway: one nic had the public ip that they would ssh to. I really do not like this configuration: I prefer hardware firewalls. As mentioned elsewhere, I also implement internal firewalls; that is, I have the hardware firewall forwarding the ports I want inward but at the Linux box I also specifically both disable and block all ports not being used.

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Is it possible to have two email accounts on the same Outlook?  
- Is it possible to have two email accounts on the same Outlook with Kerio Connect? -

How do I forward iCloud email?  
- How do I forward iCloud email? I didn't know people had sent me mail! -

How can I switch to Gmail?  
- How can I switch to Gmail? Hundreds of people know my current email? -

Take Control of Apple Mail, Second Edition  
- As is usual with these Take Control books, the author points out the bugs and missing features and often has suggestions for workarounds. It won't bore you with basic tasks that you either know how to do already or can figure out easily; this covers the problems and less than obvious things. -

Being confused can sometimes help  
- If my customer's email hadn't been confused, I wouldn't have called him to help and he would have waited for something that was never going to happen. -

Inbox by Google  
- I've used Google Inbox for a week and still can't decide if I like it or not -

Sendmail on older SCO Unix  
- I DON'T RECOMMEND running a mailserver on old SCO Unix! That noted, here is a pile of stuff related to Sendmail on SCO Unix. -

Simple outgoing email for SCO Unix (and Linux)   2013/05/22 rblake
- Configuring MMDF or Sendmail on SCO Unix was never fun and it only gets worse as fewer people care about any of it. Here is a simple fix for scripted outgoing email -

Email addresses still matter (for now)  
- Email: it has helped kill the post office, is the primary source of spam, is critical to many businesses and, after malware, is probably the single largest source of user difficulties. Every internet user has at least one email address and many of us have several. Email is ubiquitous and very important. It's also threatened: many people use services like Facebook and Google+ for most of their daily communication. Somewhat ironically, you typically need an email address to sign up for these services, but the deficiencies of email have even caused some to try to eschew it completely and only use alternatives like those. That trend may continue; in a decade or so, "email" may be as antiquated as "gopher" and "uucp" are today. -

Common email problems   2011/09/02 ed
- Yesterday I talked about why you shouldn't send Word attachments in email. Today I'll continue with more attachment related issues and also touch on some other common email glitches. -

Why you shouldn't send Word attachments   2011/08/31 BigDumbDinosaur
- As I continued my walk, I thought about how email issues are likely the most common mysteries my neighbors have with their computers. Notice that I said "mysteries" and not "problems". That's because most email issues are from misunderstanding and confusion, not necessarily any real problem. A virus infection is a problem. A dead hard drive is also a problem, but email is usually simple confusion or lack of knowledge. -

Helping my sister-in-law with Gmail   2011/06/02 TonyLawrence
- I'd rather send pictures or a move than take control of their computer. They can refer back to what I sent over and over again. -

SpamCheetah as it stands today  
- SpamCheetah is a greylisting spam control technique and it is more of a spam blocker rather than a spam filter since it really does not filter anything. -

Network Troubleshooting   2010/03/16 AndrewSmallshaw
- As it turned out, the problem was very physical: a light fixture had fallen down and loosened some connections to a long forgotten ethernet switch. -

How relevant is a good antispam solution for you?  
- Comparing anti-spam methods - keeping spam out of your mailbox is never perfect. -

- we all know the kind or problem that spam is causing -

Help - I'm on a blacklist  
- You are getting bounced mail that says your email can't be delivered because you are on a blacklist -

Sneakers on a Dead Pig  
- SCO mailserver? No thanks - you might as well strap sneakers on a dead pig, add a Celtics jersey and expect it to shoot baskets. -

Using Free Google Gmail with your Domain   2011/10/13 TonyLawrence
- shifting your hosted email domain to the hands of Gmail -

LOD Communications, Inc.
What is basic, anyway?  
- What's 'basic' when talking to a mixed group of seniors about their computers and how to use them? -

Email Basics  
- Basics of Email: Before we get started, what's the first word you think of when I say "email"? -

Twelve or more things I still want in Gmail  
- Google Gmail still needs work - Google often goes only so far and leaves us with unfinished products. -

Maccy Xmas and hope you have some time off  
- A procmail recipe for vacation management that is a bit smarter than your average bear - or vacation responder. -

Gmail vs. in-house Mail Server   2011/07/06 TonyLawrence
- Well, in fact I can recommend this for some cases. It may not be for everyone - there are some disadvantages - but it can make a lot of sense and the price is reasonable, especially for very small organizations. -

Some common email problems  
- Mail explained to non technical users. The purpose of this article is to help explain how email works. It's written for non-technical users, but technical support folk may want to point their users here to find the answers to common questions and concerns. -

Fake blacklists?  
- Is http://unblock.secureserver.net/ a fake blacklisting service? -

Who is Louella Slaton?  
- Why do I keep getting Louella Slaton's email: For some time now, I have been getting email directed to Louella Slaton. That's obviously a mistake both on grounds of gender and appellation, and therefor has been a cause of curiosity for me. Although I do sometimes use made up names for illustrative purposes in articles and other postings, the name "Louella Slaton" has never appeared in any post or correspondence of mine until today. -

Inward Bound  
- Suse Linux and in-bound traffic blocked by double NAT. -

Apache Spammers  
- You are being contacted because NOC has received complaints concerning unsolicited emails originating from an IP address assigned to you. -

Charging for email  
- Yahoo and AOL have the courage to start charging for mail: Yahoo and AOL plan to introduce a paid service that lets mass mailers skip their spam filters and go right to the users mailbox. While a lot of people are up in arms about this, I think we all know that something has to be done about junk mail. I think there are adjustments that will need to be made (AOL has already said that they'll waive the fee for non-profits, for example) and the pricing might need some creativity (a flat rate option could be helpful), but I think the basic concept is good. -

Why you need a true secondary DNS server   2010/01/04 anonymous
- Some people may wonder why secondary MX records, or DNS servers are necessary, and until you have had an equipment failure, or outage, you might still be wondering. Most shared hosting out there will give you DNS servers (primary and secondary) since your registrar requires this. -

Web Hosting Niche - Email Hosting  
- Email hosting is different from mainstream web hosting accounts that 'also' provide email along with webspace, database, ftp and other services. -

All I want for Xmas is for Google to..Gmail   2011/09/17 TonyLawrence
- Things I wish Google would do in Gmail: Google has become a big part of my daily life: Gmail, Google search, Google News, Google Adsense and Google Adwords are daily usage for me. Other tools like Google Earth don't get used daily, but are certainly part of the empire Google is building on my desktop. -

Understanding MX records   2011/01/16 anonymous
- Creating MX (Mail eXchange) records in DNS zone files. MX records are used in DNS records(or Zone files) to specify how email should be routed. -

Installing Spamassassin  
- The word 'Spam' as applied to email means Unsolicited Bulk Email ('UBE') or Unsolicited Commercial Email ('UCE') -

C++ or C (or both?)  
- He is asking for advice about switching the code to C++. There are features he'd like to add, and C++ is his preferred language. -

A Dead Mailserver  
- It was just the network card on the WAN side that was dead. A quick, simple fix: replace the card and we'd be done. Except.. -

Archiving All Email  
- Nowadays, the problem isn't really so much how you do this, but rather is the legal morass surrounding it. The "How" is easy, the rest is not. -

Ending Spam:Bayesian Content Filtering and the Art of Statistical Language Classification  
- Fearing the worst, I took a deep breath, dove in and was instantly surprised. The first part of the book was genuinely delightful: a well written history of the origins of spam. I -

Domain keys  
- The idiots over at Microsoft are trying to shove their Sender Id down everyone's throat by refusing email that doesn't use it.. 1 -

Secondary MX: Tech Words the Day  
- Great idea, but the spammers soon realized that many secondary mail servers don't have spam or virus filters -

Fairuce: Tech Words the Day  
- The basic idea is that it will try to find the real sender's domain. If that seems legitimate, it passes the mail on through. If not, it sends back (to the real sender's MX) a challenge. -

PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway  
- Probably the hardest part of this is configuring its web interface. While I know how to add something foreign like this to an existing webserver, I suspect at least a few admins would fail or need help. -

Sendmail Milters  
- With libmilter, sendmail can call other programs to help determine the disposition of a message. There can be multiple external programs, and sendmail makes calls at different points -

RFC822: Tech Words the Day  
- For example, did you know that 'xyz(hi there)@xyz.com' is perfectly valid and will be delivered to 'xyz'? -

Transferring mail to a new mail server  
- Your current mail server may just not be meeting your needs, so you've put up something new. But what about old mail? -

Some Remove me links really work  
- Do remove me links work? Infiltrating a spammer network shows that it is unlikely and counter productive. -

But I don't have an email password  
- This was prompted by a call from my sister-in-law who complained "Some of my email still goes to my old computer". -

Popper Fix for SCO 5.0.7  
- When we installed OpenServer 5.0.7, we found that there was a problem with the popper. It was leaving files in the /tmp directory after each person had popped their email. -

Cloning a directory structure without copying files  
- Blog # 1124 Cloning a directory structure without copyingfiles -

amavis: Tech Words the Day  
- Amavis is a glue script that interfaces an MTA like sendmail, qmail, etc. with actual virus scanners. Because mail systems vary so much in their configuration, installing Amavis and whatever scanner you actually will use can be confusing. -

SCOoffice Mail Server  
- This is a repackaging of the Linux Bynari product. I have to wonder why you'd want to run this on SCO when you have that better option?? -

- I'm sure that the Spamassassin developers are doing the best they can, but the sad fact is that the spammers are winning the war. -

Smart text reformatting with Perl  
- How to reformat included text when the level of quoting causes line wrap problems. Perl Text::Autoformat fixed it nicey. -

Microsoft just can't help itself  
- Imicrosoft just can't play nice, can they? It's never enough to be part of a standard, no, they have to get their patents into it if they possibly can. -

Basic DNS: PTR records and why you care   2015/04/11 TonyLawrence
- A PTR record (sometimes called a "host PTR record") is what lets someone do a "reverse" DNS lookup - that is, they have your IP address and want to know what your host/domain is. -

Unknown email user notification  
- Don't help spammers by replying to misaddressed email or rejections for other reasons. -

POPFile -Multi-Platform Bayesian Pop Mail Scanner in Perl  
- Blog # 971 POPFile - Multi-Platform Bayesian Pop MailScanner in Perl -

Annoying Email Harvesters  
- Can sprinkling fake addresses in web pages help stop email spammers? I'm not sure about that. -

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