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Geeks and Sports

I'm looking forward to the Quaternaries in Vegas
A healthy percentage of techie types are uninterested in Sports - that's sports with the big "S", as in professional Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey and Football. A few will express some interest in the Olympics, especially for the individual events where a team isn't involved. Some may even like to play sports, getting together now and then for a game of hoops or softball or whatever. But the rabid fascination with the Super Bowl, the Series and all that is usually missing from technical people.

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Cartoons: Power to spare  
- cartoon - what do we do with blazing fast cpu's? Often not very much at all. -

Cartoons: Ms. Mac OS X  
- Ms. Mac OS X - Those silly XP machines are always trying to talk to me! -

Cartoons: Bad Dreams  
- Profiled, optimized, stripped - I'm the fastest program in this memory block -

Cartoons: TCP Client jealousy  
- Cartoons: TCP Client jealousy - telnet and firefox. Telnet may not have been as many places as Firefox, but he does get around. -

Cartoons: Best Shot  
- Poking a little fun at Microsoft Clippy - the sad wannabe help tool that wasn't. -

Cartoons: Bad day at the firewall  
- Chief Security Officer Firewall reporting: All systems secure.. Wait! What was that? -

BIOS Passwords  
- When Adrianne hits the lottery and doesn't bother to leave you the passwords, what are you going to do? -

The Tragedy of the Pcuni   2010/09/24 Earle
- As some of you may know, I often use the handle 'PCUNIX'. Sometimes people ask me why. -

iTunes for Windows  
- Should Apple have delayed iTunes for Windows longer? If it were me, I never would have given it to them! -

I warned you!  
- It has been twelve hours since I politely asked that you people cough up $699.00 for a license to read this site. -

Open Source is Killing Me!  
- I must say I find his arguments compelling, and in the spirit of monetization suggested by his comments, am now offering the readers of this web site an opportunity to purchase a one-time (unless I change my mind) paid up license that will allow you to visit here and copy my ramblings into your computer. -

In Defense of Unix (and Linux, of course)  
- In Defense of Unix and Linux. Yes, we're going to use that four letter word (and the five letter variant) that raises blood pressure! -

Do as I say! (and not as I do)  
- There it started, so innocently, so subtly but wires and mess go together as surely as yellow dogs and pickup trucks.` -

Money For Nothing  
- Many years ago, they had a Tandy 6000 Xenix system, lots of dumb terminals, and I did Filepro programming and support work for them. Their word processing (a large part of what they used computers for) was Word Perfect. I don't remember now what the problem was, but a new version caused some issue, and after whacking at it for half an hour with no success, I told Harry that I'd have to call Word Perfect support. So?, asked Harry, not understanding why I hadn't just done that. Well, I explained, Word Perfect had recently changed their policies, and support was no longer free. Harry would now have to pay for support. -

- I was working with Dick, who was one of the owners, helping him install a few new computers. In the course of putting in a network card, Dick dropped a screw, and it fell into the open case of the hard drive. -

Every Single One  
- Way back in the days before IBM and Microsoft took over computing, Tandy Radio Shack Model 16 computers running Xenix were quite popular with small business users. Laughably underpowered by todays standards, and costing a pretty fair penny too, they were still very cheap and quite powerful enough to handle a small office. -

A Phone Call  
- Many a year ago, I worked for a small reseller. It was a blustery winter afternoon. Heavy snow was falling, the owner and all the big shots of course had skipped out early ("Bad storm coming - see you tomorrow") leaving us worker bees to hold down the fort. -

What if they like it?  
- What if Microsoft employees had to evaluate Linux? What if they liked it? Ooops! -

Still Not As Hard As Unix   2010/03/19 anonymous
- Recently an "analyst" (that's somebody who is fluent in techno-babble) made the following statement in reference to Windows 2000: "While it's still easier than Unix, it's quite a bit more complex than has traditionally been the case with Windows operating systems." Now I'd be willing to bet that this analyst doesn't know squat about Unix, and probably not much more about NT. -

html mail and news gospel -->The Gospel for e-mail andUSENET  
- Lo the anger of the godly internet guru's over this cataclysmic event is great. Yet the demonic powers that be in Redmond do not heed their cries. -

Unhappy Modems  
- This is an extremely old article about using RS232 modems for Internet access and is only left here for historical purposes. -

The Very Beginning  
- Wow. You've found the source of the Nile. There's nothing older than what you were looking at just before you landed here. Move along, now, show's over, nothing to see. -

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