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Laptop Batteries

Apple tells you that you should discharge your iBook or Powerbook battery once a month. You may have thought that this is because batteries have a "memory", but that isn't really the reason. Actually, your lithium battery likes a partial discharge and recharge much more than a full - so (as Apple suggests) the ideal situation would be someone who uses there laptop unplugged on a train on the way to and from work, and then is plugged back in the rest of the day.

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Ubuntu on a Toshiba Satellite   2010/12/31 anonymous
- I installed Ubuntu 9.0.4 on an old Toshiba Satellite Laptop last night - the owner will probably take it off later, but for the moment he is a Linux user! -

Linux wedges itself into notebook motherboards  
- ASUS motherboards and some others are imbedding Splashtop Linux in flash to give an "instant on" option with web applications ready to go. This should help Linux awareness by introducing Linux simply and easily. -

No more Parallel/Serial?  
- Is parallel port printing gone? If not, it certainly will be soon as USB replaces all of it. A PCI card can be a replacement, but not always. -

Why I love my Mac  
- I bought my Mac iBook simply to review it for my Unix/Linux website. -

Laptop Batteries  
- The reason for the once a month discharge is to synchronize the "fuel gauge". If you only have small discharges, your battery indicator will not be accurate. -

- TrueCrypt is on-the-fly encryption for Windows/Mac hard drives and files. One of its cute features is the ability to create a false volume that will pop up if you use a different password than that of your real encrypted data. -

Using rsync to update laptop  
- rsync lets you update a remote machine (eg, laptop) with another machine (eg RedHat server). We now had all the bits of the puzzle in place. Each laptop would connect to the Local Area Network (LAN) and we would use rsync to update the data directory on the laptop. -

Mac iBook with Mac OS X  
- Mac Ibook with Mac OS X was my first Apple computer and definitely was not my last. -

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