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What to write about to be published at aplawrence.com

So, you are thinking about publishing an article or two here. Or maybe you already have, and would like to do more. You aren't sure what to write about exactly, but you'd like it to be useful, and hopefully one of the more successful published articles.

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- Feeds are and will remain available at http://aplawrence.com/rss/ but I do encourage you to switch to Feed Burner for a number of reasons, including readability - FeedBurner makes sites available in any format you need. -

What to write about to be published at aplawrence.com  
- I'm currently not accepting articles. There are a few people I might make an exception for and you probably know who you are. -

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- I started this web site late in 1997. At that time, it was mostly related to SCO Unix, even though I was doing Linux and other Unix OSes at that time. -

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