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You want a GPS

This is more of a confession than a review, but it may help out someone else as confused and unaware as I was. I should have bought a GPS some time ago, and only did so because we are planning a cross country trip. I had no idea how useful this would be for local travel and really wish someone had told me to buy one..

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Three Computer Repair Books  
- This is 162 pages, well written, with good humor and full of practical advice for the person starting out on a shoestring. -

Tips on Hard Drive Problems   2011/03/02 BigDumbDinosaur
- Back in the 1980's, I could count on earning a few hundred dollars every month from hard disk failures. -

Digiboard Port Server changes tty device permissions  
- Earlier this week, one of those customers called with a problem of changing perms on his /dev/tty* devices. He needs them set with write permission (666), but some were seemingly randomly resetting to 600. -

Paradigm ImagePRO Ci40m HD TCP/IP setup   2010/04/16 TonyLawrence
- Okey-dokey. I double checked all the bad cable, bad port, ip conflict stuff. Nothing wrong there. -

Multitech RF850 Linux Router  
- Multitech RF850 is a linux based router that is no longer manufactured. If you come across one, here's what you need to know. -

RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Failure   2011/10/16 anonymous
- Forcing driver with Realtek RTL8111 - an "lspci -vv" revealed that things were not right.. -

Lego Mindstorms NXT One-Kit Wonders  
- Lego Mindstorms NXT One-Kit Wonders is an expensive toy or an inexpensive robotics kit - however you want to see it. -

Linksys RV042 VPN  
- I'm a cheaprouter and you are goig to have an unhappy day if I have anything to say about it! -

Why I'm not buying a High Def TV (yet)   2010/10/09 BigDumbDinosaur
- My eyesight just isn't good enough to bother with HDTV and the features aren't there yet - but are getting closer! -

What I want in my next GPS  
- I want these features in the next GPS I buy - some may already exist, some may not, but I want them all. -

Printers Down  
- There are sometimes little tricks to squeak a few more years out of ancient and unsupported hardware. -

iPod Shuffle  
- This was absolutely perfect for my wheel-chair bound father-in-law. He can't control it, but doesn't need to. -

Creative's Vado Video Recorder  
- I never owned a camcorder. When I considered how infrequently I'd have any use for one, I just couldn't justify the price. Yes, I am a product of generations of Yankee thrift. -

Small Form Factor PCs  
- This is about using little embedded computers for various little projects. That's great fun and the authors go into sufficient detail about the various problems you could run into. -

Essential Linux Device Drivers  
- I admit that it's very hard to write a good book in this area. You simply have to make assumptions about the readers knowledge - if you don't, you'll be writing an encyclopedia or two. -

Big Book of Apple Hacks  
- This is the Mac book I've been waiting for! This isn't the often silly or cosmetic hacks you'll find all over the web; -

Forget 500,000 songs - I'll use it for backup  
- Silly reports on IBM's race track memory don't seem to understand where large storage is really needed. -

Cables and switches basics  
- Basic Network Hardware Most networks use RJ45 connectors plugged in hubs or switches - usually switches today. -

You want a GPS  
- If I had done my homework, I would have bought a GPS long before now. This really is essential equipment. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
SuperBox Mark I  
- The mythical Superbox Mark I was not announced today: I had an exclusive opportunity to speak with Brian Casales, CEO of Gapple, Inc. about the heavily rumored upcoming "Superbox Mark I" that is supposed to shake our industry to its knees. -

Adding Memory  
- Adding RAM to your computer - how-to and pictures. Nowadays we need more and more RAM. If you have Windows boxes, you know that 512MB is becoming bare minimum, the same is true for Macs and although Linux can get by with less, more is better.. -

Wireless print servers  
- Wireless print servers - why? I suppose it's useful but I have my reservations still. -

Western Digital My Book USB drive  
- At Staples, the help is trained to turn their heads and walk rapidly away from any customers. What the heck was this kid up to asking me if I needed help? -

Your Public Avatar   2013/06/10 TonyLawrence
- Fantasy review: Imagine if you never had to travel anywhere because a robotic avatar could go in your place. -

Used Servers - Black, White or Gray Market?  
- Buying used server equpiment: In the field, the word "gray market" is typically thrown around with disregard for it's real meaning (product acquired from an overseas channel at lower prices than said product is provided in the local channel) in order to spread FUD. Some reps will even go as far as to refer to used IT hardware as "black market" or stolen/counterfeit equipment. -

First you open it..   2011/11/28 anonymous
- How to open a Dell SX270. This morning I wanted to pull the hard drive from an old Dell Optiplex SX270 I have hanging about here. I looked the darn thing and saw that someone else had been this way before: all the screws had been removed from the case.. but as it turned out, that was a complete red herring. You don't need to touch a screwdriver to open this puppy. Well, maybe one, but I never saw it in, so I'm not sure. You do have to be brighter than I am, but just in case you are equally challenged, here's how you open a Dell Optiplex SX270. -

Granite Digital USB to SATA/IDE Adapter  
- Handy tool for techs mounts hard drives by usb: While this is definitely NOT the way you want to run an external drive for any length of time, it is sometimes very handy to have quick access to a bare drive that you just tore out of something and that isn't going to have a permanent home again. This can be for recovery, file transfer, or just sanity checking: if you are a tech, you want to be able to do this: -

No more Parallel/Serial?  
- Is parallel port printing gone? If not, it certainly will be soon as USB replaces all of it. A PCI card can be a replacement, but not always. -

Insert System Disk  
- All righty, there is an intermittent problem here. Maybe the hard drive, but I looked in the syslog and there was nothing there. So, I put the machine under heavy load: reading and writing the tape drive, continuous "ls -lR /" loops running, copying big files to /tmp in other loops, all with random sleeps. Sure enough, twenty minutes in the disk stopped responding. Nothing in the logs still, but the machine was locked up. -

Debugging a network failure  
- A heat wave can cause electrical problems: This morning I had a call from a Boston customer. "Everything's down", he said, "Internet and our servers. We can't get to anything. But.. the guys who came in early are still working." -

Legacy ISA  
- I found a professed "competent" student at the local university who spent a couple of hours destroying the setup in one of the machines. We now have one machine working.. -

What causes a Segmentation fault?   2010/11/01 lambros
- Short answer: it's most likely hardware unless you wrote the program or just now installed it on your machine. -

What is a Managed Switch?   2012/07/17 TonyLawrence
- A managed switch allows you to control the individual ports of your switch -

Tape Errors - Openserver 5.0.7  
- Having trouble with an IDE tape drive - Dell Powervault 100T (Travan 20/40 Gb drive). -

cache data corruption   2012/02/12 TonyLawrence
- The symptoms were occasional data corruption but only in frequently used files. All the usual suspects were hauled out and examined; everything passed muster. -

PoE (Power over Ethernet)  
- Isn't this just looking for trouble? Won't this induce noise -

Badram, Badmem, and Memtest86.bin  
- When you get almost-random stuff going wrong like that, and you know that your using what should be a fairly stable OS the likely culprit is going to be flaky hardware -

scsidev: SCSI utility for linux  
- I recently built an external SCSI enclosure, using an old tower. I used 3 SCSI drives, and built a LVM, so I could concatenate the drives together into one large drive, to host my temporary video scratch files. -

External SATA drives  
- In theory, at least, multiple SATA disks have higher throughput than multiple SCSI drives because they aren't sharing a bus. -

Rebuilding failed Linux software RAID   2011/10/26 kuntergunt
- Rebuild crashed Linux raid. Recently I had a hard drive fail. It was part of a Linux software RAID 1 (mirrored drives), so we lost no data, and just needed to replace hardware. However, the raid does requires rebuilding. A hardware array would usually automatically rebuild upon drive replacement, but this needed some help. -

A Nonvolatile Memory Overview   2012/05/28 TonyLawrence
- This paper presents a basic nonvolatile memory (NVM) overview. Section I begins with the introduction including a brief background of NVM's and the common terms used in the memory industry. The description and explanation of how an NVM is programmed (adding electrons) using hot-carrier injection is covered in section II. Section III covers the erasing or removing of electrons from floating gates of NVM's. A brief mechanism of Fowler-Nordheim tunneling is covered. Section IV introduces the model that can be used to predict the NVM programming characteristics. The hot-carrier injection model addressed is the "Lucky Electron" model. Section V covers the reliability aspects of NVM's. The common reliability issues an NVM encounters are the data retention, endurance, and disturbs. -

Switches damaged by UPS?  
- He heard a longish beep and everything stopped. UPS's protect, but they can also damage equipment. -

IOMEGA REV Drive with Fedora Core 2  
- Unfortunately, that was a system I wanted to use the REV on. -

Digiboard Serial Ports on Linux Servers  
- This customer has an 56K DDS line under contract for a few more years so we went with a Digi C/X controller to match what was in their SCO server. -

- Embeddable Linux. The intent here is to port Linux to 8086 and 80286 processors. Why not? Xenix ran on those, and while the lack of a protected mode CPU on the 8086, and the limited powers of the 80286 make it all make it all challenging, I had Xenix installations doing real work on 8086 machines. -

MTTR: Tech Words the Day  
- What this is actually referring to is whether or not your CPU has Memory Type Range Registers -

Apple 15 Powerbook Battery recall  
- I would put a pillow on my lap, because it would be unbearable, but I thought that it was the processor. -

Cartoons: Power to spare  
- cartoon - what do we do with blazing fast cpu's? Often not very much at all. -

amird driver, BDFLUSH and NAUTOUP, and more  
- New, very fast RAID controller, burt the customer say it is slower! Why? BDFLUSH and NAUTOUP are the culprints. -

Parallel printer cable length  
- The docs for OS/2 stated that 6 feet was the maximum length the printer cable could be for a parallel port connection. So, I guess the OS has something to do with this spec? Limits to Parallel printer cable length. Given that reliable parallel port operation limits one to a cable length of no more than 15 feet, network print servers make a lot more sense. -

Why I have to use Unix: scanning name tag badges  
- Use Unix to scan name tag badges with a quick and dirty Perl script. You could add more features, like storing the full date and time instead of just a "1" and so on. -

Comments on Uninterruptible Power Supplies  
- My recommendations are based on a lot of real-world experience with manufacturing environments, which tend to pose the greatest difficulties in providing computer-grade electrical power. -

Protecting from Lightning  
- Grounding is everything, especially if building B gets its power from building A. A high quality UPS is essential to protect hardware from power line hits. -

How do you protect yourself against lightning?  
- Although our hit was not that bad, mostly NICS, and some serial interface cards for our dot matrix printers. -

BIOS Passwords  
- When Adrianne hits the lottery and doesn't bother to leave you the passwords, what are you going to do? -

- Plain Old Telephone Service. This acronym has been in use for quite a while, almost before there really was much else other than plain old telephone service. POTS is circuit based, and of course the newer concept is packets. -

Replacing hard drive  
- This poster wants to replace a SCO OSR5 secondary scsi drive with a larger version -

SCSI: An Old Dog That Keeps Learning New Tricks  
- SCSI's ancestor, Shugart Associates System Interface, was publicly disclosed by Dr. Alan Shugart in 1979 in hopes of being accepted as an industry standard. -

- Personal Digital Assistant. In other words, something very computerlike that can range from just a simple notebook/calendar to pretty near a full-fledged computer. I don't use one myself, for what's probably an odd reason: I find I do better remembering stuff if I don't write it down. -

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