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Google Webmaster Tools

Dear Google Webmaster Tools: I hope this won't hurt your feelings, but I have to tell you that I don't think you are being quite fair in what you give us versus what we give you. We give you a map of our web site pages. We include the last modified date and an indication of the relative importance of each page. As we both know, that's helpful to you, especially if we are conscientious about the details. I am conscientious, and I feel like I give you more than you give me.

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The real value of Google  
- The real value of google is speed and association. hose answers can raise other questions, and those just might lead us to something important, useful or even brand new and patentable. -

More on Google Coop  
- Example of using Google Coop context files and annotation files -

Google Coop  
- Google coop allows web sites to categorize and label pages -

The value of Google Analytics  
- It is certainly true that Analytics does nothing that I couldn't do myself, though would require more disk space and processing power than I want to give it. -

Google and China  
- Google censoring for China: I'm sure you have read about Google agreeing to censor search results for Chinese users. -

All I want for Xmas is for Google to..Adsense   2013/07/05 TonyLawrence
- Things I wish Google would do in Adsense: I started this wish-list with Gmail, but Adsense is actually a bigger itch for me. Unfortunately, while many of these features and changes would be reasonable in a perfect world, Google may not be implementing any of them soon because they don't want to make things any easier for the cheats and crooks who are constantly bedeviling them with click fraud. Therefor, my very first wish for Adsense is that they stop paying per click and only offer impression based advertising. -

All I want for Xmas is for Google to..Gmail   2011/09/17 TonyLawrence
- Things I wish Google would do in Gmail: Google has become a big part of my daily life: Gmail, Google search, Google News, Google Adsense and Google Adwords are daily usage for me. Other tools like Google Earth don't get used daily, but are certainly part of the empire Google is building on my desktop. -

Canonical names and Google  
- Who knew search engines would become so important that changing a domain name is something you absolutely want to avoid? -

Googlezon and Epic  
- Googlezon is the fictional (so far, anyway) merger of Google and Amazon. Don't blame the Internet for dumbing down the population. The masses are already uninterested in intellectual challenge or considered analysis. -

Google Wifi (Mac Hack)  
- I wish Google would pay more attention to Mac and Linux users. Microsoft can't be ignored, but they certainly aren't Google's pal, so you'd think that at least giving token attention to the rest of us would make sense. -

Yahoo vs. Google  
- A post at JenSense compares Yahoo's contextual advertising to Google's. The author reports that YPN brought in about the same money with a far lower click through rate. I think that she correctly analyzed the most likely reason: the YPN ads are different than the Adsense ads that browsers have probably already seen at other sites. As YPN matures, their contextual matching will improve, their CTR will increase, but at the same time their payout will decrease. At the end of the day, nobody should expect that YPN income will be any better than Adsense. -

Google adds Advertise Here ability  
- This lets Adwords advertisers target ads to specific sites on a cost-per-thousand basis. -

Is Google Watching You?  
- If the site runs Google ads, then it's certainly possible that they could track someone through your site, though I've never heard anything that specifically says they do.. -

Sitemaps: Influencing Google for Web Site Promotion and Adsense Revenue  
- There really isn't much you can do directly with Google in the area of web site promotion. However, there are a few tools you can use. -

Google and Sun and Microsoft resume writers  
- Massachusetts requiring open document formats and the growing popularity of Mac and Linux, but Google is the big scary monster that clunks around the Internet scaring the heck out of everyone (that's the same Internet that Microsoft ignored for years, of course). -

Google Pricing Rumors  
- Chitika seems to be a bit more open, but neither YPN or Chitika deliver the punch that Google does for me. I understand some folks are doing very well with Chitika, but for me it's a few dollars a day at best. YPN pays well, but it's so unpredictable - some days it is great, other days it is next to nothing. Google delivers consistently - they may frustrate me because it's so hard to tell what works and what doesn't, but at the end of the day the dollars are there. -

Where's the Google sandbox when you need it?  
- Google should do better than that, I think. It should have been easy to see the activity that created these blogs and realize it was suspicious. -

Google Goofs  
- Wow. When Google introduces something new, it's usually at least 'ok' - rough edges, maybe less functionality than we'd like, but usable and often interesting because of new possibilities. -

Google promises, but doesn't deliver.   2015/03/28 TonyLawrence
- Every done a Google search that tells you there are millions of result pages? I'm sure all of us have. But are those pages really available? Let's try some tests: -

The Google Operating System  
- I don't say this lightly at all: while it may be too early to worry about it now, Google may need to be regulated in the same way we regulate public utilities. I don't think I'm being excessively paranoid about this, but would like to hear other's views. -

An inside peek at Google  
- I think there are going to have to be tough laws and regulations here. We have to see this as a whole - that the combination of Google's reach into our lives could enable tremendous invasions of privacy. -

Google Blog Search  
- What the heck is a blog anyway? Is it still a blog if you haven't updated it in months? Apparently Google sometimes thinks so, but I sure don't. Does a blog HAVE to have rss? I'd say no - it's better for everyone if you do, but I don't see that as part of the definition. -

Google Off Base?  
- Google's new 'Google Base' is confusing the world and apparently confusing Google itself also. -

Google's Data Mine  
- Google is quietly building an incredible pile of extremely valuable information. -

Google Analytics  
- This is a simple bit of code in your page headers, and then Google takes over tracking visitors, giving you everything you could possibly want to know and more. -

Review Asrep (Third party reporter for Google Adsense )  
- Google (TM) won't tell you what pages of yours have the best click through rate -

Google confuses me  
- Google confuses me. I understand that they HAVE to do Microsoft versions. I also understand that Linux versions can be more difficult because of all the different distros out there. Yes, the Mac and Linux market combined is still ridiculously small so from a straight product analysis, what they do makes sense. But it does not make sense politically. -

Microsoft kills Google.. or vice versa  
- Steve Ballmer allegedly said he's going to kill Google. You can hardly blame him: bright people have been leaving in droves. -

Premium Content, Deep Web, Micropayments and Google  
- Since this was written, Google has introduced Click-Free, which lets sites allow initial access to visitors but lock them out of deep visits. -

Google Sitemaps  
- Google provides a Python script that can produce the file for your site; I wrote a Perl script that does the same: -

Google Maps Beta  
- This app is surprisingly fast and has obvious features other map servers lack. The first thing I did was type in Boston, MA which is pretty close to home. -

Google to index libraries  
- The Google book indexing project, although hampered by numerous lawsuits, is still going strong. -

Google's Gmail  
- Why is this so good? The problem all heavy email users have is organizing and searching our mail. -

Google newsgroup links made easier  
- It's easy to create much shorter Google News links. All you need is the Message ID, and tag that onto the end of this: -

Google News Group Access  
- Google is fixing Usenet - and will probably kill it dead sooner or later. -

Google Does No Evil?  
- Google worries about getting sued because of satirical tee-shirts? C'mon, that's a reach, isn't it? -

Funny Google Ads  
- Google ads can be oddly inapproprate at times. Sometimes just a single word can trigger mis-aimed ads. -

Google IPO  
- Google plans and IPO while Microsoft snarls and paces nervously in its den. Me? I'm a buyer. -

NPR's Fresh Air: The Google Founders  
- I admit it: I am an NPR addict. I have always held public TV, and public radio in the highest regard, which is something my grandfather instilled in me at a young age. I also did not have cable growing up, so PBS was about the only choice I had on the TV. -

Replace Google?   2015/03/31 TonyLawrence
- I can't see non-commercial search being successful. Too much infrastructure is needed. -

Solving Google Page Rank problems with a 301 Redirect   2010/10/03 TonyLawrence
- Both domains point to the exact same content. The Apache configuration file at my web server just treated them both as virtual domains having the same filesystem location. There was no difference: no matter what domain name you used, you'd get the same pages. These are just duplicate domains. -

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