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Using Free Google Gmail with your Domain

Instead of opting for a more expensive ISP which can run up to 150-200USD/year I decided to do some fishing and found that Google is offering Gmail services so that you can point your domain at the Gmail servers

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Google Plus isn't dead and I sure hope it isn't dying  
- Google Plus isn't dead and I sure hope it isn't dying, in spite of snarky media comments that say it is -

Self driving cars? My wife says no  
- So many people think self driving cars will be the norm in a few decades - not if my wife's feelings are common! -

Google Photos  
- I just put everything into Google Photos - every single photo from everywhere I could find them. You might want to do the same. -

Google Collections in G+  
- This is helpful - Google plus now offers a way to categorize your posts. People who don't want to see my political rants will appreciate that! -

Google Password Alert - barn doors and horses  
- Although two factor authentication protects you more, users who will not or cannot use that might consider this. To me, this seems like a silly answer! -

Facebook to kill Google? I don't think so!  
- Not that they aren't trying, but I think the odds are low at best. Facebook has a lot of its own problems. -

Google's QUIC may speed up the Internet  
- Speed is very important to Google. TCP connections have too much overhead and plain UDP is too unreliable. QUIC bridges the gap. -

Is there a future for Android Watches?  
- Google is playing catchup with the IOS iWatch; can they ever take the lead? -

Words can kill  
- Being overly worried about objectionable words causes me some extra editing. Words can kill, it seems - can kill Adsense ads, that is.. -

Spotting Click Bombing with Google Analytics  
- Here are two simple Analytics report that could help you spot click bombing and identify the source -

Someone is click bombing me  
- If someone is trying to damage you, here's how to track them down and stop them -

Mobile Friendly on April 21st   2015/04/23 TonyLawrence
- Google has warned that your website had better be mobile friendly on April 21st or you may lose ranking (though probably only in mobile searches). -

Hiding Adsense on narrow screens  
- You are allowed to use CSS display:none with Google's new responsive ads. Here's how you do it with CSS.. -

Surveys instead of ads?   2014/12/11 TonyLawrence
- If this works, I'd take the ads off this site - but I am pretty sure it will not -

Targeting customer interests with multiple Google Plus Pages  
- Although mostly overlooked in the general excitement about Google Plusbusiness pages, it's important to realize that you are not limited to just one page for your business. If your business sells multiple products or services, you may very well want to create pages for each part. -

Google Plus Business pages are open now  
- Google-Plus now allows business pages. You seem to need a Google Plus account to create your pages, but of course you don't need to post anything at all on that account. You can create as many individual pages as you need. I immediately created pages for several aspects of my business. -

I've given up on Panda   2011/12/12 TonyLawrence
- I've given up on trying to fix the traffic and earnings plunge this site has suffered since Google started its series of "Panda" updates. I feel a bit sad about that. I hate giving up - it's just against my nature. I especially hate giving up when I'm still not entirely sure that there is not still some way to claw back to days of old. -

Is Linux becoming insignificant?   2011/08/20 TonyLawrence
- How many Linux items have I read? Well, my Linux readers won't like this, because it's just 28. -

Right about now, I'm starting to feel all too familiar Google disenchantment  
- Google Wave died because people didn't understand it (amusingly, Google+ really isn't all that far removed from what Wave intended). Google Buzz got derailed by careless privacy issues. Google+ could very well die because of lack of momentum. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
An unimportant announcement that you probably won't care about at all   2011/07/26 TonyLawrence
- What I did was move part of this site to a sub-domain. I did so at the specific advice of Matt Cutts, the famous Google SEO guy. No, he didn't give ME the advice - I'm so far beneath unimportant that nobody at Google would even tell me to 'go suck eggs', never mind drop a hint on how to regain traffic after a Panda slap. -

How to waste your time putting a Gmail Group into a Google+ circle  
- When I saw Google+ Circles, I thought 'Great - I can have a Computer Club Circle, a Kerio Customer Circle… And I can. So can you. But immediately there was a problem: I already have those groups identified in Gmail Contact lists. You can export Gmail Contact Lists as CSV files. Therefore, you MUST be able to import those to G+, right? -

Creative Circles in Google Plus.  
- In some respects, Circles beat RSS feeds. Unfortunately, they aren't something you can just 'join' - you have to tell me if you want to be in one of my special circles. Google may allow 'subscribing' to Circles later, but right now you have to ask. However, you can be much more specific than you can be with RSS. You could say 'Please put me in the Circle for Mac OS X posts and anything about Perl, thanks'. That's trivial for me to arrange and after that, you only see what you really want to see. -

Google's future in reputations   2011/07/07 TonyLawrence
- For now, a search engine has to grope around in the dark, feeling for indications of quality. Google (and every other search engine) looks at multiple factors. Those factors include both on and off page items and also give weight to the reputation of the site as a whole, the age of the page, what else the searcher was looking for or visiting recently and who knows what else. -

Google+   2011/07/10 TonyLawrence
- I was fortunate to get an invitation to Google+ and can give you a little feedback on it. -

Google Plus One Buttons   2011/08/21 videoproduction
- I've recently added Google Plus One Buttons to pages here. I used to have other buttons - Twitter, Facebook "like" and even some others if we go back far enough. -

Google Webmaster Tools  
- There is plenty of room for improvement in Google Webmaster Tools. -

Snarling Panda (Google Big Panda update)   2011/03/25 TonyLawrence
- Google 'Big Panda' algorithm change disrupts many web sites, causes bitterness and confusion -

Bada-bing - Microsoft busted and Google cleans up the Farms   2011/03/02 TonyLawrence
- Will Google win the search war? Microsoft sure does help! -

Google's Chrome site blocking experiment  
- Google Chrome Personal Blocklist extension removes designated sites from google Search results. That's nice, but why? Why a Chrome extension and not just a change to Google Search? -

Google's Chrome Extensions tutorial leaves me disappointed  
- It is actually a trivial task to create a basic but still useful Chrome extension. It's so easy that anybody who can type can do it. -

Google Analytics  
- I was happy to find this, if for no other reason than it introduced me to the author's Analytics Talk blog, which I was not previously aware of. -

Google Custom Search Promotions   2013/05/28 BigDumbDinosaur
- You define keywords, a title and a link. If those keywords are used, your link appears above all the normal results. -

Google's Go  
- Normally, the announcement of a new language isn't likely to get me to even click through to read about it but Google go is worth looking at. -

Only the best and the brightest? I call B.S., Google   2010/02/05 TonyLawrence
- Why are Google programmers so sloppy and dumb when supposedly they hire 'the world's best engineers"? -

Google SideWiki  
- Google's SideWiki is part of the latest Google Toolbare (Firefox and IE). It lets you annotate web pages you visit. -

Google Micropayments  
- The newspaper and magazine industry is clamoring for Internet micropayments. They've realized that nobody is going to pay even 50 cents to read a news article - what they probably don't realize is that people probably won't even pay 50 cents a year for full access to everything. -

Googled: The End of the World As We Know It  
- The effect of Google upon society and business isn't neglected. All of this is looked at deeply. What does Google mean to other companies? What does Google's growth mean to itself? -

Google Book Search has my books  
- This morning I found that my books are indexed and searchable at Google Books -

Analyzing Adsense performance with Google Analytics (Part Two)  
- Analyzing Adsense performance with Google Analytics Part Two -

Google Book Search wants your e-books  
- Helping Google with that task has benefits for you: Most ebooks get little exposure outside of the website that promotes them, but that's all about to change. Google Books wants those e-books. It wants to index them and provide search options within their text. -

Monetize your site with Google?  
- Google wants to help you monetize your website with the Google Checkout store gadget. -

Google Voice  
- I got my Google Voice number today. This is going to be very helpful. It would have been even more helpful ten years ago when I basically lived on the telephone, but I am glad to have it now. -

Google endorses microformats  
- Anything that helps Google understand your pages better has to help you no matter what anyone else is doing. -

Building Google Traffic  
- If he searched Google for the things she sells there were no results pointing to her and if he searched precisely for her business name he gets a hit in position 3, but it is somebody else's page with an old, incorrect address - not very helpful -

Analyzing Adsense performance with Google Analytics (Part One)  
- Analyzing Adsense performance with Google Analytics -

Using Free Google Gmail with your Domain   2011/10/13 TonyLawrence
- shifting your hosted email domain to the hands of Gmail -

Hitting the Google Sweet Spot  
- When I was researching the competition for my Working for yourself e-book of course I visited Google to search for related books and websites. Imagine my surprise this morning when I searched Google for "Work for yourself" and found that page on page one in the sixth position! That's pretty darn good!0 -

Google Adsense and recession   2012/09/10 TonyLawrence
- Will recession hurt on-line advertising and Google? -

Google adds benchmark comparisons  
- This could be extremely useful and interesting, but unfortunately is not.. well, perhaps it's just too early? -

More thoughts on the Google Slap, no follow and a Slap Back  
- The google slap killed page rank for many sites - what if they slapped back? Would it matter to Google? -

Surveys with Google Graphs  
- Using Google Graphs to display Survey Results including a simplified version of the code here with comments. -

Google's new Chart API spiffs up your web pages  
- Google provides two other ways to encode larger values and even a little bit of Javascript so that you don't have to do the encoding yourself. -

Google Ad Placement Targeting  
- Google's new ad targetting for channels allows advertisers to target sections of your website. -

Google Earth Street View   2011/10/14 bchopper
- I'm sorry. The ACLU will probably want their card back, but I just don't see cameras as a privacy problem. -

Google new groups beta  
- This is an old article about beta Google Groups and is only left here for historical purposes. -

Using Google Channels to test layouts  
- New Google features enable smarter testing - a little code lets us do even more. -

Google Adsense multiple channel tracking  
- Google finally adds better tracking. This improvement doesn't answer all my gripes, but it's better than it was before. -

Google Writely and Spreadsheets  
- Google threatens office and f Microsoft tries their Power Ranging morphing tricks to sidestep, I think they'll just find they've stepped right out of the game. -

Google Affiliate Programs   2011/01/04 CindyEyler
- They apparently are calling these CPA ads, but what that means is that publishers get paid not for clicks but for some specific action at an advertiser's site. -

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