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A primer on networking and routing topologies

We are going to look at how you can setup your home or office Linux box to do simple packet forwarding with static routes. Most routers on the Internet do not run any routing daemon. They have a bunch of static routes and even in the case of big routers, the default route takes most of the traffic load. A core IP router not only runs BGP but it is also free from default routes. Such routers are very rare on the Internet.

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Mplayer on UNIX and VLC on Windows   2011/10/19 anonymous
- Mplayer for Unix/Linux media playing. Both play multimedia files - both audio and video. But the approach taken towards solving this problem is quite different. -

SOCAT - The most comprehensive networking utility  
- Socat relay for bidirectional data transfer between two independent data channel -

Simulate complex networks with qemu  
- Every qemu instance forms part of the host bridge and it will behave exactly like a computer attached to your switch/bridge. -

- I had to do server monitoring for one of my clients and I ended up using the sexy conky tool for it. But I had to do a lot of jugglery to make it work on the web. -

LiveUSB OpenBSD project at sourceforge  
- It is really easy to create a USB bootable OpenBSD LiveUSB image. -

A simple file I/O program in C  
- Doing even the simplest programming tasks in C can be daunting. A C program can be found crashing on printf, command line parsing or nearly every attempt to print a string that is NULL. -

Create syntax highlighted PDF and HTML files from C or perl  
- Create syntax highlighted PDF and HTML files from C or perl -

Vim: edit with vim  
- For people who hate vi, vim does not offer much relief. -

The C programming language and its importance   2013/01/18 TonyLawrence
- I have been doing serious C programming for close to a decade now. But Ifeel like a child on the seashore picking up a pebble here, a pebble there when the vast ocean lies unexplored in front of me. -

A gentle routing tutorial  
- The Internet is held together by the layer III of the TCP/IP protocol suite. -

Easy file editing with Tie::File and perl   2010/07/10 StavanShah
- This is a delightful way to do in place editing of files. You don't have to save a copy in /tmp under a unique file name and then delete it. Truly delightful experience. -

Calling C functions from a Python interpreter   2011/01/25 anonymous
- There seem to be two ways to marry Python with C. One is called extending Python and another is called embedding Python. -

A command line dictionary for UNIX   2013/06/21 emzap79
- Google has released pygoogle for google searches from the command line and many options exist for accessing flickr photographs. Nearly every online service including rememberthemilk todo lists, delicious bookmarks and of course mail services like gmail include a way to access and modify your online storage from the command line. -

Network Time Protocol - get atomic clock's precision from the Internet  
- It is ridiculous that a computer that we buy for several hundred dollars cannot be as accurate as a watch that be bought for less than 10$. That does not have to be the case once you read and understand this article. -

The Genius of the Perl programming language  
- Perl is great not just because of its intrinsic features,syntax or semantics. Perl is great because it brought about the CPAN culture. -

A primer on networking and routing topologies  
- We are going to look at how you can setup your home or office Linux box to do simple packet forwarding with static routes. -

X hotkeys with xbindkeys  
- xbindkeys is very easy to use when you wish to bind hotkey presses on X sessions -

Powerful crypto from the UNIX command line  
- The importance of OpenSSL toolkit for crypto cannot be overestimated. -

Weave your spider web  
- If you weave a web of your own it can act as a very effective safety net during the times you experience your blues. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Eat the Mangoes  
- If the mango tastes good, then everything else must have been good automatically. There is no need to look into the details when the end result meets our expectations -

The fish basket and the flower seller  
- There is an old Indian story about a poor woman selling fish and how she got asphyxiated by the smell of jasmine flowers -

Creating pretty graphs with RRDTOOL   2014/09/03 Varun
- The open source rrdtool project helps you create a graphical view of any statistic collected at regular intervals. -

The amazing tool called netcat  
- netcat with its simple and yet incredibly powerful command line constructs has helped me innumerable times -

Concepts in Cryptography  
- Basic cryptography has wide application. Understanding the basic concepts isn't difficult. -

Peer to peer networking using bittorrent - technology and dynamics  
- Bittorrent technology is essential decentralization. It reduces server load and increases efficiency. -

How relevant is a good antispam solution for you?  
- Comparing anti-spam methods - keeping spam out of your mailbox is never perfect. -

Geek attitude  
- geek personality: There is a certain commonality to be found amongst geeks, nerds or hackers. I know people like to differentiate between these different words but we are talking about really smart programmers and technologists. It could also mean scientists, engineers or individuals who can create great technology. -

Yet another article on open source  
- Why you might want to open-source your software project or application - multifaced benefits. -

Some fun tools in the UNIX ecosystem  
- Some fun tools in the UNIX ecosystem include 'randtype', which pretends to be a human typist. -

A refreshing web programming tutorial  
- Creating drag and drop elements, animations of various forms used in a photo slideshow or image processing tool are straight forward. -

Creating screencast video tutorials for the web   2012/07/06 TonyLawrence
- Basic Linux video: Creating video tutorials is a novel method of web based tutoring. Nowadays right from product demos for marketing/sales to technical talks, everything is found in youtube. Videos are a powerful medium to get your idea across and your audience can quickly understand what you are trying to convey when they see a video. -

- we all know the kind or problem that spam is causing -

What is p2p?  
- The moment you hear the term p2p, the first thing that comes to your mind will mostly be BitTorrent. It is a fantastic file sharing protocol and in a way it rewrote the way we have always understood file transfers on the Internet. Curious geeks can refer to this detailed specification to understand how the protocol works. It is advanced technology and a brilliant way to solve the age old problem of scalability and web traffic overloads which have crashed the best of web servers. -

How to become a hacker  
- Not only in programming, be it any activity. Unless one loves -