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Booting SCO_OSR5- Swap and Dump

Dump is pretty simple. Its only purpose is to receive a kernel dump. Therefore there are two immediately obvious things to be said about dump: unless you are a kernel or driver developer who expects to be regularly crashing your system, you may NEVER need dump at all, and secondly, if you do ever need it, it had better be big enough to hold everything currently in memory. That's what a dump is: the contents of memory. If you have 256 MB of memory, you'd need 256 MB of dump space.

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Fear of fsck   2011/06/02 KenPorter
- They were afraid to run fsck for several months - were their fears justified or were they being foolish? -

sshfs   2011/03/08 anonymous
- The home page for sshfs says "This is a filesystem client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol". True enough, but also it specifically depends upon sftp being enabled on the host you want to connect to. You'll find that in /etc/ssh/sshd_config (on the host you want to mount): -

(SCO Unix)I just upgraded to SCO Unix 3.2v4 but I still can't use long filenames  
- (SCO Unix) I just upgraded to SCO Unix 3.2v4 but I still can't use longfilenames -

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