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Filepro spaghetti

However: the downside of Filepro was its weak programming language. When I first used it (1983, beta version on Tandy Xenix) it didn't even have gosub and it had severe problems with floating point numbers..and although it did get better and more powerful, its "if:then" base and extremely limited namespace for variables made for a lot of difficult and confused code. Some folks would even have worse to say, and I would not disagree.

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Moving an old SCO Unix Filepro box   2012/09/18 TonyLawrence
- She thought she wanted to put a public IP address on this old SCO box. Fortunately, no one was able to help her with that. -

Why I love Unix  
- Why I hate Windows and love Unix - I first saw Unix an 1981 and fell in love instantly. -

Another Filepro Conversion   2011/04/29 TonyLawrence
- I had set the printer as "RAW" in cups but it needed to be 66 lines per page. To solve that, I put in a System V script. -

Filepro spaghetti  
- Programming with Filepro is very difficult and you'll often find very, very bad code too. -

Filepro conversion part 2  
- The next day things were going well enough that they wanted to do some printed reports. -

Filepro conversion  
- Converting Filepro from Windows to Linux - Reports that used to run overnight now take seconds! -

Installing SCO OSR5.0.5  
- This is an old post about installing SCO Unix 5.0.5 and is only left here for historical purposes. -

Pads text files to fixed length records  
- Padding text to fixed length was at one time very useful for Filepro work I was doing; it is probably not today, but who knows? -

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