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Why does fsck need a scratch file?

Fsck often doesn't even have a "scratch" file option today, though with terabyte disks it is possible to imagine a system with not enough ram for fsck.

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Why does fsck need a scratch file?   2011/06/02 KenPorter
- Although fsck hasn't needed scratch files for a while, large disks are reopening that need. -

Fear of fsck   2011/06/02 KenPorter
- They were afraid to run fsck for several months - were their fears justified or were they being foolish? -

- File System Check. It's what the Unix world uses to put the file system right in the even of a crash. Windows has the same thing, they just don't call it fsck. But power off any Windows machine without shutting down properly and you'll see it run. -

(SCO Unix)Why can't fsck find my lost+found directory?  
- This is an old article about lost+found in SCO Unix and is only left here for historical purposes. -



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