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Rolling over Quickbooks to New Year

I started using Quickbooks in 2001. Prior to that I had been using my own system, written in Perl with an HTML front end. I don't remember now what convinced me to switch away from that, but honestly I wish now that I had just stayed with it.

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Web Content Filtering  
- The vision of employees wasting valuable time on the web haunts some employers -

- But couldn't we have done this by email? I know why we didn't - it sounded simple. It actually WAS simple; it just got complicated as it made its way through the chain of people. -

One in a Hundred Million  
- I'm reviewing this as a business book even though it was writtenas an autobiography. -

I'll Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse  
- Michael Franzese, a former Mob boss, contrasts the advice of Machiavelli and Solomon while throwing in a little mob history and anecdotes and relates all of that to general business advice. -

Corel Painter 11  
- Way back in 1991 I bought a Microsoft Bus Mouse. I had never had a machine with a mouse before that (although I had used mice on some customers machines). It seems kind of funny now to think of a time without mice, but really I had no compelling reason to buy it. -

April Doldrums  
- April has always been a slow month for me. I have no idea why,it just always has been. -

Spaghetti Dirty Horror Show  
- My intention was simply to install a new computer and transfer a few files from an old wheezer. The old computer crowded was under a desk along with three servers; there was no more room so I just set the new one up on the floor initially. -

Be Happy - Duh!  
- I felt a strong desireto share my knowledge with the world. The only problem was that I didn't know what that knowledge was. -

No Indian Support?  
- He told me that the support rep offered a No India option - I wonder how many people would pay extra money just to avoid someone with an accent? -

Billion dollar opportunity? Phooey!  
- What's so horrible about just making a decent living? -

Reinvest in your business  
- You constantly need to advance, to improve: your competition isn't letting its business go neglected, is it? -

Time to pony up   2011/04/11 BigDumbDinosaur
- When I was young, I was much more conservative than I am now. I believed strongly in capitalism and would have reacted angry to any suggestion of socialized medicine. -

Laid off - so now what?   2011/04/10 BigDumbDinosaur
- Your company has downsized, smart-sized , right-sized, reorganized, had a workforce reduction, been reengineered, restructured. -

Goal Seeking  
- Involve your subconscious in your goals and let it help you find creative ways to get there. -

I hate my job  
- Hating your job: My UPS driver got here early today. I was surprised because I expected that the big snowstorm would make him late, so I asked him about it. He laughed and said he'd be late enough getting other places. He said a lot of drivers weren't available today and that he was loaded up with other people's routes - he didn't expect to finish before midnight. -

Sick Days for Freelancers  
- 'Oh, man, I've got to lie down!' I heard myself say that and then had to laugh because I already was lying down and had been for a few days. -

Beauty Treatments  
- Choosing good looking fonts and font sizes is not something I have any clue about. There is a business opportunity here. -

Peddling Papers  
- Delivering papers? I think of that kind of work as desperation level: the kind of thing you'd do only if you have no other options. -

Everybody wants to be rich  
- Scam artists and lessons learned. I got a bit upset in my morning rounds of browsing. A site I read regularly seemed to be promoting a huckster Internet Marketer. -

Recession and Service Businesses  
- Are service businesses really recession proof this time? -

Programming the Turk?  
- I think if you are living in desperate poverty in a third world country, the compensation offered for these tasks might be reasonable. -

Using Free Google Gmail with your Domain   2011/10/13 TonyLawrence
- shifting your hosted email domain to the hands of Gmail -

Passive Income Smooths the Flow  
- As I get older, passive income becomes even more important -

The Internet isn't done with us yet  
- Bitter print journalists need to face the new reality - but so do we all! -

Review: Bait and Switch  
- A disturbing portrait of white collar unemployment, review of Barbara Ehrenreich's Bait and Switch -

Starting your first commerce web site  
- Start your website NOW. You can set up a site at Blogger.com if you aren't ready for a "real" site. But realize that it isn't hard to do the real thing. -

Are we there yet? Life and Business Goals  
- Happiness, relationships, satisfaction? Much harder. They kind of sneak up on you and worse, they can sneak away just as easily. -

Fifty is nifty but twenty is plenty  
- All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Fifty or sixty hours a week will burn you out - twenty is plenty! -

- Wassup? Nothing much, you? A little destruction by way of a 'registry cleaner' - when will peope learn? -

Updates to Psst book  
- E-Junkie handles updates, but I should have kept a log -

The E-Myth Revisited  
- I got very sick of Sarah and her pies. First of all, it's mostly fluff. Something that you or I might say in three sentences turns into a long chapter here. -

- Teasers annoy us. We're being played, and we know it. If that were the norm - if there were not so much freely available information - we'd accept it. -

E-Junkie Review  
- Do you sell digital items on-line? If so, E-Junkie can help you with a lot of nasty little details. -

Maybe I don't want to be rich  
- Like every other lazy slob on this planet, I'd prefer to do less actual work and soak up more passive income from web business. -

The Last Time I Climbed a Ladder   2012/07/11 TonyLawrence
- I'm getting too old to be climbing up shaky old ladders. I did it this time, but never again. -

Costs of starting up a business  
- I think it's great if you have a strong war chest to start off your business. But if you don't.. well, talent and determination are more important than money. -

Is Self-Employment really for me?  
- The positives and negatives of self-emplyment - not to discourage you from trying self-employment but to also show the difficulties that can be faced. -

Some questions about Self Employment  
- Some common questions about Self Employment, health insurance and taxes -

A game worth playing  
- You may sell a product that requires support after the sale. If the profit margin isn't high enough to cover that time, that product isn't worth selling. -

What am I doing here?  
- Moments of reflection while waiting for a customer -

Know your customer  
- People who buy organic foods usually aren't interested in lots of sugar or salt added. These folks don't know their market. -

Smart Linux Shop  
- I don't know a darn thing about Helios Solutions, but I know they are doing some very smart Linux marketing and I think their business model is one that could make excellent sense for other consultants. -

Sales Calls for Tech folk  
- Some of the readers here are self employed people who have to wear both the tech hat and the sales hat - that's not easy. -

You sounded annoyed  
- My wife pointed out that I sounded annoyed with the customer. 'But I'm not!', I protested. Does it matter if I still sounded so? -

Did you really lose half a million dollars?  
- I was talking to someone about my early business failures and mentioned that my mistakes cost me a little more than $100,000. -

What's your game?  
- I don't have a game plan, really, no mission statement, no elevator pitch, no unique selling proposition, no Vision Statement -

The R Word  
- Recession can be good for some self employed people because business (and everyone else) tries to make do with older equipment - if you can fix it, you are in a good place! -

Who sees the elephant?  
- Where is the separation between SEO, design and business consulting? -

Jack of All Trades  
- I need to be responsible for things that are important to me and this website is very important to me. I do not trust anyone else to maintain it. -

On your own  
- Working for yourself is rewarding, but getting there can be a rocky road -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Focus, Focus, Focus  
- Everybody says FOCUS, but I just can't - I'm interested in too many thing ('shiny object syndrome', I guess). -

Master of All  
- 'I have people for that', you say. Really? Do you have people fill your gas tank? If you are really that successful , you can go somewhere else now. -

Selling out - What do you really want?  
- What is really important in life? For me, it's all about holding the reins, steering the ship, doing what I want when I want to do it. -

- Would you ever invest all yout money in one company? Why would you do that with your career? -

Accidental Entrepreneurs  
- Are there really many accidental entrepreneurs? 80% either thought they could improve their lot or saw a definite market niche they could serve. What about the rest? -

The future of computer techs  
- Is there any future for service techs? The decreasing cost of systems and the difficulty of fixing rather than swapping does not help. -

Job Satisfaction and Self-esteem  
- A Literature Review of the Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Self-Esteem -

Preventing Discrimination   2011/06/17 BigDumbDinosaur
- America is a nation of immigrants. The cultural diversity of America is what makes this country so unique. Recognized worldwide as being the land of opportunities, the United States continues to attract many people from all over the globe. Immigrants come to the United States searching for the American dream. People believe that America is the place that allows them freedom and opportunity for all. In order to prevent discrimination against legal immigrants, the government of the United States created some specific laws. The purpose of this paper is to define laws protecting against national origin discrimination, explain actual court cases, and educate Human Resources managers on how to avoid national origin discrimination. -

Autodidacts and computers   2013/03/13 anonymous
- Will autodidacts survive?: The computer field is full of high school and college drop-outs. Or at least it was: Wikipedia feels the need to distinguish between noteworthy college dropouts and their high school brethren but doesn't begin to cover the subject (simply because most of the computer folks aren't famous). However, a Google search for "autodidact programmer" or "dropout programmer" turns up a lot of evidence that many programmers disliked traditional educational systems. -

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