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Podcasting as advertising

If you have a small business, you probably do some advertising, even if it's nothing more than handing out business cards every chance you get. Maybe you have a web site, but unless you are in the tech field, you may not do much with it. There's something new that you can offer with or without a website: podcasting.

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Tired and stressed  
- Greedy employers demand more and more while offering less, and even those who would like to offer reasonable working conditions are themselves stressed. -

401K for sole proprietors  
- In the U.S., many employers offer 401K plans, but until recently, a sole proprietor could not set up their own tax deferred plan without a fair amount of complication and paperwork. That's changed, but there are still many resources on the web that will tell you that you can't have a 401K without incorporating. -

Product Review: Staples One Touch Stapler   2015/02/10 anonymous
- A few months later, this stapler jammed up - I don't mean the staples jammed, I mean the whole thing just jammed up and wouldn't work. -

Life is not Fair  
- From a secular point of view, it would be surprising if life were fair: fairness is a human concept and a human invention. -

- I suggest setting the retainer amount approximately equal to a third of what you'd ordinarily expect to bill in a year. So, if your typical client uses twenty hours of service, set the retainer to be equal to six or seven hours, and discount their hourly rate approximately 33%. -

Setting hourly rates for Consultants and service providers  
- If you are doing anything that includes an hourly or daily rate, you may be unsure of where to set your price. -

Podcasting as advertising  
- You don't even need anything more than a telephone to create a podcast, and many inexpensive digital cameras can create short movie clips if you want to do that. -

Get your own ball  
- You know what I mean: first grade recess, and the older kids are ignoring you. The same thing happens in business: older people, women, and minorities can have less opportunity in business. One way to avoid that is go out and start your own business: bring your own ball and play your own game. -

Is it worth it?  
- That's the good side. On the other hand, he's morbidly obese, has had part of his colon removed, and admits to not feeling well most of the time. He's away on business many week days, and when he is home, he's often exhausted and spends whole weekends sleeping or just lying in bed. -

You don't have to own the world  
- Apparently Steve just hates competition, and Google has not only been doing well in areas Microsoft wants to play in, but they've been hiring away Microsoft employees. These things make Mr. Ballmer angry, or so it seems. I wouldn't dare say it's fact, because the emotional CEO of Microsoft demurs, saying that his supposed reaction was exaggerated greatly. -

Self Employed  
- Somebody once said I've been rich and I've been poor, and rich is better. I feel that way about being self employed. I've been self-employed since 1977, and although I did take a few years here and there working as an employee, I wouldn't have it any other way. -

Websites for the self employed: part 1, creating your site  
- There are three kinds of websites that the self employed can consider: a brochure site, an article site, or a store front site. Ideally, your site will be all of these things. -

Websites for the self employed: part 2, content  
- Websites for the self employed: part 2, content: brochure, store front, or article site? -

Squeezing time out of the day  
- Gosh, have you smelled any roses recently? I am amused by the multi-tasking advice; books on tape, having small projects with you to tackle during unexpected downtime and so on -

Suspicion and fear about self employment  
- Governments seem to feel the same way. Part of that is concern about lost tax revenues; there seems to be a belief that the self employed are more apt to cheat on taxes than larger corporations. I think it's probably the other way around in reality, though the large scale cheating may be done in other ways (like getting special laws passed, twisting the intent of existing laws, etc.), but the self employed are often viewed with suspicion. -

Sick Days  
- Be smart about your health. Self employment can be demanding, so you need to be healthy. Pushing yourself when you really shouldn't isn't smart. -

Showing up  
- It amazes me that somw small business service folk will just ignore commitments they have made, leaving customers angry and frustrated. -

Junk marketing  
- Junk marketing and get rich quick are as strong as ever -

What's your business worth to you?  
- Sometimes people who don't know much about self employment view it in one of two ways: it's either something to do in between real jobs, or the whole point is to build it fast, sell it for a lot of money and repeat if a lot wasn't quite enough to buy that private island. -

Self Discipline for the Self-Employed   2010/01/19 jhanvivgfmbdjvg
- Much advice has been given about the necessity of self discipline and motivation if you expect to be successfully self employed. -

Preparing for change  
- Statistics like that help us track the growth and direction` of our businesses. Dollar volume, net profit and balance sheets tell us where we are right now, but tracking the growth of other things gives us a clue to the future. For example, I know that revenue from web site advertising is about 25% of my total income now, but I also know that it's growing at a faster rate than my other income sources. That tells me that my business can shift toward that rather than the consulting and programming that is currently the main source of income. -

What's your web niche?  
- Sometimes self employment comes after retirement. That was true for my dad; he was an engineer of various sorts all of his working life. His last business was selling boilers and other industrial heating equipment, but he always did wood-working as a hobby. When he retired, he starting doing custom carpentry full time. For him, that was a natural thing to do. -

Retire to self-employment  
- If the alternative is low pay bagging at the supermarket, you don't have to be wildly successful to beat that. You choose your own hours, take naps when you want to, and you'll probably make more money than you would from a part time job anyway. -

- After you have built up your business, you'll find that you have the luxury of relaxing a bit when you need to. -

Eyes wide open  
- I knew just what he meant. When I had employees, it was the same thing: they did the work I sent them to do, but they never came back with new work, and that surprised me. When I'm at a job, I keep my eyes and ears open and am constantly looking for things where I might be able to offer additional services. -

Happiness is more than money  
- Efficiency isn't that important to me. Part of my definition of success is happiness and not doing things I don't like doing. I have other choices with leaf raking - I could pay someone else to do it, and I have done that in the past. But I just don't like the job they do, and I don't like waiting till there's enough leaves on the ground to be worthwhile. If I can do it my way, I enjoy the work and the results. -

I hate prospecting  
- I let other people do it for me. For example, back in the early days of small computers, there were stores like Radio Shack that sold systems. The salespeople didn't really know much, but they wanted to sell. I'd visit the stores, and hang with the sales team. I let them know what I could do to help them sell, and they did the rest. -

Prepaid hours  
- The advantages to me are obvious: I have my money. Both the client and I enjoy the benefit of not having to deal with multiple small invoices. -

Web Businesses  
- If you visit the 'Internet Businesses, Websites' section of Ebay, you'll find thousands of web sites for sale. -

One foot in front of the other  
- Sometimes it just seems like life wants to beat you down. Nothing goes right, if there's a light at the end of the tunnel you sure can't see it, and there's just no motivation left. -

- Networking groups can be very useful for the self employed. These can be purely social or heavily pushing leads, can be formed for educational purposes, or may even have charitable goals also. The membership may be large or small, open or restricted. -

Your skills aren't enough  
- Running a business, even when it's just a one person service, requires at least some business skill. Don't get too afraid of this: an awful lot is just common sense. On the other hand, don't trivialize this either: you need general business skills to survive. -

Low end clients  
- Working with income challenged customers can be stimulating and rewarding. You get to be creative, and you may be able to do good for them. -

Scheduling time loosely  
- You'll be able to think more clearly, get a lot of those small details cleaned up, and you'll probably do better work all around. -

Look for the itch  
- The programmer had apparently been working on new application software for about a year. Some of it was in place, but the people using it still had to use the 'old' system for many things. -

IT workers unhappy; advised to consider self employment  
- An Information Week article paints IT employment as unsatisfying, with difficult bosses setting impossible goals, low morale, long hours, and not much to attract new people. -

Your life partner   2013/06/23 TonyLawrence
- I'm usually much more pessimistic than my wife is. For example, I'm moderately good at poker, and I once toyed with the idea of doing that for income. However, moderately good is a fast road to poverty in that particular shark tank. I realized that pretty quickly, but my wife thought I gave up too easily. -

Bill Early, Bill Often  
- I was working with the controller at one of my clients. She was muttering about another consultants invoice. She asked me 'Do you remember what Bill did when he was here last month?'. I did remember that he and I had been there at the same time, but I couldn't say what he had been doing. 'Look at this invoice', she went on, 'It's useless'. -

The Inside Track isn't always the right track  
- If you are entering self employment, former employers are verymuch like former customers. They already know you, already know your skills and work habits. -

IT can be a good choice for self employment  
- One of the other nice things about IT is that you can pick a specialty or two and dive in. Your education doesn't particularly matter; things change so fast in this world that anything you learned ten years ago has close to zero value today. -

Difficulties of self employment  
- It's too bad that greed, dishonesty and simple lack of decency can cause problems for those who legitimately and honestly wish to be independent. -

Avoiding Employee Classification  
- Because governments are concerned both about employee rights and tax avoidance, there are laws that control when someone is self employed. -

- Don't misunderstand: that form of incorporation may be exactly what you need. But I don't think that you should entirely rely upon your lawyer or accountant to determine that. I'm not saying that they are incompetent, but I am saying that they don't know your business intentions as well as you do. -

- if you think about each one creatively, you might just come up with an idea that can get you a piece of it. If you don't think like that, then it's just another problem, and if it's your problem, it's going to cost you money and time. Maybe it will anyway, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't spend a second or two wondering if there's a way to turn that type of problem to your advantage. If you have this problem, other people do also. What can they do about it? Is there anything better that could be done? How could you benefit from that? -

Fluctuating income  
- For many of the self employed, monthly income can vary wildly. Some of this will just be normal seasonal variations that almost every business experiences, but some of it will just be from being 'new' and not having built up momentum to carry you along. -

health insurance for the self employed  
- Sometimes I shake my head in amazement. I'm not talking to anyone who is planning to create a minimum wage income from their business. -

You could have just asked us  
- A recent Canadian study surveyed the self employed and found happy, productive people. -

Be Happy  
- There's a Dunkin` Donuts near me where the help has the most unhappy, put upon, boy does my life suck attitudes I have ever seen. These people hate their jobs, and it shows. No friendliness, no smiles: just surly, making it obvious that the customer is an annoyance, and they wish they were somewhere else. -

Handling stress  
- Stress comes from indecision and inability. You can't decide what to do or how to do it, or something beyond your control prevents you from doing what you need to do. -

Grow or die?  
- When you are on a growth track, you are constantly pulled by the demands of that growth: more people may mean more office space, better communication methods, more management - on it goes -

LOD Communications, Inc.
I'm not good enough  
- We can't know everything. There's always someone who knows more about X, Y or Z. That doesn't mean that you can't earn a living doing any of these things. In fact, sometimes a generalist, someone who knows a little bit from A to Z, will do better in the real world than the narrowly focused experts. Don't let your own perceptions of your value hold you back: if you are good enough to hold a job, you are good enough to work for yourself. -

Getting more done  
- Another technique that lets me do more work than most people think they could do is not to be a perfectionist. I could spend several hours writing a little piece like this, and no doubt it would be better for my attention to it. But I don't work that way: I write it once, read it once, make any obvious corrections needed and leave it at that. Yes, that leaves me open to bad spelling and bad grammar now and then, and sometimes I put down some pretty baffling phrases. But, generally speaking, I trust that it's good enough. -

Embracing the unfamiliar  
- Be alert for ways to shake up your world and challenge your assumptions. It will pay off in increased creativity. -

Where are you going to get the boxes?  
- What we had in mind was a 4,000 square foot warehouse of greenware, and a projected sales volume of $300,000 a year with an 85% gross margin. -

The Windows back up most often forgotten  
- Backing up your computer is important. Ideally, you'll back up important files to more than one place: perhaps a network server and a tape, cd or dvd. -

Self employment can be better than a job  
- Many of the unemployed have skills and are capable of finding work, but are hampered by other difficulties such as having to provide child care, etc. -

Firing Customers  
- Some customers just aren't worth having. This is particularly true if you are a lone wolf self employed person, but it's often true even for larger firms. -

Dreams of self employment  
- Dreams of self employment often remain just that: only 4% who say they considered starting their own businesses ever do. -

Attitudes toward self employment  
- U.S. seems to have a different attitude than the rest of the world -

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