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Business Basic Editor

We have a point of sales system built in business basic, the files themselves appear to be in binary. Can someone recommend what program to use to open the files up to edit them?

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Vim: edit with vim  
- For people who hate vi, vim does not offer much relief. -

Learning the vi and Vim Editors  
- I use vi every day. "Oh, sure", you say, "You're a programmer. Of course you use some geekish editor." -

Smultron Editor   2010/04/16 MartinvanDijken
- Smultron editor for Mac is not my kind of tool. I'm quite happy with vi, thank you anyway. -

ODB Editor Suite  
- What it does is allow integration of an external editor with the ftp client: when you save your changes, the editor gets signaled to automatically upload the new version and write it back. -

Business Basic Editor  
- Don't let the fact that it is BASIC fool you. Virtually all Business BASIC dialects are very sophisticated and are capable of performing complex operations. -

Controlling Linux colors in vi (vim)   2011/04/13 geedoubleya
- The Linux colorizing fouls things up royally. You can shut off command line colorizing by editing /etc/DIR_COLORS and changing COLOR tty to COLOR none or (less drastically) by removing the TERM ansi line from the same file (which removes colorization for ansi but doesn't affect console use). But that still leaves vi messing things up. The fix for that is to add -

Text clean-up for MAC OS X  
- It does such things as eliminating superfluous spacing, replacing tabs, indenting and more -

Why I am changing to emacs  
- I was a vim user for a long time but recently I decided to try emacs a try. -

Vi Primer  
- There are lots of things you should know, lots of things you could know that could make your life easier now and then, but there really are only a handful of things you need to know to get a job done. -

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