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ONStream tape drives -->Re need suggested tape drivereplacement for Exabyte 8505 on OS 5.0.0C - plug and play,please!

There are TWO requirements for SCSI tape drives to successfully operate under Unix operating systems: 1) They have to support the SCSI communications spec. (obviously). 2) They have to support ONE of the SCSI TAPE drives specs. (this is not so obvious).

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Essential Linux Device Drivers  
- I admit that it's very hard to write a good book in this area. You simply have to make assumptions about the readers knowledge - if you don't, you'll be writing an encyclopedia or two. -

bootlocore : out of low memory  
- bootlocore : out of low memory SCO Unix No memory for relocation information -

- This is always going to refer to some interupt driven driver. When the kernel gets an interrupt, the appropriate driver is called. As nothing else can happen while that event is being processed, it is important to get done and let the kernel get back to other work. -

Boot Time Loadable Drivers  
- Every piece of hardware needs a driver. While many things follow standards or are otherwise already available in the OS, when something new arrives on the scene, the driver may not yet be in your install media. -

Linux/Unix Device Drivers  
- I doubt that I'll ever need to write a Linux device driver. Just the same, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and learned a lot from it. There are subjects covered herein that you just aren't going to find anywhere else, but even more importantly, there are references to Linux features that definitely will be useful to anyone who really wants to understand the beast. -

Understanding Device Drivers  
- Device Driver. Two words that strike fear in the hearts of programmers and users of Unix systems. -

Understanding Device Drivers Part II  
- When that interrupt comes that says the printer is ready, our driver program could be be filling the clist, or it could be sleeping because the clist is full. -

Understanding Device Drivers Part III  
- The first field after the name tells us the routines that are used in the driver. This driver has Open, Close, Read, Write, Ioctl and an Initialization routine. -

Linux|Unix Kernel  
- if this is the only book you are going to buy on internals, don't bother. It's a little weak, a little confusing, and just not all that well done. -

lp driver ioctl program   2010/05/26 TonyLawrence
- Unix Programs: LP Driver ioctl program. C code to accompany the sample SCO Unix driver example. -

lp driver include file  
- This is the include file referenced in the sample Unix parallel port driver code. -

Writing Unix Device Drivers  
- It's hard to find good books on this subject, and particularly hard to find references to SCO. -

(SCO Unix)What is a zombie process?   2011/11/15 TonyLawrence
- (SCO Unix) Why can't you kill a zombie process? One of the early things people learn about Unix is that a "kill -9" is invincible- that a process must die if you send it a KILL (-9). However, that's not entirely true -

ONStream tape drives -->Re need suggested tape drivereplacement for Exabyte 8505 on OS 5.0.0C - plug and play,please!  
- ONStream tape drives Exabyte 8505 will not work with Unix! -



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