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How DRM prepared the way for Xen/Vmware

For those that don't know Palladium was a effort on Microsoft to implement 'Trusted Computing' features. It was originally slated to be included in Vista/Longhorn operating systems, but it has been dropped (or at least trimmed down heavily) in later beta releases. http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,103440,00.asp (MS drops code name) http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,108994,00.asp

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New Linux virtualization option : KVM   2012/03/25 TonyLawrence
- KVM stands for 'Kernel-based Virtual Machine' it provides a simple way to have full hardware virtualization available for Linux users on machines that supports either the VT (Intel) or AMD-V/SVM (AMD) extensions for their cpus. -

More on Patents  
- Microsoft patents: Well so people understand the extent of the software patent problem I will point out one now-defunct, but famous patent.. The so-called 'Giff' patent. -

How DRM prepared the way for Xen/Vmware  
- What the goal was was that for secure computing Microsoft would setup a special operating system that you would use to execute programs. It would prevent software exploits, like say in IE, from being used to further compromise your system. -

Drag's Guide to Debian variations  
- What Debian Linux distro is right for you?: This intended to help people choose 'what Debian is right for them' and provide for some sort of introduction. I don't represent Debian, I am not a lawyer, or anything like that. It's just a friendly fyi. -

Componentized Linux  
- Componentized Linux is a conceptual Linux distrobution that is designed to provide reusable parts for making custom Linux operating systems. -

The dark side of NTFS and Alternative Data Streams.  
- This has lead to the perverse situation were you can actually store programs and files inside other file's ADS's and the end user has no way to know that they exist. -

Badram, Badmem, and Memtest86.bin  
- When you get almost-random stuff going wrong like that, and you know that your using what should be a fairly stable OS the likely culprit is going to be flaky hardware -

Free Software multimedia codecs from the Xiph audio project.  
- It's a unfortunate fact that many of today's popular codecs used in multimedia applications have some severe limitations, legal and otherwise. -

Linux|Unix clusters  
- One way to think about it is that your cluster is one big NUMA machine with the private network being the data interconnect between the individual nodes. -

Open Source ERP, CRM Software  
- Compiere is a interesting piece of software I found while reading a interview of Jon "Maddog" Hall about the current state of Linux acceptance in the enterprise market. The interviewer mentioned Compiere in a question on OSS "software stacks", so I decided to look it up. -

Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB)  
- According to CERT's statistics, the number of computer security vulnerabilities found each year has risen over two thousand percent since 1995. Tracking these vulnerabilities and their cures is critical for those who protect networked systems against accidental misuse and deliberate attack, from home users and small businesses to globe-spanning enterprises. -

OpenBSD Security Techniques  
- Interesting set of slides showing what lengths OpenBSD does on top of their code auditing efforts they put into securing their operating system. -

Get some free stuff from Novell.  
- Novell is offering a free Linux Technical Resource Kit.

It's basicly a evaluation copy of all their latest and greatest stuff for building a corporate office type Linux-based networking domain. Or at least something like that. -

Keep tabs on security issues with Linux easily  
- The website Linuxsecurity.com keeps up to date on the lastest security advisories issued by most major Linux distributions, as well as FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. -

Understanding Debian packages  
- Debs are a "ar" archive, with 2 tarballs inside them and debian-binary text file to identify which generation of deb file it is (I am supposing). -

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