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Unix and Linux Troubleshooting E-Book

I have been wanting to do this book for a long time. This is NOT a list of common problems you'd run into on Unix and Linux systems. What would be the point of that? You can look up specific problems on Google for free - why would you need to pay for a book?

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I have a best selling book on Amazon!  
- To my great surprise, I have a best selling book on Amazon! -

Unix and Linux Troubleshooting E-Book  
- My Unix and Linux Troubleshooting E-Book is ready to go -

Lazy DNS  
- I had a call this morning from a customer who wanted me to come down because their mail server was broken. They had experienced an ISP outage, which subsequently was fixed, but their mail server wasn't getting anything still. I was actually ready to go out the door when I thought to just double check reality, and that check kept me sitting right here: -

Renaming files  
- The email came from a long time customer: 'I modified a script I got off your site and it isn't working right. -

Encryption Problem  
- Mac OS X command line encryption: "Well, you did me in good this time. Or maybe I did myself in, I don't know. Either way, I'm poached." That's a heck of a way to start a conversation, especially at 7:00 AM on a crackly cell phone. I recognized the voice, though. Long time customer, recent convert to Mac OS X. -

100% CPU Load  
- Getty processes accumulating too much cpu time: run two "ps -e"'s, waiting about 10 seconds between, and redirecting them to different files. -

Detective: Front Loading Commands  
- The bash shell maintains a table of commands you have used so that it can execute them more quickly without looking them up in $PATH. -

Missing data files  
- I don't like answering the phone on Sunday, but I know it's probably someone with a real problem. I usually let it go to voice mail, and call back if it is a client with a serious issue, but for some reason I picked this one up. -

Connection Refused  
- "I'm trying to get this new server up and running, but the old SCO 5.05 is acting up. It's really weird: people who are already logged in are fine, but I can't get any new connections". -

Added a user, now no one can login  
- The caller id on my cell phone said this was someone in California, but I didn't recognize the number. I was tied up that moment anyone, wrestling cables to a tape drive I was replacing, so I let it go to voice mail. -

TTY locked, can't login  
- So I did. Al answered, very relieved that I had called back quickly. "Nobody can login?", I asked. "What's the message?"."Something about the terminal being locked. Funny thing though: Jim was just able to login, but nobody else can". -

Gateway Down, no local network  
- It's the weirdest thing.". The NT guy ran his fingers through his hair. There were actually three of them, but this one did most of the talking. "If the Internet goes down, they lose connections on the local network. I know a little Unix, so I checked the routing tables, and they all look fine. Even more strange, when this happens, I can still ping the Unix box." -

Shell Bashing  
- I've got this script that keeps looping on itself and I can't figure out why -

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