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SCO openserver 5.0.5 issues with gcc compiling  
- I've searched the forum and articles and have yet to fine a similar post/article to my current dilema. I seem to have an incomplete install of gcc. I have installed the most recent gcc via the skunkware VOLs. My intention is to get rsync compiled. I was able to grab some binaries for rsync, but I am missing libsocket.so.2 , which I have not been able to get installed. I updated automake and the other utilities. -

rebol: Tech Words the Day  
- Another odd little scripting language. I was particularly amused at the so called "FAQ". -

undefined fs_unregister fs_register sco 6  
- In OpenServer 6, -f causes extra memory checking instrumentation code to be generated, calls from which are then unresolved at link time. -

gcc vs. cc sco (SCO Unix)  
- Confusion because of SCO's multiple compiler options - installing gcc and expecting cc. Make sure any build process uses either all gnu stuff or all native stuff. -

gcc compiling tips -->Re gcc compiling notes  
- General advice on porting code from one operating system to another0 -

(SCO Unix)I installed gcc from Skunkware, but it doesn't work.  
- CO Unix had two compiler options. The first as their "native" compiler, which required a purchased license. The other was GCC, which was free. -

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