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Cartoons:Inspiring Confidence  
- Inspiring Confidence - don't hum 'If I only had a brain' while working on our computer. -

Cartoons:Server Down  
- I guess it's funny to me because I actually found something much like this once when the message was 'the server is down'.. -

Candidates Web Sites  
- Linux is a commie computer system for liberals - or so some Republican candidates may think. -

Cartoons: Power to spare  
- cartoon - what do we do with blazing fast cpu's? Often not very much at all. -

Cartoons: Ms. Mac OS X  
- Ms. Mac OS X - Those silly XP machines are always trying to talk to me! -

Cartoons: Bad Dreams  
- Profiled, optimized, stripped - I'm the fastest program in this memory block -

Cartoons: TCP Client jealousy  
- Cartoons: TCP Client jealousy - telnet and firefox. Telnet may not have been as many places as Firefox, but he does get around. -

Cartoons: Best Shot  
- Poking a little fun at Microsoft Clippy - the sad wannabe help tool that wasn't. -

Cartoons: Bad day at the firewall  
- Chief Security Officer Firewall reporting: All systems secure.. Wait! What was that? -



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