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Samsung Digimax A402 Digital Camera

After years of painstaking and detailed research, I have purchased a digital camera. Yeah, right. I researched nothing. I asked a few relatives who bought digital cameras long ago, but in fact I just walked into WalMart last night, saw a reasonable camera at a reasonable price ($126.00) and bought it. I learned how to use it at a basic level in a few minutes, and am happy enough.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S60 Digital Camera  
- A few weeks back, I bought my first decent digital camera. Two weeks later, the lcd display stopped working. Pure white, nothing there. It still took pictures, but random aiming is just a little less than I need. So I returned it, and bought something better. -

Samsung Digimax A402 Digital Camera  
- I recommend this camera in a generic sense. That is, I know next to nothing about digital cameras. If that also describes you, read on. -



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