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SCO upgrade and CUPS

When I was doing the Print Queues in scoadmin, I noticed that the menu would not let me 'Allow Remote Printing', as the option was in parentheses, and was not selectable. The mkdev command did not even show 'rlp' as a valid option. Being adventurous, I fould the command and executed it from its location, and it went through the motions as if it had indeed worked, and Remote Printing was set-up.

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Using System V interface scripts with CUPS printing   2013/11/22 RickHoyle
- But what if I wanted to add an automatic form feed to the end of that, or do some other special processing? -

SCO upgrade and CUPS  
- New sco 5.0.7 uses CUPS breaks remote printing - requires CUPS reinstall. -

IPP: Tech Words the Day  
- If you fire up your web browser and point it at http://localhost:631 you get the CUPS administration screen. That's the IPP port. -

- Print filters. Whether it's CUPS, LPRng or plain old LPD, you often need a filter in between application data and the physical printer. In olden times, you'd use specific filters for specific purposes, but the trend now is to Swiss army knife, do everything programs. -

Netgear PrintServer PS110 and CUPS  
- I installed a NetGear PS110 on Mandrake 8.0 Fri, and here are my notes. It took over 4 hours as there was a glitch on one of the systems. -

(SCO Unix)What is a virtual printer?  
- (SCO Unix) This is how you do "virtual" printers: many names all going to the same print device, but all with diferent options. -

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