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Network Hang  
- negative numbers in a netstat -m - the fact that it prints a negative shows that it's signed, so 2147483647 (2^31 - 1) is the largest number it can represent. -

Printer Alias for unform?  
- Understanding printer aliases in bbx configuration files. 'config.bbx' might not be named config.bbx. It might be named anything and might live in any directory. The name & location is variable/configurable. -

undefined fs_unregister fs_register sco 6  
- In OpenServer 6, -f causes extra memory checking instrumentation code to be generated, calls from which are then unresolved at link time. -

Install HBA without floppy during OSR 6 install  
- Install HBA without floppy during OSR 6 install. OpenServer 6 supports HBA installation at install time from floppy and from CD. -

gcc vs. cc sco (SCO Unix)  
- Confusion because of SCO's multiple compiler options - installing gcc and expecting cc. Make sure any build process uses either all gnu stuff or all native stuff. -

vmware emulation, wd drivers  
- The OSR5 "wd" IDE driver has code in it to work around the quirks of _ancient_ "wd" family disk controllers. -

using install server for sco installs`  
- You select install, from other, enter the address and password, then select "Hard Disk" and wham bam, a list of all the stuff installed on the other box. -

- Nothing happens to what you're successfully doing. SYSV printing remains the default setting in /etc/default/lpd, unless one day you decide to set it to CUPS. -

bynari vs. sendmail, sendmail for windows  
- Until I finally removed all MX records for one site, it was getting up to 300,000 spam messages/day. I'd see 60 instances of sendmail running, but the loads never got high. Truly efficient. -

manipulating image files with ImageMagick  
- Manipulating image files with ImageMagick's convert which can combine a series of images into a single multipage ps, pdf, tiff, even pcl. -

osr5 convert /tmp to memfs  
- How to convert /tmp to memfs after install of SCO 6. The next time I have to install a 6.0 Enterprise system, I will record the settings from /etc/default/filesys -

4GB ram problems sco osr5  
- All releases before SCO 507 have a set of behaviors which, while not strictly related to 4GB, tends to cramp the system's style whenever you really _use_ a lot of RAM. -

perl modules from shell scripts  
- The real answer is that you need to build a perl program around the module you want to use and design an interface for your shell script to do what it wants to do. -

switch to/from ansi on the console  
- Yes, the console behaviour has changed. No, scoansi as a TERM type is still offered but not for the OSR6 console. -

SCO Openserver 6 or Linux?  
- SCO OpenServer 6.x is a completely different product that has been hacked and hammered and stretched on a toffee maker until it mostly looks & smells like Open Server.- why not just go to Linux? -

serial printer hold open scripts with 'cat'  
- It would be even better if there was an input source which the kernel guaranteed to allow you to open, but which never produced any input. Similar to /dev/null, but it should never return from read(). -

Set up Digifax SCO Unix OSR6 stty rtsflow ctsflow missing  
- Needs missing rtsxoff and ctsxon, but these options aren't enabled in stty - asyc has options to open the serial port with certain modes already enabled. -

double vision vs. facetwin, ttysnoop, watch  
- We connect from box to box using all manner of clients and terminals, in all manner of combinations and chains too that are also non-negotiable. -

disable usb sco 5.07 install compaq  
- Disablng usb with a boot string is the main trick to installing sco 5.07 on the Poweredge 1800 -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Installing OpenServer 5.0.7 on a Dell Poweredge 2850 with dell amird raid (SCO Unix)  
- When I link in the BTLD for the amird driver, it doesn't load the IDE adapter for the CD-ROM. If I leave out the amird driver, the IDE controller loads fine. -

Autologin for Linux Pick System  
- To make the unit turnkey (so the users get the Pick login prompt when they connect via telnet ), I've edited the /etc/xinetd.d/telnet file to read as follows: -

visionfs wins name resolution  
- There are at least 3 possible smb servers, VisionFS, FacetWin, and Samba. All behave very similarly with Windows clients. -

openserver vnc  
- The problem turned out to be that this sco box was not using a mouse and therefore was not configured as such. Installing the mouse and deleting /etc/rc2.d/S99vncserver fixed the problem so scosession would start. -

using ghost to clone a sco unix scsi drive  
- OSR5 is overly concerned about the "geometry" of a disk. On all modern disks, the geometry the OS is so worried about is an utter hallucination -- but it must be a _shared_ hallucination. -

An example of using the scodb debugger (SCO Unix)  
- To capture a better dump next time, I suggest rigging the system up so that it breaks into scodb when _any_ of these processes die. That means you'll catch it as early as possible -

routing protocols sco unix   2013/10/30 TonyLawrence
- Routing protocols Sco Unix dynamically re-write the routing table based on instructions it receives from other -

using linux and tux trademarks  
- Linux is trademarked, but Larry Ewing's Tux is free to use and even integrate them into other designs. -

Speed of recognizing mouse up event  
- What determines the speed with which the mouse up event is registered? Is it just a hardware issue, or is there a software parameter that can be set? -

scodb crash dump analyze crash  
- Analyzing a crash when the sysdump created is too big for swap by use of "mem=" bootstring (SCO Unix). -

Prevent overwrite of resolv.conf with dynamic ip  
- How to prevent overwrite of resolv.conf with dynamic ip on various older Linux distros. -

Is XEON cpu compatible with OSR5.0.6 or 5.0.5?  
- SCO 5.0.6 needs patches to work with both P3 and P4 Xeon processors. P4 requires you disable hyperthreading in the bios. -

Why no route to host when it can be pinged?  
- If a system can be pinged, why would it say "no route to host" when I try to telnet to it? Where does that come from? -

Mount whole drive image with loopback  
- Can you use loopback to mount a disk wih multiple partitions? Yes, but you can't simply mount a disk; you need more informatiom. -

Mark extended partition active for Linux  
- You can mark an extended partition active and boot from it, though Microsoft disk tools may complain about it. -

Open Server 6.0 console  
- The SVR5 console driver is the driver used in OpenServer 6. This driver is not the same as the driver in OpenServer 5. -

osr5 sar mpsar cpusar scosar  
- `mpsar` was initially a separate binary, added when you installed SCO MPX (SMP) on top of the corresponding release of SCO Unix. -

adaptec u320 raid sco osr5  
- Adaptec u320 controllers work fine, including full raid 0,1, 5, 10, etc... You just have to get a "real" controller, not the crap host-based raid models. -

Why should you use Linux  
- When I find myself doing repetitive tasks, I automate them through scripting. Scripting a GUI is possible, but much more difficult and usually less powerful. -

wiring for apc ups cables smart ups uninterruptible powersupply -->APC UPS Cable wiring  
- It's another day in UPS hell. For the zillionth time, I find yet -

linux shmmax -->Re How to modify the value ofSHMMAX?  
- linux shmmax -->Re: How to modify the value ofSHMMAX? -

linux save restore mbr master boot record lilo -->Savin gand Restoring an MBR  
- Using DOS debug to read MBR record in an emergency: You should make a backup copy of your MBR on a bootable floppy disk before installing Linux and then again after installing Linux. -

corrupt header This does not look like a tar archive skipping to next header archive contains obsolescent base-64 headers  
- Tar files can be damaged. This Perl script can fix some corrupt tar archives and recover data. -

add cr/lf carriage return line feed crlf -->Re ADD CR/LFTO FILE  
- Well, your little program is not what he needs, because the file he has to work with has NO NEWLINES in the first place, so I suspect your addcr/rmcr would not do what he wants, which is to add a NL/CR after every 2048 bytes in the input. -

tar exit codes SCO_OSR5   2011/11/15 ShellyS
- Values over 128 represent the OR'ing of 128 with a signal that killed tar (or any other program). SIGINT = 2; 128 + 2 = 130; SIGTERM = 15 ... Skimming the tar source turns up these exit codes: -

file system fragmentation defragmentation linux -->Re Defrag in linux? - Newbie question  
- In a single-user, single-tasking OS, it's best to keep all blocks for a file together, because _most_ of the disk accesses over a given period of time will be against a single file. In this scenario, the read-write heads of your HD advance sequentially through the hard disk. In the same sort of system, if your file is fragmented, the read-write heads jump all over the place, adding seek time to the hard disk access time. -

gunzip File Size Limit Exceeded (core dumped)  
- The size of an individual file is limited to 2GB in OpenServer. Presumably you mean that the unzipped size is ~5GB and the zipped size is smaller? The amount of data that can flow through a pipe is not limited to 2GB. (But it will still fail if any individual file stored in the tar archive is larger than 2GB.) -

cancel all print jobs -->Re using command line to cancelall jobs for a remote printer  
- cancel all print jobs -->Re: using command line to cancelall jobs for a remote printer -

allocb failed NSTRPAGES exceeded streams memory netstat -m-->Re I can't find something!  
- You are running out of streams memory- run "netstat -m"- you'll likely see non-zero amounts in the Failures column. -

download sco openserver -->Re SCO Download  
- SCO has finally made CD images available for download - though only the most recent versions. -

mount sco eafs filesystem with linux  
- Oddly enough, I was doing something very similar (extracting data from a 3.2v4.2 system using Linux) last week. It took a lot of false starts, but the eventual technique I used was: -

EPERM error -->Re grep usage failure  
- If you're using 5.0.6, you have a grep that understands characters encoded in octal: $ grep '\00111\0011' /usr/include/sys/errno.h -

hp canaccess printer -->Re Problems trying to access HP Printer   2013/08/30 JonTice
- Problems trying to access HP port 9100 JetDirect Printer from SNMP settings. -

xenix   2012/12/16 BigDumbDinosaur
- Just to point out for those unfamiliar with Xenix, the OS itself is actually under 50, heck, under 10!. An entire Xenix filesystem can not even exceed 512M, though you can have multiple 512M fs's mounted for a total system that exceeds 512M. -

netcat script  
- Hmmmm... HPNP. No garbage left in /tmp after each print job? No spooler lockups when printing a large number (>500) of simultaneous small files? No difficulties autoswitching between Postscribble and PCL? No failure to restart if rebooted while printing? No exessive LAN traffic if printers with one model of JetDirect card ran out of printer and HPNP would poll the printer thousands of times per second? -

unixware login control -->Re Recording unsuccessfullogin attemps  
- unixware login control -->Re: Recording unsuccessfullogin attemps -

linux sco emulation -->Re TPUT & xterm-color  
- linux sco emulation -->Re: TPUT & xterm-color -

lpd slow -->Re Problem with lpd going 'out to lunch'when JetDirect printer is not ready.  
- lpd slow -->Re: Problem with lpd going 'out to lunch'when JetDirect printer is not ready. -

NAT vs. Proxy server -->Re connecting osr5 toproxy  
- NAT vs. Proxy server -->Re: connecting osr5 toproxy -

config.bbx hp escape codes column off page -->Re HelpConfig.bbx printer description  
- Understanding print codes in bbx config filea of FACTS.Understanding print codes in bbx config filea of FACTS.Where does printing start on the left side of the page? Is it possible someone just buggered up the tractor feed or something so that the paper is further to the left than it could be? -

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