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I was very excited to stumble upon Smashwords today. Many bloggers publish e-books, either to sell or to give away as promotional items. The problem is choosing a format to publish in. PDF is the lingua franca of the web, but now people also want to be able to use their iPhones, Kindles and other devices. It's annoying and sometimes difficult to provide all the desired formats.

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What a difference a (static) page makes  
- I switched to mostly static html pages vs. included cgi-bin scripts to improve page load time - it definitely helped. -

Too much traffic  
- I'm not sure what to do - mod_perl? Static pages? More expensive server? -

Analyzing Adsense performance with Google Analytics (Part One)  
- Analyzing Adsense performance with Google Analytics -

Understanding automatic blank pages in Open Office   2012/05/24 TonyLawrence
- Confusion about how to get automatic blank pages in open Office Writer -

YUI Grid Builder for custom sites   2010/11/05 KyleGadd
- Most bloggers want nothing to do with writing HTML. Most would rather use something simple like Wordpress and concentrate on their blogging. That's fine, but.. -

Seven RSS myths  
- Here are seven commonly accepted 'facts' about RSS feeds that simply are not true. -

Fetching RSS info with the Awareness API  
- Google Feedburner Awareness API fetchers feed data -

Destroying Twitter Friendships with twitterdeaf.pl  
- I'm unfollowing those who follow too many other Twitterers -

Twitter Deaf   2011/02/06 anonymous
- I'm unfollowing those who follow too many - they are effectively deaf so there is no conversation to be had. -

New Banner Logo at APLawrence.com  
- New look for aplawrence.com - I had a new logo crafted by the nice folks at Men With Pens. -

Stanza and epub formats for e-books  
- Conversion isn't perfect - it doesn't seem to understand my chapter headings so it just treats them as more text. -

Adding Gravatars with Perl  
- I've added Gravatar support to the comments system -

My First Look at WordPress Plugins   2010/09/23 ChrisMatthieu
- My first look at WordPress plugins - Numly esn plugin -

Browser Waffling  
- Forgetting to check multiple browsers can be costly and all it takes is a simple HTML typo. IE freaked over one of my mistypes. -

Hitting the Google Sweet Spot  
- When I was researching the competition for my Working for yourself e-book of course I visited Google to search for related books and websites. Imagine my surprise this morning when I searched Google for "Work for yourself" and found that page on page one in the sixth position! That's pretty darn good!0 -

Silly Spammer Cooks His Own Goose  
- In his zeal for spamming, a spamm commentor helps me block him other sites! -

The Internet isn't done with us yet  
- Bitter print journalists need to face the new reality - but so do we all! -

Fear of Programming  
- Bloggers should consider learning programming - nothing difficult, just basic scripting and basic HTML/CSS. -

Blog Promotion Techniques  
- One of the most clever blog promotion ideas I have seen is represented right here: -

Why are you following me?  
- What do people hope to accomplish by following me? -

Starting your first commerce web site  
- Start your website NOW. You can set up a site at Blogger.com if you aren't ready for a "real" site. But realize that it isn't hard to do the real thing. -

Updates to Psst book  
- E-Junkie handles updates, but I should have kept a log -

- Teasers annoy us. We're being played, and we know it. If that were the norm - if there were not so much freely available information - we'd accept it. -

Hunting the Wiley 404  
- Using Google Web Master Tools to help clean up 404 errors -

Maybe I don't want to be rich  
- Like every other lazy slob on this planet, I'd prefer to do less actual work and soak up more passive income from web business. -

Quantcast website statistics  
- Supposedly visitors here are mostly male (69%, they say), mostly over 35, childless, and make under $60,000 per year. -

Website Optimization  
- Review of Website Optimization by Andrew B. King: This is going to be the one I recommend for website owners. -

Review of Tribal Fusion for Publishers   2010/05/22 anonymous
- Tribal Fusion did NOT deliver good results for me. That doesn't mean that it wouldn't work for you. -

Chitika Premium  
- If someone was searching at Google for "Wireless Access Point" and came here because of their search, the Chitika ads are likely to show wireless routers. -

Is your website a lefty or a righty?  
- Is a left hand column bad for your blog? I've seen a lot of nonsense around the web on the subject of left hand columns vs. right hand. -

Hey Technorati - I give up!  
- Technorati has screwed up once too often for me. I'm not going to add its tags to my posts any longer. -

Page Views Per Visitor - more isn't always better  
- But a blog that gets most of its traffic from regular subscribers (high repeat visitors) is going to show a smaller number of average page views per visit. -

Everything you need to know about seo in one page  
- All you need to know about SEO is that content is king -

Road Trip  
- So.. I think we are electronically ready to hit the road. Did I forget anything important? -

Twitter Types  
- Some people still use Twitter as a way for friends and family to keep track of each other (though I don't actually know anyone who does so). -

If you can't say anything nice..  
- My wife burst out laughing upon spotting me. A few moments later she left and then came back carrying a pile of clothes which she requested that I change into 'as soon as possible'. -

A web page is more than a pretty face   2012/08/03 TonyLawrence
- Too many web "designers" don't pay attention to HTML/CSS compliance or any SEO issues - they think 'pretty' is all that matters. -

Do you really want a popular blog?  
- I don't want to be super popular. I know some people can handle that: they'd bask in the adulation and ignore the stupidity that comes with it.1 -

Google adds benchmark comparisons  
- This could be extremely useful and interesting, but unfortunately is not.. well, perhaps it's just too early? -

A thousand meanings never meant  
- Clear writing is never clear enough - no matter how careful you are, you can still be misunderstood. -

SEO Marketing could stand some improvement  
- Make it easy for me to find out about YOU (include that website link) and make sure you know something about ME (basic Internet research). -

Like watching grass grow  
- Slow blog growth can be frustrating -

Reading Skills  
- speed reading: I'm not much for visuals. I don't like video blogs, slide show blogs: I want text. -

Web Analytics - An Hour a Day  
- This is one of those books where my wife told me to keep quiet because I kept blurting out "Yes!" while I was reading it. -

E-Mail Harvesting Protection  
- Worried about mail harvesting bots? Consider that the people who do these things are not stupid. -

mod_perl on Debian   2010/12/09 Questorian
- I've ignored mod_perl because I see no point in doing half a job. It could offer many advantages, but I'd need to rewrite many, many scripts to take full advantage. -

13.2 Reasons I don't like Social Media   2012/10/07 StevePringle
- I'm fed up with 'me too' posts, 'Subscribe and get a free..', 'Build anticipation', 'Increase your social media contacts' and all that.. -

Images or words?  
- I probably should have some photo or image here - all the best blogging advice sites will tell you that pictures are important: people like pictures, people remember pictures, pictures add to content. -

- If all you measure is page views or Technorati rank or Adsense income, I think you are missing an important part: human interaction. -

Last Words  
- A last words post.. I've thought about it, but what is there to say? 'There won't be any more posts, move on, nothing to see here' is about it, isn't it? -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Hello to Moldova  
- Why would Moldova readers outrank U.S. in Alexa stats - I don't know but that's what you get from Alexa's small samples. -

Increase visitor stickiness by site design?  
- Assuming that there is content of value to the visitors (not always a valid assumption), then yes, site design can improve stickiness. -

Programmer Games  
- I got a response saying that yes, other customers had thought the same thing, and that 'our product development team is currently working on that enhancement'. Huh? -

Self Hosting in the FIOS Era   2012/07/07 TonyLawrence
- Is it smart to self host your web site? With the availability of truly high speed Internet service, this certainly becomes possible. -

Increase RSS subscriptions- why?  
- If you read the blogging advice websites, you'll see a lot of articles about increasing RSS readership. But why do you want to increase RSS subscriptions? -

What to do about IE6?  
- In the last month, this website had over 35,000 visits from IE6 browsers. IE7 wasn't far behind with a little over 33,000, and both get trounced by Firefox -

Tweet-tweet, playing the Twitter game  
- If you were young and cool and with-it, you'd already know what Twitter is and probably would already have an account. -

Using Multiple Submits with Perl CGI   2010/11/20 TonyLawrence
- You don't have to limit yourself to one submit, but you do have to be careful -

The importance of good design  
- I see a lot of bloggers very worried about their blogs design. Most of them should be far more worried about content.0 -

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