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My First Look at WordPress Plugins

As I mentioned the post just before this, I want to learn a bit more about Wordpress, specificaly plugins (no, I won't be doing any theme designs!). As it happened, someone had read my post about generating Numly tags and they happened to have a non-working plugin that was supposed to get Numly tags automatically. As the plugin was published under a GNU license, I agreed to take a look at it.

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What a difference a (static) page makes  
- I switched to mostly static html pages vs. included cgi-bin scripts to improve page load time - it definitely helped. -

Too much traffic  
- I'm not sure what to do - mod_perl? Static pages? More expensive server? -

Analyzing Adsense performance with Google Analytics (Part One)  
- Analyzing Adsense performance with Google Analytics -

Understanding automatic blank pages in Open Office   2012/05/24 TonyLawrence
- Confusion about how to get automatic blank pages in open Office Writer -

YUI Grid Builder for custom sites   2010/11/05 KyleGadd
- Most bloggers want nothing to do with writing HTML. Most would rather use something simple like Wordpress and concentrate on their blogging. That's fine, but.. -

Seven RSS myths  
- Here are seven commonly accepted 'facts' about RSS feeds that simply are not true. -

Fetching RSS info with the Awareness API  
- Google Feedburner Awareness API fetchers feed data -

Destroying Twitter Friendships with twitterdeaf.pl  
- I'm unfollowing those who follow too many other Twitterers -

Twitter Deaf   2011/02/06 anonymous
- I'm unfollowing those who follow too many - they are effectively deaf so there is no conversation to be had. -

New Banner Logo at APLawrence.com  
- New look for aplawrence.com - I had a new logo crafted by the nice folks at Men With Pens. -

Stanza and epub formats for e-books  
- Conversion isn't perfect - it doesn't seem to understand my chapter headings so it just treats them as more text. -

Adding Gravatars with Perl  
- I've added Gravatar support to the comments system -

My First Look at WordPress Plugins   2010/09/23 ChrisMatthieu
- My first look at WordPress plugins - Numly esn plugin -

Browser Waffling  
- Forgetting to check multiple browsers can be costly and all it takes is a simple HTML typo. IE freaked over one of my mistypes. -

Hitting the Google Sweet Spot  
- When I was researching the competition for my Working for yourself e-book of course I visited Google to search for related books and websites. Imagine my surprise this morning when I searched Google for "Work for yourself" and found that page on page one in the sixth position! That's pretty darn good!0 -

Silly Spammer Cooks His Own Goose  
- In his zeal for spamming, a spamm commentor helps me block him other sites! -

The Internet isn't done with us yet  
- Bitter print journalists need to face the new reality - but so do we all! -

Fear of Programming  
- Bloggers should consider learning programming - nothing difficult, just basic scripting and basic HTML/CSS. -

Blog Promotion Techniques  
- One of the most clever blog promotion ideas I have seen is represented right here: -

Why are you following me?  
- What do people hope to accomplish by following me? -

Starting your first commerce web site  
- Start your website NOW. You can set up a site at Blogger.com if you aren't ready for a "real" site. But realize that it isn't hard to do the real thing. -

Updates to Psst book  
- E-Junkie handles updates, but I should have kept a log -

- Teasers annoy us. We're being played, and we know it. If that were the norm - if there were not so much freely available information - we'd accept it. -

Hunting the Wiley 404  
- Using Google Web Master Tools to help clean up 404 errors -

Maybe I don't want to be rich  
- Like every other lazy slob on this planet, I'd prefer to do less actual work and soak up more passive income from web business. -

Quantcast website statistics  
- Supposedly visitors here are mostly male (69%, they say), mostly over 35, childless, and make under $60,000 per year. -

Website Optimization  
- Review of Website Optimization by Andrew B. King: This is going to be the one I recommend for website owners. -

Review of Tribal Fusion for Publishers   2010/05/22 anonymous
- Tribal Fusion did NOT deliver good results for me. That doesn't mean that it wouldn't work for you. -

Chitika Premium  
- If someone was searching at Google for "Wireless Access Point" and came here because of their search, the Chitika ads are likely to show wireless routers. -

Is your website a lefty or a righty?  
- Is a left hand column bad for your blog? I've seen a lot of nonsense around the web on the subject of left hand columns vs. right hand. -

Hey Technorati - I give up!  
- Technorati has screwed up once too often for me. I'm not going to add its tags to my posts any longer. -

Page Views Per Visitor - more isn't always better  
- But a blog that gets most of its traffic from regular subscribers (high repeat visitors) is going to show a smaller number of average page views per visit. -

Everything you need to know about seo in one page  
- All you need to know about SEO is that content is king -

Road Trip  
- So.. I think we are electronically ready to hit the road. Did I forget anything important? -

Twitter Types  
- Some people still use Twitter as a way for friends and family to keep track of each other (though I don't actually know anyone who does so). -

If you can't say anything nice..  
- My wife burst out laughing upon spotting me. A few moments later she left and then came back carrying a pile of clothes which she requested that I change into 'as soon as possible'. -

A web page is more than a pretty face   2012/08/03 TonyLawrence
- Too many web "designers" don't pay attention to HTML/CSS compliance or any SEO issues - they think 'pretty' is all that matters. -

Do you really want a popular blog?  
- I don't want to be super popular. I know some people can handle that: they'd bask in the adulation and ignore the stupidity that comes with it.1 -

Google adds benchmark comparisons  
- This could be extremely useful and interesting, but unfortunately is not.. well, perhaps it's just too early? -

A thousand meanings never meant  
- Clear writing is never clear enough - no matter how careful you are, you can still be misunderstood. -

SEO Marketing could stand some improvement  
- Make it easy for me to find out about YOU (include that website link) and make sure you know something about ME (basic Internet research). -

Like watching grass grow  
- Slow blog growth can be frustrating -

Reading Skills  
- speed reading: I'm not much for visuals. I don't like video blogs, slide show blogs: I want text. -

Web Analytics - An Hour a Day  
- This is one of those books where my wife told me to keep quiet because I kept blurting out "Yes!" while I was reading it. -

E-Mail Harvesting Protection  
- Worried about mail harvesting bots? Consider that the people who do these things are not stupid. -

mod_perl on Debian   2010/12/09 Questorian
- I've ignored mod_perl because I see no point in doing half a job. It could offer many advantages, but I'd need to rewrite many, many scripts to take full advantage. -

13.2 Reasons I don't like Social Media   2012/10/07 StevePringle
- I'm fed up with 'me too' posts, 'Subscribe and get a free..', 'Build anticipation', 'Increase your social media contacts' and all that.. -

Images or words?  
- I probably should have some photo or image here - all the best blogging advice sites will tell you that pictures are important: people like pictures, people remember pictures, pictures add to content. -

- If all you measure is page views or Technorati rank or Adsense income, I think you are missing an important part: human interaction. -

Last Words  
- A last words post.. I've thought about it, but what is there to say? 'There won't be any more posts, move on, nothing to see here' is about it, isn't it? -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Hello to Moldova  
- Why would Moldova readers outrank U.S. in Alexa stats - I don't know but that's what you get from Alexa's small samples. -

Increase visitor stickiness by site design?  
- Assuming that there is content of value to the visitors (not always a valid assumption), then yes, site design can improve stickiness. -

Programmer Games  
- I got a response saying that yes, other customers had thought the same thing, and that 'our product development team is currently working on that enhancement'. Huh? -

Self Hosting in the FIOS Era   2012/07/07 TonyLawrence
- Is it smart to self host your web site? With the availability of truly high speed Internet service, this certainly becomes possible. -

Increase RSS subscriptions- why?  
- If you read the blogging advice websites, you'll see a lot of articles about increasing RSS readership. But why do you want to increase RSS subscriptions? -

What to do about IE6?  
- In the last month, this website had over 35,000 visits from IE6 browsers. IE7 wasn't far behind with a little over 33,000, and both get trounced by Firefox -

Tweet-tweet, playing the Twitter game  
- If you were young and cool and with-it, you'd already know what Twitter is and probably would already have an account. -

Using Multiple Submits with Perl CGI   2010/11/20 TonyLawrence
- You don't have to limit yourself to one submit, but you do have to be careful -

The importance of good design  
- I see a lot of bloggers very worried about their blogs design. Most of them should be far more worried about content.0 -

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