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An example of poorly commented code...

This one is a little amusing, and deserves some kind of award for perl "one-liners", and belongs on a tee-shirt! I was searching for something that could be used to takes URL's in a text file, and automatically turns them into links. I came across this page, which claims to do what I was looking for, but I don't have a clue as to how it works. Sure, it looks imopressive, but how is someone supposed to follow that?

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Auto Edge archive removal script  
- The way I wanted Edge to work, was just like the days when we backed up to Tape. We would pull Master backups each night, label the tapes M-F, and take a SAT tape off-site for an extra layer of protection. When Monday rolled around, the new backup would replace the old Monday backup, rinse, lather, repeat. This changed when we upgraded to Edge 3.x, and started using the NAS. Once we had multiple servers with multiple jobs backing up to the same resource, and not having enough free space on the NAS because backups were piling up, I had to resort to manually deleting things (through edgemenu) on the NAS to free up space. This got old rather quickly, as I had to look down the long list of backup jobs, and determine which ones could be deleted. If I missed one day, the NAS would fill up, and backups would fail. -

Slow Finder when browsing SMB Network Shares in Snow Leopard   2012/08/08 anonymous
- Mac OS X finder in Snow Leopard, when bound to Active Directory can be painfully slow at just listing files on a SMB share. -

Mysterious Duplicate IP addresses   2011/04/20 TonyLawrence
- Proxyarp on smart switch causes sudden appearance of duplicate ip addresses: All machines on our 192.168.206.x subnet (mostly Mac's, with Windows servers) got the IP conflict message when they started up in the morning. We do have a linux dhcp server running on that subnet, but it only hands out 2 IP addresses for barcode guns, and those are given the IP based on their MAC address, so each barcode gun always gets the same IP and can move to other buildings without reconfiguring them, as they run in dhcp mode. -

How do I fix files showing up as 0k on a SMB mount in Snow Leopard?   2013/10/08 BruceGarlock
- We have been battling a strange Snow Leopard font issue (who hasn't) for a while now, and this one seemed to work on some SL machines. -

Why you need a true secondary DNS server   2010/01/04 anonymous
- Some people may wonder why secondary MX records, or DNS servers are necessary, and until you have had an equipment failure, or outage, you might still be wondering. Most shared hosting out there will give you DNS servers (primary and secondary) since your registrar requires this. -

scsidev: SCSI utility for linux  
- I recently built an external SCSI enclosure, using an old tower. I used 3 SCSI drives, and built a LVM, so I could concatenate the drives together into one large drive, to host my temporary video scratch files. -

Keeping Microsoft Exploits out of your apache log files  
- Another new Microsoft IIS exploit, for WebDAV is hitting the net pretty hard, and each request adds 32k of junk to your apache logs. Since I have a few web servers on the net, that log to a logging host, the disk space started getting filled up quicker than usual. -

An example of poorly commented code...  
- This one is a little amusing, and deserves some kind of award for perl "one-liners", and belongs on a tee-shirt! -

PPTP VPN, and weak passwords  
- PPTP VPN, and weak passwords. I use a VPN to connect to work. I run a PPTP server on Linux, at my firewall, for our remote users to connect from home to our work network. As has been explained before, PPTP has had it's share of security issues. -

Ejector for OSX  
- This is a handy little utility for OSX. It adds an "Eject" button on the menubar, for quick access to ejecting volumes. -

IBM: Linux Desktop Migration RedBook  
- IBM has released a very interesting read, on migrating to desktop linux. The RedBook, contains lots of different topics for migration, and covers just about all the different areas. -

Microsoft proprietary information in SCO  
- What on earth could Microsoft have that is proprietary with tuning the SCO kernel? -

Apple 15 Powerbook Battery recall  
- I would put a pillow on my lap, because it would be unbearable, but I thought that it was the processor. -

Setting up MOXAMP  
- Time to do some work on my powerbook, instead of playing all the time: I came across this link, which details some instructions on how to setup a "LAMP" environment (without the L) in MAC OS X, or "MOXAMP" -

How do you protect yourself against lightning?  
- Although our hit was not that bad, mostly NICS, and some serial interface cards for our dot matrix printers. -

Open Source Network Administration  
- Many tools for monitoring, and troubleshooting networks are included; Sysmon, Oak, Neo, MRTG, tcpdump, netstat, traceroute, etc.. are all covered. -

NPR's Fresh Air: The Google Founders  
- I admit it: I am an NPR addict. I have always held public TV, and public radio in the highest regard, which is something my grandfather instilled in me at a young age. I also did not have cable growing up, so PBS was about the only choice I had on the TV. -

RIP:A System Recovery Boot CD   2015/04/05 TonyLawrence
- RIP:A System Recovery Boot CD. Since most people have to deal with Windows systems, there has to be a way to get at these systems when things go awry. I used to carry around a slew of boot floppies, and CD's from site to site, if someone was having trouble booting the system, after messing with a system file -

Security through information dissemination  
- With all the recent worms, viruses, and other little tricks the blackhats use, we are all becoming familiar with terms like; "buffer overflows", "privilege escalation", "sym link attacks", and other terms used in the security world. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
'arpwatch' for security and administration  
- 'arpwatch' for security and administration. arpwatch' is also a useful administration tool. We recently purchased 7 HP print servers for some printers, and new offices. Since they initially get their IP address from a DHCP server, arpwatch emails me when I put a print server on the network. -

Forced to set up Passport account  
- In order to license Windows 2000 properly (and install it), I had to create a MS passport account. I didn't see any other way to license it. -

More on MSBLAST Worm  
- The MSBLAST virus shows how many corporate and home PC's are still vulnerable to attack. The very fact that those ports are open on the internet is another worry. -

SCO Lawsuit  
- This is an interesting article, where a company claims to have written a program that will take out the offending SCO code in Linux, once the code is released. -

Installing a helpdesk support system  
- Installing a help desk support system. I manage about 85 PC's, 8 servers, and 20 or so printers - between 4 buildings. Our userbase is not very computer literate, so I field a lot of phone calls for general PC help, and problems. -

Verizon Cell Phone Internet Connections   2010/11/11 TonyLawrence
- Making internet connections with cell phone. I then verified with Verizon that there is no additional costs for using the "Express Network" which claims speeds up to 144k. I usually average between 20-40k, which really blows away my normal dial-up connection at home, since we still do not have any broadband options in my area. During normal "peak" usage, the time spent using the data is billed against my normal minutes. I have unlimitted night and weekend usage, so I could be connected to the network all weekend without additional charges. That's when I plan on downloading O/S patch upgrades. -

Device::SerialPort on Redhat 8  
- Since each building has a T1 router, I wrote a small program to log the routers messages to a text file. While performing these upgrades, I ran into some small trouble with my code, which relies on the perl module: "Device::SerialPort". -

Log Serial Port Data to a Specified Logfile   2013/03/29 TonyLawrence
- I wrote this script to capture log data from our T1 routers for debugging purposes. -

Updating Sendmail  
- I figured it must be simple enough to add SMTP authentication. Boy, was I wrong. Although this function is integrated into the latest RedHat releases of Sendmail, it is not in the 6.2 releases. -

RedHat RPM Source Packages  
- Ever wanted to rebuild a RedHat RPM from source? I had an issue where I wanted to include one of the new features offered by SAMBA that enables logging to utmp in RedHat 7.1 and RedHat 6.2. Since RedHats supplied binary RPMs did not include this support, I had two choices: one was to download the SAMBA source, and compile the feature in from there, and my other choice was to possibly use the RPM source that RedHat supplies with their RPMs. -

Explicit Congestion Notification  
- I was driving myself nuts over the weekend with another strange problem, but I figured it out. I picked up a Sun Sparc 20 off of ebay (so I can mess with Solaris), and when I went to PayPal to pay for it, PayPal kept saying "connection refused". All other sites seemed to work fine, and I used one of those free proxy servers to access it too. -