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Information about telnet sessions

Is there a way to identify which telnet session corresponds to which ptty? I would like to know the remote ip address and the ptty of each telnet session

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Wall and write   2013/07/30 TonyLawrence
- The Unix/Linux "wall" command does that. Login as root, type "wall" <ENTER>, then whatever you want to say (multiple lines are OK), follwed by <ENTER> and then CTRL-D -

Backup mistakes you might be making  
- How we lost all backups through a long series of entirely avoidable mistakes. -

The Practice of System and Network Administration (second edition)  
- How to be a Systems Administrator in 900 pages: The broad coverage is a bit unexpected: there's a chapter on Being Happy, chapters on hiring and firing - I'm surprised that there isn't a chapter on being fired, though I suppose if you religiously followed the advice here, maybe you needn't worry about that. -

Cron is not working   2012/08/17 TonyLawrence
- Let's just get this out of the way first: when someone says cron is not working, it almost always is, and they have just misunderstood something basic. -

Server Load - The Basics   2012/11/27 TonyLawrence
- Server load averages display in "w". In a *Nix variant, Server load can be calculated by the uptime or the w command. -

Installing APF Firewall for cPanel  
- Installation and configuration of APF Firewall for cPanel - basic and advanced. -

Configuring Apache for Maximum Performance   2010/07/21 anonymous
- This article looks into getting maximum performance out of Apache with the existing hardware resources, specifically on the Linux systems. -

Dynamic BBx configuration  
- Since we have no way of knowing in advance what the tty number will be when she logs in we build a custom BBx config fle when she logs in. -

What is a Managed Switch?   2012/07/17 TonyLawrence
- A managed switch allows you to control the individual ports of your switch -

HP-UX 11i Version 2 System Administration  
- This isn't about sed and awk and grep. It's not a Unix book. It's specifically about the installation, configuration and administration of HP-UX. If you have been blessed with one of these and are unfamiliar with Unix, you'll need some other more general books to go along with this one. -

Cross-Platform Compatibility Testing On One Machine Without Rebooting   2011/02/08 TonyLawrence
- This article discusses how multiple operating systems (OSes) hosted under an emulator or virtual machine can be set up on a single host and used to automate cross-platform testing of code compilation or shell scripts. -

When all other explanations fail..  
- Creative thinkers don't react to problem solutions with 'That's impossible!'. We construct theories as to the cause of our observed problem. -

Printing from Unix to Windows Printers  
- Using nothing more than the software that comes free as part of most Unix and Windows systems, you can successfully print from Unix to Windows printers. -

Loglevel (configuring syslog)  
- Understandinf the syslog.conf man page is not enough. You also need to know how a program uses syslog. If that's not documented, things can be very confusing. -

- An application needs a certain library, your system either doesn't have it or has the wrong version, so it can't be installed until you resolve the dependency. -

Understanding PAM   2014/12/09 TonyLawrence
- PAM is the Pluggable Authentication Module, invented by Sun. It's a beautiful concept, but it can be confusing and even intimidating at first. -

chage: Tech Words the Day  
- When passwords remain the same, users may actually be able to remember them, while constant change just leads to yellow sticky notes plastered on monitors. -

Don't use internal Modems  
- Why you should never use internal modems on servers -

MySQL Cluster setup and HowTo   2010/03/18 anonymous
- MySQL Cluster Server is a fault-tolerant, redundant, scalable database architecture built on the open-source MySQL application, and capable of delivering 99.999% reliability. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Badram, Badmem, and Memtest86.bin  
- When you get almost-random stuff going wrong like that, and you know that your using what should be a fairly stable OS the likely culprit is going to be flaky hardware -

Print to FAX with custom tags  
- How to use VSIFAX as the target of a System V printer interface script with custom tags. -

scsidev: SCSI utility for linux  
- I recently built an external SCSI enclosure, using an old tower. I used 3 SCSI drives, and built a LVM, so I could concatenate the drives together into one large drive, to host my temporary video scratch files. -

ex: Tech Words the Day  
- Ex is the non-visual mode of vi, the mode that you are in when you type ':' -

Keeping Microsoft Exploits out of your apache log files  
- Another new Microsoft IIS exploit, for WebDAV is hitting the net pretty hard, and each request adds 32k of junk to your apache logs. Since I have a few web servers on the net, that log to a logging host, the disk space started getting filled up quicker than usual. -

Transferring mail to a new mail server  
- Your current mail server may just not be meeting your needs, so you've put up something new. But what about old mail? -

ProFTPd, wu-ftpd, and general ftp security  
- FTP in general has a long and sad history of security problems. If you need to run an ftp server, you need to keep careful track of vulnerabilites and exploits that may make for a very unhappy da -

PPTP VPN, and weak passwords  
- PPTP VPN, and weak passwords. I use a VPN to connect to work. I run a PPTP server on Linux, at my firewall, for our remote users to connect from home to our work network. As has been explained before, PPTP has had it's share of security issues. -

Information about telnet sessions  
- Is there a way to identify which telnet session corresponds to which ptty? I would like to know the remote ip address and the ptty of each telnet session -

IBM: Linux Desktop Migration RedBook  
- IBM has released a very interesting read, on migrating to desktop linux. The RedBook, contains lots of different topics for migration, and covers just about all the different areas. -

Microsoft proprietary information in SCO  
- What on earth could Microsoft have that is proprietary with tuning the SCO kernel? -

Linux|Unix Cookbook Second Edition  
- When this book fell out of its shipping envelope, it made quite a thunk as it hit my desk. No wonder: at almost 800 pages, this is quite a chunk of reading material. -

Setting up Mozilla Roaming Profiles  
- How to setup Mozilla Roaming Profiles. Profiles, which first appeared in the Netscape 4.x family, allow multiple users of a standalone PC to customize the browser's look and feel to suit individual tastes, as well as maintain separate bookmarks, cookies, mail, and so forth. -

Network Time Protocol  
- Your computer's internal clock is unlikely to keep perfect time. If you need it to be more accurate, the network time protocol daemon (ntpd) is the tool for that. -

Syslogd MARK option  
- The MARK provides reassurance that syslogd is listening and doing its job even if it has nothing else to do right now. -

How Linux Works  
- Subtitled "What every superuser should know", this is a good techie overview of Linux. This is not the book you hand to Grandma (unless Grandma is a system admin), but it is a very well done Linux guide/introduction. -

Disappointed with LDAP  
- I thought LDAP would really be helpful, but of course Microsoft has to muck it up as they always do. -

Using File and Settings Transfer Wizard as Windows backup  
- Blog # 934 Using File and Settings Transfer Wizard asWindows backup -

Self defense for SCO users  
- If you are running a SCO system, it's long past time to get serious about protecting yourself. -

Creating Log Files (Windows)   2012/11/08 DiegoBarboza
- Capture Windows user editing activity in simple text log files with this easy method. -

- Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Even Microsoft uses LDAP (though they mucked it up, of course). -

Mac OS X 10.3 Panther Little Black Book  
- Actually, there's nothing "little" about this. It's over 500 pages of very precise and specific Panther detail. Don't let the redundant title (OS Ten 10.3 ???) set you back: this is a good guide to Panther. -

Stop Windows Messenger Spam  
- Windows Messenger Spam plagues users foolish enough to make direct connection to the Internet without a NAT router. -

Install SCO OpenServer under VMware Workstation   2015/03/05 TonyLawrence
- Although it may take some finagling, you can virtualize SCO Open Server systems. -

Wicked Cool Shell Scripts  
- I often take a dim view of books that use superlatives in their titles. I also don't think there is anything "wicked cool" about shell scripting in general: if you need anything complex at all, Perl or something else is probably a much better way to to it. Shell scripting gets awfully nasty awfully fast. -

Detailed procedure for installation of VNC on OpenServer  
- Detailed procedure for installation of VNC onOpenServer -

Postfix: The Definitive guide  
- I have been wanting to take a peek at Postscript for some time I liked Kyle's clear writing and that he included information on multiple domains, security and spam blocking -

Replacing SCO 5.05 older machine with new server   2012/11/27 thelastSCOzombiedealerinamerica
- Sooner or later, you will be faced with having to replace a failed SCO Unix server or updating to a newer server. -

- Netinfo is gone as of Leopard (October 2007). Good riddance. Mac OS X, though Unix based, departs from Unix flat files in a number of areas and uses a database instead. In some cases, the system respects the information in the flat files, and in others it doesn't. Confusion reigns. -

Lost root password (Linux)   2014/12/22 TonyLawrence
- Let's try to fix your lost root password the easy way first. The first thing to try is to boot to single user mode. -

Open Source Network Administration  
- Many tools for monitoring, and troubleshooting networks are included; Sysmon, Oak, Neo, MRTG, tcpdump, netstat, traceroute, etc.. are all covered. -

Transferring to new hardware with a Supertar  
- Transferring iUnix and Linux to new hardware with a Supertar is easy, but extra work is needed for some hardware changes. -

Recovering System after upgrade  
- What happens when an upgrade appears to be fine, but a few days later you find that there is actually a serious flaw? -

Tightvnc, Chicken of the VNC  
- Reviews of TightVNC and Chicken of the VNC. VNC is "Virtual Network Computing" and is a crossplatform method of allowing remote access to desktops. -

Windows, Unix, and Linux- Which Earns the Most  
- Many analysts and pundits have been predicting the demise of Unix, and that commodity-priced Windows and Linux architectures will gradually replace the OS. However, as Unix gets chased into the high end of computing, the value of Unix skills is rising as well. In fact, IT professionals skilled at either developing or managing Unix systems command far higher salaries than their Windows or Linux counterparts. A survey of enterprise IT salaries confirm that Unix knowledge trumps other platforms at all levels - from entry-level programmers to the CIO. -

RIP:A System Recovery Boot CD   2015/04/05 TonyLawrence
- RIP:A System Recovery Boot CD. Since most people have to deal with Windows systems, there has to be a way to get at these systems when things go awry. I used to carry around a slew of boot floppies, and CD's from site to site, if someone was having trouble booting the system, after messing with a system file -

In Praise of Older Technology  
- You know how it is. There always seems to be some crass individual, a coworker perhaps, or maybe your next door neighbor, telling you about their latest technology purchases. Is newer always better or needed? -

My, you're getting old!  
- Computer hardware ages too, and deteriorates from constant use. Case in point: I was contacted the other day about a machine we installed early in 1998. -

Neglect and Misunderstanding of Backups  
- There's something about 'over-write' that is not being understood there. -

I don't need no stinkin patches!!  
- By providing updated patches to your environment, security experts agree, that up to 80% of known exploits and vulnerabilities would be rendered trivial. -

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