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Awk vs. Perl

As Perl became ubiquitous, I thought of awk like something sticky you'd find under your car seat. Whatever use that thing may have had in the past, it's heading for the trash now. Why on earth would I suffer with awk's limitations and difficult synatx when I have Perl?

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Awk vs. Perl   2012/08/15 TonyLawrence
- Sure, I used to use awk. When I used it, you weren't likely to find Perl onmost Unix systems, so for a lot of text mangling, awk was at least easier than writing in C or anything else. It did the job, and you'd get used to its quirks. -

- awk is good for simple scripting to add up columns or print only parts of lines, but the syntax does take a bit of getting used to. -

Why I Love Perl  
- I'm no Perl expert. However, I have learned a few things, and if you are getting ready to start using Perl, you might find my experiences usefu -

Sed & Awk  
- This is probably the third-most coffee stained, abused, dog-eared and generally old looking book I own. There was a time when I was constantly referring to this, constantly re-reading it. I don't know whether I should call this fortunate or unfortunate, but I don't think I've touched the darn thing at all since I began using Perl. Oh, maybe that isn't 100% true, but it certainly never would have acquired the disheveled appearance it now sports if I had started using Perl earlier. -

grep awk example script -->Re Newbie grep question  
- Way to sed/awk/grep out the line AFTER the marker line? -

grep awk example script -->Re Newbie grep question  
- grep awk example script -->Re: Newbie grepquestion -

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