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September 2008

Set and retain ownership and permissions on tty files  by (various authors)
- You'll need to disable the tty(s) from login before using chmod or chown. You also may want to modify /etc/conf/node.d/cn (SCO Unix).
Intellectual Property and Open Source   by Anthony Lawrence
- This covers everything from patents and copyrights to reverse engineering and employee agreements. It carefully explains everything you would want to know about open source licensing, including well done contrasts of the variuos strengths and weaknesses of popular licenses.
Learning the vi and Vim Editors   by Anthony Lawrence
- I use vi every day. "Oh, sure", you say, "You're a programmer. Of course you use some geekish editor."
Do-It-Yourself Linux   by Bill Mohrhardt
- I was probably one of the last people in the free world to STILL be on dial-up, and finally said okay to Cox Communications, since I already send them a boatload of money monthly. The net difference was very small, and I got high speed Internet.
What is "basic", anyway?   by Anthony Lawrence
- These people were confused. An interesting aside is that in their comments they felt most other people were equally baffled, while the comments from those that felt the presentation was valuable indicated that they thought the other attendees were equally pleased.. somebody is obviously wrong..
Printers Down   by Anthony Lawrence
- I had a call from an old SCO Unix customer this week. There aren't many of those old systems left now - more than you'd probably think, more than there should be, but far less than there were just a few years back. I think you still have a good chance of finding a few SCO boxes in any city, but it's getting harder..
What went wrong   by Anthony Lawrence
- It's Friday, September 19th, 2008. I just listened to our mumbling and "mispronounciating" President announce further government involvement in the mortgage mess.
New Phone   by Anthony Lawrence
- I need a new cell phone. My current phone is almost four years old now and like all of its predecessors it has been dropped, smashed, soaked and abused beyond reason. Its once shiny features are pitted and scratched, but against all expectation, it still works.
Gloom and Doom   by Anthony Lawrence
- Well, here we all are, waiting to see what happens next. Are we heading for a big crash? Recession? Inflation? Stagflation?
Lazy umount   by Anthony Lawrence
- In fact, as strange as it sounds, we could have mounted test1fs again.. about the only thing we can't do is "fsck /dev/VolGroup00/test1fs" - that will rightfully tell us that the device really is busy. Unfortunately, neither lsof nor fuser can tell me what process is keeping that unavailable, but there have to be limits somewhere, right?