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September 2007

Please say it's over   by Anthony Lawrence
- So what did SCO buy if they didn't buy Unix? The court says Novell owns Unix. That would certainly seem to take the wind out of SCO's case.
Sell that removable media stock   by Anthony Lawrence
- Consider this: if you had fast, reliable and virtually unlimited remote backup, would you bother with tapes and DVD's? I sure wouldn't, and while the remote storage available to me now is neither large enough nor fast enough to meet my backup needs, it's easy to see the day when it will be cannot be far away.
Buying Votes   by Anthony Lawrence
- Microsoft buys Swedish Open XML vote - this company seems to have no shame whatsoever.
The Future of Notebooks   by Anthony Lawrence
- Are all-in-one machines in our future: I was talking with my son-in-law yesterday about his iPhone and the future of mobile computing. We disagreed slightly: I said that my holy grail is an all in one device that would serve all my needs: something iPhone-like when I'm out, but able to use a wireless keyboard, connect to a real display (and probably a wired network too) when I want it to, and of course sacrificing nothing in computing capabilities and access. He seemed to feel there won't be enough consumer demand to justify such devices, while I remain hopeful.
Byte April 1985   by Anthony Lawrence
- Boy, it's been a long time since computer magazines were this thick. Not counting the covers and the Reader Service Card, it was 496 pages. The inside front cover and page one were an Apple ad for The Macintosh Office. That ad said that IBM PC's could use their new (just a few months old) LaserWriter printer and promised that "Later this year we'll be introducing the AppleTalk card that fits into an IBM PC, allowng it to trade information with Macintosh and access file servers."
Compliance Security Assessments   by Michael Desrosiers
- regulatory compliance security assessments and what you should look for in them
Tafiti and Silverlight   by Anthony Lawrence
- Silverlight is Microsoft's shot at a cross-platform web application development thingy. If your idea of "cross-platform" includes Linux, well, you'll have to wait a bit, but I was able to download Silverlight for Mac and then use Firefox to visit http://www.tafiti.com/ to see it in action.
Accidental Entrepreneurs   by Anthony Lawrence
- Are there really many accidental entrepreneurs? 80% either thought they could improve their lot or saw a definite market niche they could serve. What about the rest?
Full or Partial RSS Feeds   by Anthony Lawrence
- Full Text RSS Feed now available: I've been reading the comments at Full Or Partial RSS Feeds - The Great Feed Debate and it seems that most people want to read feeds in "Full" format - that is, all text from the original article. At first, this made absolutely no sense to me. The purpose of RSS was to notify us of new material, not push the news upon us. Getting full feeds seems contrary to that goal.
Embedded Virtualization   by Anthony Lawrence
- Vmware in flash? Why wouldn't you want hardware with built in virtualization?
RedHat 6.2 - wow!   by Anthony Lawrence
- Some quick fixes for an old red hat 6.2 that really shouldn't still be in use.
SCO Bankrupt   by Anthony Lawrence
- No great surprise to SCO's bankruptcy - a shame that this stupid lawsuit still drags on.
Forking Inevitable?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Sooner or later, Linux will fork.. but it won't matter at all because your computer will be very, very different.
'Xish Advocates   by Anthony Lawrence
- Something awful has it backward: "Linux advocates are people who don't even use their computers. They don't view computers as tools for getting other things done, they see them as the thing to get done."
Is there always a better way?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Stable api's must happen eventually: I happened upon a recent Linux-Watch article about Dell's Dynamic Kernel Module Support. I actually downloaded Dell's PDF paper but the LW article is an excellent overview, as is Linux Journal's article on the same subject..
Open Source Videos   by Anthony Lawrence
- Pearson Education Open Source interviews: Pearson Education is offering a podcast series featuring conversations with Open Source thought leaders. Available in both video and audio at informIT.