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September 2006

Javascript - The Definitive Guide   by Anthony Lawrence
- This is the Fifth Edition of "Javascript The Definitive Guide". I dragged out my old Second Edition (1997) of this book for comparison.
More Microsoft Patents   by Anthony Lawrence
- As Humpty Dumpty said, "When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less." When Bill conflates patents with innovation, he only does so out of necessity: having nothing else to work with, but desiring to be innovative, patents must fill the void.
Social Grooming   by Anthony Lawrence
- Social rooming in the Internet Age is a matter of ever tighter niches and far less commonality with physical neighbors.
What makes a geek?   by Anthony Lawrence
- So what do logic and memory have to do with geekiness? It's what LETS US BE GEEKS. If you can't remember things, and can't follow logic because of it, of course you won't be a geek: how could you be? You could be frighteningly intelligent in other ways, but you'll never make a good geek.
Linux|Unix will never beat Windows?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Linux WILL beat Windows: Microsoft will maintain its dominant position among operating system providers even if Linux achieves technical superiority in the future, due to Microsoft's legacy hold on not only computing users, but also the larger industry.
Perl loop causes strange read-only error   by Anthony Lawrence
- I don't understand this. It must have something to do with anonymous arrays in Perl (no, it doesn't, I realize now), but I don't grok the connection. I ran into this in attempting a seemingly simple change in some customer's code;
The hidden loop   by Anthony Lawrence
- When is an unrolled loop a loop? Programmers use loops to avoid writing repetitive code, but sometimes forget that compilers will unroll their loops when possible for efficiency.
JavaScript Phrasebook   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've reviewed a few other titles in this "Phrasebook" series (just type "Phrasebook" into the search box at the top of the page). I like the concept: small, pocketbook size, relatively short.
Printer Haikus   by Dirk Hart
- I knew this fine workhorse was not meant to be ignominiously put out to pasture. I gassed up the van and came to it's rescue.
perl help  by anonymous
- Extracting patterns from files with Perl, start-stop patterns with Perl I want to extract pattern from the file which can come multiple times..
Sloppy data presentation   by Anthony Lawrence
- Griping about Government Data, its sloppy presentation and their practice of changing interfaces willy-nilly.
Grokking the Source   by Anthony Lawrence
- Is source code all that valuable? It's often easier to write anew than to spend the time necessary to understand someone else's code.