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September 2002

(SCO Unix)What is netcat and how do I use it? 
- Using direct port printing on SCO Unix with Kevin Smith's 'netcat' for SCO. Note that Linux can do this in CUPS - this is only for old SCO Unix.
Updating Sendmail  by Bruce Garlock
- I figured it must be simple enough to add SMTP authentication. Boy, was I wrong. Although this function is integrated into the latest RedHat releases of Sendmail, it is not in the 6.2 releases.
Sendmail Performance Tuning by Nick Christensen 
- When I first picked this up I really didn't expect much. I expected that this would be a rather ordinary rehash of typical performance tuning advice
Using Netcat for a simple lpr client  by Carsten Hammer
- A simple Linux shell script to write to lpd printers using the 'netcat' utility.
Log Serial Port Data to a Specified Logfile  by Bruce Garlock
- Eventually I plan to add more features, like logging to syslog, so I can get timestamps, which Multitech doesn't currently support on their routers. No warranty, and use at your own risk! (Seems to work fine in my environment, though) You could also port this to a win32 environment too.