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September 2000

Living in a Looking Glass  by James Richardson
- And such is the life in IT today. As the half-life of knowledge pushes 18 months, getting buy-in for new projects and expenditures becomes not just a full-time effort but one that will tax the abilities of any CIO. As change becomes almost continuous, baseline education and promoting champions are essential. But where do you find such heroes, and how do you develop a network of support that will always be available?
Customer Service 
- Too often, what I hear is : "Great guy, really knows what he's doing- but he never returns my calls."
Success at Last  by James Richardson
- I've finally found a topic that I know better than anyone else. There is one area in which I have more experience and -- if I may be so bold as to say -- an innate talent equaled by few and exceeded by none: making mistakes. Pick a subject, any subject. I've either screwed it up or if it's something new, I will proceed to screw it up at the first opportunity. And that's one of my biggest assets.
Technofable  by James Richardson
- Years ago, in a land far, far away, lived a king. He was a good
Logmon Inactivity Reporter 
- An idelout program (inactivity monitoring) Out of the box, Logmon is configured to never log off "root", and to send a warning to everyone else after 60 minutes of inactivity. If you want to change that default action, you need to first understand the flow of the profiles.
Kernel Link Failures 
- On an hp Netserver Lc3 server (SCO 5.0.5) I'm trying to reconfigure the backup device using "mkdev tape" but at the end of the wizard I'm returned the following "recompiling kernel error"
Caldera OpenLinux 
- It's almost a shame that the title of this has "Caldera" in it, because I think this is the best general Linux book I've read yet. In fact, there's really very little in here that is Caldera specific; most of the book is fully applicable to most any Linux version.
XML by Example 
- At several points while reading this I found myself wishing that the author would give more examples- I had forgotten what follows "XML" in the title, so I really didn't appreciate the irony of that until I started writing this review.
Installing SNMP  by Jeff Liebermann
- Detailed instructions for configuring SNMP on SCO systems. The SCO supplied configuration hostmib OID is wrong. (Actually, the OID is correct, but the MIB is compiled with the wrong OID. Therefore, the hostmib line must be tweaked to compensate.)
Network Printer Port Numbers  by Jeff Liebermann
- Port numbers for various network print servers. SUMMARY: Some users may want to print through a router or a firewall and may need to allow access to these destination ports through those devices.
Changing System Name  by Jeff Liebermann
- Jeff's article is more about other things you MIGHT have to change AFTER you change the ip address
SCO/Linux Transition Guide 
- This is not a porting guide; this is a transition guide: a guide to the major differences between SCO and Linux.