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September 1999

Price of Unix vs. Linux  
- Does free matter? Of course price is important, but that isn't what killed SCO. Hunting wooly mammoths is what killed them.
Booting SCO_OSR5 
- This is a series of articles on the OSR5 boot process. It shows what happens at each stage of boot.
Booting SCO_OSR5- Definitions 
- Footnotes and Definitions for OSR5 Boot articles
Booting SCO_OSR5- Swap and Dump 
- Dump is pretty simple. Its only purpose is to receive a kernel dump. Therefore there are two immediately obvious things to be said about dump: unless you are a kernel or driver developer who expects to be regularly crashing your system, you may NEVER need dump at all, and secondly, if you do ever need it, it had better be big enough to hold everything currently in memory. That's what a dump is: the contents of memory. If you have 256 MB of memory, you'd need 256 MB of dump space.
- This is a review of an ancient product and is only left here for historical purposes.
Replacing UUCP Mail  and Tom DeLombarde
- This is an old article about UUCP Email and is only left here for historical purposes.
MySQL and mSQL 
- I can't say that I was entirely disappointed with this book, but neither am I entirely satisfied. It is a useful introduction to the free SQL's, but it is reminiscent of the old saw about Chinese food: an hour later, and I'm hungry again.
Booting SCO_OSR5- Kernel 
- When you type the name of a kernel or just press enter to get the kernel defined by defbootstr, /boot first checks to see that you haven't typed a built in command that it understands, or that what you typed is an alias (remember, it has already read /stand/etc/default/boot) that will expand to something that it can understand; if it is either an alias or a direct reference (like "hd(40)unix") it then looks to see if the kernel or other program you want you want is on the disk. Other program? Yes, if you aren't loading a kernel, you'll be running something else like bootos.