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October 2010

Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript   by Anthony Lawrence
- This book has caused my brain to come to a screeching halt. I had bought an iPad some months ago and had lightly delved into the mysteries of app development. The promise of a new OS release this past summer (now put off until November) made me shelve the development idea until the new release; I didn't want to waste my time learning a development system that might change radically.
Mplayer on UNIX and VLC on Windows   by Girish Venkatachalam
- There is an old joke that Windows folks swear by VLC and UNIX folks swear by mplayer. What are these? Both play multimedia files - both audio and video. But the approach taken towards solving this problem is quite different. For programmers there is a whole world of difference between the two projects. VLC is a French project and Mplayer a Hungarian one. Both use FFMPEG backends - libavcodec library and friends to do the multimedia heavy lifting.