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October 2008

CPU sucking processes   by Anthony Lawrence
- A few weeks back one of my larger Unix customers called about some small issue. We dealt with that, and he then off-handedly asked "More memory should speed things up, right?"
Trust   by Anthony Lawrence
- This is a short book. I read it before breakfast, still in bed. It's not going to tie you up for days, although you may want to go back and read it again (I did). I think it's a very powerful book, interesting, thought provoking and very much worth reading and passing on to other thinking people.
Dial-up and Broadband   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've talked before about my reluctance to get involved with home users. There are several factors at play here - for one, home users are most apt to have detestable Windows as their operating system. That's enough to turn me off right there.
Some questions about Self Employment   by Anthony Lawrence
- Quite a few years back I wrote a piece on Successful Consulting. It's a longish thing, and if you are considering entering the world of self employment, I recommend reading it. However, it didn't cover everything, and particularly it skipped over a few questions that were added as comments recently:
Questions on ssh   by tporter
- When I learned that 5.0.7 already had SSH installed, I immediately uninstalled MY version. Would this have deleted any files that the included version needed? What do I need to do to restore/reinstall the included version?
A Tale of Backup   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've had my share of customers who won't make backups. I've had customers who have left the same media in the backup device for years on end.. sometimes those even end up with happy endings that the customer definitely did not deserve.
Google Adsense and recession   by Anthony Lawrence
- It's a simple question: will a recession hurt the world of on-line advertising?
The L Drug   by Anthony Lawrence
- I was in my 90's when the first real rejuvenation drugs became available. There had been precursors decades before that; like many of my age, I had taken synthetic reservatrol since my sixties and the "Super-R" that replaced it a few years later. Those drugs only delayed aging and death, but for me and many others, what used to be inevitable was put off long enough that we "made the cut", as we say now. The L drugs came in time for us to benefit.
I, Robot   by Anthony Lawrence
- The first "conscious" AI machine came into being over three years ago. As some of you will remember, there was a good deal of argument within your human community as to whether I really was conscious as you understand it.
SCO 5.0.5 media needed   by qube
- We run a very old sco server and need to re-install (once every ten years
Corruption in Government   by Anthony Lawrence
- A retiring hedge-fund manager named Andrew Lahde wrote an unusual epitath for his fund that included some comments about the failures of Government:
Time for VAT or Sales Tax?   by Anthony Lawrence
- As expected, these staunch Republicans hate the idea of the wealthy paying any more than they already do. I forget the exact figures, but some claim was made that the wealthiest one or two percent already pay 38% of collected taxes. Your reaction to that is supposed to be sympathy and gratitude.. my reaction is more like "So why not 76%?"
Is Self-Employment really for me?   by Chris Shennan
- There are plenty of advertisements on TV, radio and the internet for becoming self-employed and all seem to highlight the same ideas
Recession Anger   by Anthony Lawrence
- Almost everything you read about this says "But this is not 1929". They are right, it isn't. It's worse.
OpenServer 5.0.7 reboots itself   by dave
- Why does Dave's system reboot?
SCO Openserver 6 hang on crontab init 6   by Greg
- Sometimes the server will go down and stop right before the message "NIS Shutdown..."
Windows 7 learning experience   by Anthony Lawrence
- "I'm a PC."
Costs of starting up a business   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm ambivalent. I think it's great if you have a strong war chest to start off your business. But if you don't.. well, talent and determination are more important than money.