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October 2007

Printer Alias for unform?  by (various authors)
- Understanding printer aliases in bbx configuration files. 'config.bbx' might not be named config.bbx. It might be named anything and might live in any directory. The name & location is variable/configurable.
Collectl   by Anthony Lawrence
- A Linux performance monitor: Collectl is rather well described at http://collectl.sourceforge.net. I have only just started playing with it, but it does seem worth looking at.
Lazy DNS   by Anthony Lawrence
- I had a call this morning from a customer who wanted me to come down because their mail server was broken. They had experienced an ISP outage, which subsequently was fixed, but their mail server wasn't getting anything still. I was actually ready to go out the door when I thought to just double check reality, and that check kept me sitting right here:
Lazy DNS   by Anthony Lawrence
- If you have ever edited DNS files manually, you know why I smiled and why I titled this 'Lazy DNS': at the text file level, if you leave off the period from a definition like this, the assumption is that the base domain name needs to be tacked on.
Hang in there   by Anthony Lawrence
- I was a little surprised by a newsgroup post that began with asking "With the chapter 11 filing and other recommendations, what is a good, long time viable alternative to SCO OpenServer? " Some posters apparently don't feel there's any need to move on.. and I bet there are people reading this of the same or similar opinion.
Dumping Swish-e   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm dropping the Swish-e search in favor of Google Custom Search Engine on this site.
We lost the war   by Anthony Lawrence
- Video presentation, satire on Unix Linux vs. Microsoft: (Inspired by Welcome to Unix)
Gapple redux   by Anthony Lawrence
- When I look at the history of Google software, I just don't see the commitment to the user that both Microsoft and Apple have. I see long running betas, I see apparent unawareness of features that are important to users, and even more corporate arrogance and secrecy than either Apple or Microsoft - as amazing as that sounds!
Eggs   by Anthony Lawrence
- Tying your business to one or two big customers is just like putting all your investment money into one or two stocks. You may do fine, but you are risking much more than you would with a hundred smaller customers. That's always been my business model and I treat it very seriously: the minute a customer starts needing too much of my time, I go looking for someone to pawn them off on. I don't want customers who need a lot of me.
Linux|Unix Firewalls   by Anthony Lawrence
- Although the introduction says "This book assumes some familiarity with TCP/IP networking concepts", it actually requires a pretty fair familiarity. Do not make the mistake of assuming that this is some cookie cutter approach that's going to teach you a bit about iptables and give you some scripts you can slap into place and forget. There are books that do that, but this isn't one.
Adding Memory   by Anthony Lawrence
- Nowadays we need more and more RAM. If you have Windows boxes, you know that 512MB is becoming bare minimum, the same is true for Macs and although Linux can get by with less, more is better.. Here's a page that gives recommendations for how much RAM you might need.
Gmail vs. in-house Mail Server   by Anthony Lawrence
- Well, in fact I can recommend this for some cases. It may not be for everyone - there are some disadvantages - but it can make a lot of sense and the price is reasonable, especially for very small organizations.