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October 2006

Mac OS X Internals   by Anthony Lawrence
- 1600 plus page book on Mac OS X internals: I've been waiting quite a while for this book. It was the introduction of the Intel Macs that delayed this; an appendix and numerous updates throughout the book cover the new hardware and the software changes (that's the August 2006 printing; if you are buying used and want the Intel info, don't buy the June 2006 edition).
Another old SCO box   by Anthony Lawrence
- Will this be the very last SCO 3.2v4.2 system I see? Who knows..only time will tel
The Limousine ride   by Anthony Lawrence
- A momentary hero: I was working at home one Friday several years ago when a customer called. Big problem - system down, end of month, president screaming, could I come at once? Well, yes, of course, but.. my car was in the shop for repairs and my daughter was off with my wife's car.. I suppose I could take a cab.. No need, they said. We're sending a car right now to pick you up. He'll be there in twenty minutes.
Google Writely and Spreadsheets   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google threatens office and f Microsoft tries their Power Ranging morphing tricks to sidestep, I think they'll just find they've stepped right out of the game.
Tony's Rules for Computer Consultants  by Anthony Lawrence
- Programmers should always carry a tool kit. At the minimum, it should include Philips, flat and Torx screwdrivers, a chip puller. a soldering iron and a volt meter. These should be brought to your desk but larger items (like your oscilloscope) may optionally be left in your vehicle.
The Ruby Way (Second Edition)   by Anthony Lawrence
- The author here states flat out that "The Ruby Way" is more of a reference, though it isn't really quite that either. He describes it as an "inverted reference" - in other words, more of a "cook book" style book.
The psyche of PC owners   by Anthony Lawrence
- Well, I think Macs are great too, and with Google now providing on-line word processing and spreadsheets, I have no hesitation in recommending a Mac to current PC owners looking for improvement. The relative lack of worries from virii doesn't hurt the concept, but I'd still push Macs even if that wasn't an issue
Google Adsense multiple channel tracking   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google finally adds better tracking. This improvement doesn't answer all my gripes, but it's better than it was before.
Oracle Linux   by Anthony Lawrence
- Why should Oracle do its own distro?: At "Larry Ellison's Linux nears release", Ashlee Vance is unsure why Oracle would want its own Linux distro. Actually, it makes a lot of sense. It's not the direct revenue of selling the OS with the database: that's almost completely unimportant. What is important is having control of the OS - tuning and tweaking it to be a home for their database. That's where the advantage for Oracle lives. By tightly controlling the OS environment, they can gain performance, increase reliability, and decrease their support costs.
It's all connected   by Anthony Lawrence
- The coming merger of biology, physics, computing and everything
Virtualization and Microsoft   by Anthony Lawrence
- Microsoft makes virtualization moves but restricts home versions of Vista from virtualization.
Flash Player 9   by Anthony Lawrence
- I received that news with some mixed emotion: do I care? Well, sure it's important that Mac and Linux get some Adobe love, but I can't think of a single site I need to visit where I'd be forced into Flash to view it.
Linux|Unix for PS3   by Anthony Lawrence
- Is this going to be the road by which the insidious penguin infiltrates the households of god-fearing folk who otherwise would have nothing to do with anything not blessed by Saint Bill himself? Will it be the children who innocently and unknowingly introduce this scourge?
A simple mistype   by Anthony Lawrence
- One error wastes a day - a simple mistype is one thing, but not thinking through the symptoms is what really frosted it.
Fedora Core 6   by Anthony Lawrence
- Fedora Core 6 available now. Torrent estimated 20 days to pull it down. So to avoid adding to the misery, I stopped that and will wait a few days to let the dust settle.
Legacy Pains   by Anthony Lawrence
- Quote: It's obviously my role to ask people, 'Hey, let's not throw things out we shouldn't throw out. Let's keep things in that we can keep in.'
FC6 Xen - no luck here   by Anthony Lawrence
- When I booted fc6xen, the machine went to sleep when it tried to start X. Actually, it appears to be hibernating without having created an image to reboot from.. the power light is on dimly as though it were sleeping, the display and keyboard has been shut off, and nothing I can think of wakes it up. I'm not the only one to have seen problems with X: X doesn't work under kernel-2.6.18-1.2726.fc6xen reports X not working, but no fixes reported.
Understanding Microformats   by Anthony Lawrence
- Let's take the mystery out of it: Microformats are nothing more (and nothing less) than using XHTML markup to more fully identify data. That's it. No magic, no mumbo jumbo.
Understanding Microsummaries   by Anthony Lawrence
- Microsummaries are another kind of live bookmark, and in that sense are similar to RSS live bookmarks, but are easier to implement and contain less information.
The unimportance of Linux OS and why you don't care   by Anthony Lawrence
- The coming unimportance of operating systems will be because of virtualizatuon.
Scraping sites - original source tag?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm somewhat disturbed but still ambivalent about the large number of scraper sites - sites with little or no original content that just reprint articles taken from other sites. There can be value to such sites in the sense that they consolidate information in specific subject areas, but what disturbs me is that often the original source isn't immediately apparent.
Firefox Javascript Exploit   by Anthony Lawrence
- According to the report referenced above, the folks who found this exploit claim to know about thirty others and do not plan on helping the Firefox folk fix them
Linux|Unix vs. Mac   by Anthony Lawrence
- Is the Windows-only wall crumbling? Yes, certainly, but it isn't quite ready to fall down just yet. Windows will die off, but it probably won't be replaced by Unix or Linux.