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October 2002

Browser Hijacking  by Michael Desrosiers
- Browser Hijacking. None of this has to happen. Beyond the usual benefits of running an up-to-date antivirus software and firewall program and regularly downloading Microsoft's critical updates, two of the biggest security flaws behind browser hijacking can be fixed with a pair of quick downloads and a third can be remedied by installing a better browser.
Poly (morphic) want a server Runaway worm   by Michael Desrosiers
- Worms that are active will be able to 'learn' and change characteristics as they spread from system to system.
Backlinks (http_referrers) 
- When a web page is accessed by a link from some other page, the address of the other page (the "referring page") is made available to the web server. We can pick that information up from logs or as the page is being displayed.
Simple User Request Web Forms 
- Creating simple forms that request certain actions like adding a new user, etc
The dumbing down of technology 
- People do stupid things. We've all heard the stories of the guy who tried to force multiple floppies into his computer, the cd-less laptop user who wanted to hook up his stereo boom box to install software and more. The stories are sometimes funny, sometimes almost tragic in their implications of technological helplessness.
Tape Drive or CDROM Not Found 
- SCO tape drive not seen troubleshooting solutions, using and interpreting sconf, vs. /etc/conf/cf.d/mscsi.
GIAC Enterprises Goes Cyber!  by Michael Desrosiers
- GIAC Enterprises will make every concerted effort to follow a best practices policy, in regards to its network topology.