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October 2001

Moving from SCO to Linux 
- However, it was time to change. I've known for sometime that I needed to pay more attention to Linux. I had installed Linux on spare machines, and played with it here and there, but that isn't enough. To become as conversant with Linux as I am with SCO, I needed to use it every day; I needed to experience the problems, to learn the glitches, to discover the ins and outs. The only way to do that was to make it my personal desktop.
Another Password to Ldap Script  by Tony Gibson
- I also had to deal with the fact that our gecos entries were not entirely uniform in the data that they contained. We also have what we call Bot accounts that are used for various processing jobs and file transfers to and from our various Hospital systems. Regrettably these Bot accounts are interspersed among the regular user accounts, so I did not have the luxury of being able to filter them out as was possible with the system accounts.
Moving FAQ-O-Matic to another host  by Boyd Lynn Gerber
- FAQ-O-Matic is a perl based module to control, manage, and maintain a FAQ. To begin the perl modules on the site were to old and I needed newer version.
Web site promotion and popularity 
- This is an old article about web promotion and is only left here for historical purposes.
Windows 2000 and RIP  by Scott Clowers
- This is an old article about Windows 2000 and RIP and is only left here for historical purposes.
Linux|Unix File Systems 
- "Linux File Systems" is not entirely trustworthy. For example, the book includes the "Linux Partition HOW-To". That refore refers to limitations like 128 MB swap partitions which have since changed
Network Intrusion Detection 
- This is NOT a general security book. It is very specifically what the title says it is: a book about detecting network activity.
All-In-One Sair Linux and Gnu Certified Administrator Exam Guide 
- The cover of this book proclaims "All-in-One is All You Need". It surely is not. In fact, if you were to rely upon this as "both a study guide and an on-the-job reference" (as the cover blurb suggests), you'd probably flunk the certification exam and not last long at your job.
Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide 
- Overall this book is choppy: subjects are often referenced but not explained until much later, and sometimes they are not explained at all.