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October 1999

Reorganizing the SCO Newsgroups 
- This was written in early October of 1999. By the time you read it, the SCO related newsgroups may already have been reorganized. I am adamantly opposed to this.
Web Master 
- This is what you'd call a rant. It started with a relatively small post on comp.unix.sco.misc on the same subject, and it turned into this. It started because SCO changed some links. That is, they removed some pages that used to be there, and made some new pages instead. I had links on my pages pointing at the pages that they removed, so naturally my links stopped working.
Review of Microlite BackupEDGE Version 7 
- Microlite BackupEDGE 01.01.07 review (old, old version - see more recent reviews!)
Redhat Linux 6.1 
- Red Hat 6.1 is now available. I was out buying a book or something the other day and saw it on the shelf, so I picked it up and finally got to it this weekend. As I already had a 6.0 installation in place, I decided to try the "upgrade" option. I really have no need to do this; the Red Hat machine is just a "test and play" box, so I could have just wiped it out and started fresh, but I wanted to see how well the upgrade would work. Unfortunately, at first it didn't work well at all.