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November 2011

Local printing in Synchronics   by Anthony Lawrence
- I know exactly what he has - an old SCO Unix system with a Digiboard multiport serial board, green screen Wyse terminals and Okidata printers with serial cards. I can handle all of that.
I've given up on Panda   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've given up on trying to fix the traffic and earnings plunge this site has suffered since Google started its series of "Panda" updates. I feel a bit sad about that. I hate giving up - it's just against my nature. I especially hate giving up when I'm still not entirely sure that there is not still some way to claw back to days of old.
Google Plus Business pages are open now   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google-Plus now allows business pages. You seem to need a Google Plus account to create your pages, but of course you don't need to post anything at all on that account. You can create as many individual pages as you need. I immediately created pages for several aspects of my business.
Targeting customer interests with multiple Google Plus Pages   by Anthony Lawrence
- Although mostly overlooked in the general excitement about Google Plusbusiness pages, it's important to realize that you are not limited to just one page for your business. If your business sells multiple products or services, you may very well want to create pages for each part.
Book Review - Michal Zalewski's 'The Tangled Web'   by Anthony Lawrence
- We will not have ventured very far into the Internet forest before we realize that our 'crack team' of web browsers is anything but. Most of them can't seem to tell a squirrel from a poisonous snake. When they do decide to point their weapons at something threatening, we had better duck ourselves, because their aim is atrociously bad. Suspicious looking miscreants appear at the edges of our trail and beckon us to follow them into the dark woods; our guides lay down their weapons and, with beaming grins, trot off never to be seen again!
Mysterious Duplicate IP problem solved   by Anthony Lawrence
- I only needed to be run over by four or five cluetrains before realizing what was causing this 'IP address conflict' message on a Windows 2003 server. Follow along and see when you solve it.
Capture and report (Bash Scripting)   by Anthony Lawrence
- You've been asked to copy some jpg files to a USB disk overnight. That's easy enough - a cron job and a simple "cp -a" will do that. But there is so much that could go wrong, isn't there? There might not be any files to copy or there might not be room on the USB disk. Somebody might have changed permissions on files or directories alreasdy in place, preventing overwrite with updated images.
SATA RDX backup cartridge report for BackupEDGE   by BillMohrhardt
- I have been testing an internal SATA RDX drive, made by Quantum, in an IBM x-series 226 server with dual 3.0 Ghz CPU's, 3 GB of RAM, and dual 73 GB SCSI drives configured as a simple RAID 1. The Operating System is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3, Microlite BackupEDGE version 03.00.03 with the RDX cartridge configured as a file system partition. I modified the retention time to be only 3 days, as I was backing up to the same cartridge, and wanted to verify that the program would automatically delete the oldest archive to make room. When we have a cartridge for each workday, I will extend that back out to 2 weeks.